[fts] 1271st (464.8) +6.6 [fts] 1368th (454.5) -6.6
Small Town (WINNER)
Dead River (LOSER)
What was the state of the game for a given jam?
Small Town (WINNER)
Dead River (LOSER)
How many points ahead was a team on a given jam?
Small Town (WINNER)
Dead River (LOSER)
How many points were scored by each team per jam?
Small Town (WINNER)
Dead River (LOSER)
What was the effective score margin per jam?

Small Town Roster
Dee Railya#20
Jackie Bauer#24
Muffin Toppler#350
Gail Force Winds#55
Lil Bit o' Fury#55
Violet Rage#7
Rollz With It#77
Curly Who#8
Sweet n' Sawa#81
Chiquita Norris#888
Tabby Katasstrophe#9
Dead River Roster
Blitz Bitz#209
Alice in Yooperland#22
Glory Sparks#3
Whip-Her Willa#81
Pepper Pilliwinks#86
Suomi Smack#92
Per 1Per 2TotalMaj Pen
Small Town718815924
Dead River588113924

Nicole Champion HyryPenalty Tracker
Clair Machetes MacGregorPenalty Wrangler
Danielle Helwig-SitarInside Whiteboard Operator
Tabra CarleyJam Timer
Kimberly WrightScorekeeper
Kelly SteelmanScorekeeper
Katie Jo WrightScoreboard Operator
Christine Merrill-HillPenalty Box Manager
Lora Sims-HolmPenalty Box Timer
Cait LantripPenalty Box Timer
Katy TurayLineup Tracker (paper)
Bird PetersonLineup Tracker (paper)
Janee RozichPeriod Timer
Brew SwillisHead Referee
Melissious IntentInside Pack Referee
Brandon HarveyJammer Referee
Jason ScheiderJammer Referee
Axe WifeOutside Pack Referee
Jeff JanklinOutside Pack Referee
Sin BineratorOutside Pack Referee
Franklin TiedtReferee Alternate