2015 Q2 (7/1/15)

2015 Q3 (10/1/15)

1.London Rollergirls932.2
2.Glasgow Roller Derby762.2
3.Stockholm Roller Derby762.2
4.Crime City Rollers753.4
5.Helsinki Roller Derby752.0
6.Roller Derby Toulouse (Wo...745.6
7.London Brawl Saints737.6
8.Bear City Roller Derby728.8
9.Auld Reekie Roller Girls711.4
10.Middlesbrough Roller Derb...700.4
11.Newcastle Roller Girls698.5
12.Kallio Rolling Rainbow690.9
13.Tiger Bay Brawlers686.7
14.Dublin Roller Derby684.3
15.Paris Rollergirls684.2
16.Central City Roller Girls683.8
17.Rainy City Roller Derby683.0
18.Nidaros Roller Derby677.8
19.GO-GO Gent Roller Derby674.7
20.Leeds Roller Derby667.3
21.Nottingham Hellfire Harlo...666.8
22.Croydon Roller Derby666.0
23.Royal Windsor Roller Girl...664.6
24.Elitserien (CCR)664.1
25.Hot Wheel Roller Derby659.0
26.Tampere Roller Derby655.8
27.Stuttgart Valley Rollergi...648.8
28.One Love Roller Dolls647.3
29.Dirty River Roller Derby645.3
30.Birmingham Blitz Dames640.8
31.Furness Firecrackers (Wom...639.6
32.Bristol Roller Derby (Wom...636.8
33.Cambridge Rollerbillies636.2
34.Dock City Rollers635.8
35.Brighton Rockers Roller D...635.6
36.London Batter C Power634.1
37.South West Angels of Terr...631.9
38.Belfast Roller Derby629.3
39.Nantes Derby Girls628.7
40.Swansea City Roller Derby625.1
41.Lille Roller Girls624.4
42.Amsterdam Roller Derby623.9
43.Roller Derby Leicester622.4
44.St. Pauli Roller Derby611.0
45.Roller Derby Metz Club606.5
46.Portsmouth Roller Wenches605.0
47.London Rockin' Rollers601.6
48.Big Bucks High Rollers599.9
49.Oslo Roller Derby599.0
50.Helsinki Roller Derby Que...597.6
51.Tiger Bay B-Bombs596.8
52.Liverpool Roller Birds595.3
53.Maiden Grrders592.4
54.Roller Derby Rennes591.0
55.Manchester Roller Derby (...589.6
56.Bad Omens589.4
57.Wirral Roller Derby588.0
58.Whippin' Hinnies587.0
59.The Rolling Candies586.9
60.Dundee Roller Girls584.7
61.Roller Derby Caen581.3
62.Crime City B Team578.8
63.Lincolnshire Bombers577.9
64.Rockcity Rollers577.9
65.Oulu Roller Derby577.2
66.Death Stars576.8
67.Plymouth City Roller Derb...575.9
68.All Star Reserves574.0
69.Inglorious Bombshells573.9
70.Les Quads de Paris Roller...572.1
71.Brussels Derby Pixies570.4
72.Hurtta Lottas570.1
73.Tenerife Roller Derby568.6
74.Seaside Siren Roller Girl...568.2
75.Sheffield Steel Rollergir...568.1
76.Copenhagen Roller Derby568.0
77.Kent Roller Girls565.4
78.Fierce Valley Roller Girl...563.7
79.Dorset Roller Girls560.3
80.The Royal Swedish Roller ...558.8
81.Tender Hooligans556.4
82.Severn Roller Torrent555.3
83.Leeds Roller Derby B Team555.2
84.Hulls Angels Roller Dames553.9
85.Oxford Roller Derby553.5
86.Milton Keynes Roller Derb...552.0
87.Les Sales Gosses552.0
88.Orcet Roller Derby (Team ...552.0
89.Roller Derby Porto551.9
91.Gothenburg Roller Derby548.7
92.Ingles de Acero B548.5
93.Marseille Roller Derby Cl...548.3
94.Aarhus Derby Danes547.3
95.Namur Roller Girls546.9
96.SAM Roller Derby (Women's...546.6
97.Roller Derby Madrid546.3
98.Hereford Roller Girls546.2
99.Dublin Roller Derby C545.5
100.Tenerife Roller Derby B545.0
101.Cornwall Roller Derby543.7
102.Iron Squids542.0
103.Saturday Fight Fever541.8
104.Roller Girls of the Apoca...541.1
105.RuhrPott Roller Derby540.8
106.The Cannibal Marmots540.3
107.RuhrPott Roller Girls B540.0
108.B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls539.4
109.Cologne Roller Derby539.3
110.B Team538.1
111.East Coast Cyclones535.3
112.Barcelona Roller Derby535.0
113.Killa Hurtz Roller Girls534.9
114.Tenacious Dolls534.7
116.Zurich City Rollergirlz534.4
117.Roller Derby Dresden533.4
118.Portsmouth B Team532.8
119.Roller Derby Twente531.6
120.The B-Headers529.7
