Just put up a big batch of bout stats -- more than 70 new bouts have been imported!

We've got stats from the 2010 Big 5 tournaments (Champs, Westerns, North Central), recent tournaments like The Golden Bowl, Anarchy in the UK, The Dust Devil, and a bunch of miscellaneous team submissions for recent bouts.

I'm really happy to see the participation from leagues, and I think this is going to turn out to be a really great resource for the derby community. Keep them coming so we can continue to put the pieces together.

The big list of everything available is under Bouts > With Stats, or just keep your eye out for the bout stats icon (Bout Stats)as you browse around.

We're also going live with another bout stats section: the Players tab. Here you can find player summaries with +/-, VTARs, lead percentages, penalty totals, etc...

Players Tab