121.Orcet Roller Derby529.6
122.Croydon Vice Squad527.0
123.Rainy City Revolution527.0
124.The Damebusters526.3
125.Norfolk Roller Derby524.8
126.Lyon Association Roller D...524.7
127.The Bad Seeds524.7
128.Rotterdam Roller Derby524.7
129.Barockcity Rollerderby524.6
130.Blocka Nostra524.6
131.Howlin' Rolls524.1
132.Bath Roller Derby Girls524.0
133.Kinapori Fistfunkers523.8
135.Hertfordshire Roller Derb...523.4
136.Roller Derby Belfort523.3
137.Blackland Rockin' K-Rolle...522.7
138.Halifax Bruising Banditas522.5
139.Nottingham Roller Derby (...522.2
140.Kouvola Roller Derby (Wom...522.0
141.Vienna Roller Derby521.4
142.Roller Derby Valence520.9
143.SWAT B Team519.3
144.Dirty Vixens518.9
145.Rising Rollers518.5
146.Bristol Bees518.4
147.Aalborg Roller Derby518.1
148.Wolverhampton Honour Roll...517.5
150.Limerick Roller Derby515.8
151.Västerås Roller Derby514.5
152.Durham City Rolling Angel...514.4
153.Bonnie Colliders514.2
154.Hot Wheel Roller Derby - ...514.2
155.Brighton Bruisers513.7
156.Cork City Firebirds513.0
157.Lahti Roller Derby512.6
158.Roller Derby Lille (Women...512.2
159.Montpellier Derby Club (W...511.7
160.High Voltage510.6
161.Prague City Roller Derby509.9
162.Bomb Squad509.7
163.Cannie Gingers508.6
164.Granite City Roller Derby508.6
165.Surrey Roller Girls508.2
166.Jyväskylä Roller Derby508.2
167.Luleå Roller Derby508.1
168.Les Quedalles507.7
169.Grid City Division507.4
170.Roller Derby Calaisis (Wo...507.1
171.Red, White and Bruise Rol...506.8
173.Åbo B-ajs506.6
174.Paris Hockey Club506.5
175.Blackpool Roller-Coasters505.9
176.Dom City Dolls505.8
177.North Devon Roller Derby503.8
178.Dublin Roller Derby B503.7
179.Les Divines Machines503.6
180.Dolly Rockit Rollers503.0
181.Compagnie Cruelle502.5
182.Helsinki Roller Derby C-c...502.3
183.Roller Derby La Rochelle501.8
186.Preston Roller Girls501.7
187.Hérault Derby Girlz501.1
188.The Cubs500.4
189.Bembel Town Rollergirls499.8
190.Las Palmas Roller Derby499.6
191.Plan B499.3
192.Roller Derby Angoulême (...498.6
193.Atomium Kittens498.4
194.Limerick B team497.6
195.Roller Derby Liège (Wome...496.9
196.Porvoo Roller Derby496.9
197.Punt Rockers496.6
198.North Wales Roller Derby ...496.4
199.Lutece Destroyeuses Rolle...496.2
200.Hellfire Harlots B Team496.1
201.Lyon Roller Derby (Womens...495.4
202.Roller Derby Creil495.1
203.Roller Derby Bordeaux495.0
204.Pack of Destruction494.0
205.Munich Rolling Rebels493.2
206.Roller Derby Rouen493.2
207.Imposters Rollerderby493.0
208.La Meute492.9
209.Sans Culottes492.5
210.Rayo Dockers Roller Derby492.5
211.Möllans Mördarsniglar 2...492.4
212.Waterford City Viqueens492.3
213.Nidaros Killer B's491.9
214.Les Filles de Neptune491.6
215.Gin City Rollers491.4
216.Joensuu Roller Derby491.3
217.Borderland Brawlers Rolle...489.8
219.Hallam Hellcats Roller De...489.3
220.Narbonne Roller Sports488.9
221.Boomtown Rollers488.7
222.Roller Derby Palois488.5
223.Spring Blocks488.0
224.Les Vilaines487.5
225.Roller Derby Salamanca487.2
226.Rebellion Roller Derby487.1
227.Copenhagen Roller Derby A...486.7
228.Riot City Ravens486.2
229.Roller Derby Arras485.9
230.Harbor Girls B485.8
231.Raging Ravens485.5
232.Kouvola Rock n Rollers B485.0
233.Roller Derby Alcoy485.0
234.Roller Derby Tarbes484.2
235.Black Thunders Madrid (Wo...483.1
236.Rough Diamonds482.5
237.Roller Derby Chambéry481.8
238.Breaking Bears481.6
239.Harpies Roller Derby Mila...480.3
240.Roller Derby Lorient479.3
241.Rainbow Furies479.0
242.Spa Town Roller Derby478.8
243.Bad Wolves478.8
244.Nice Roller Derby478.8
245.Suffolk Roller Derby (Wom...478.4
246.Durham Roller Derby477.8
247.Oil City Rollers477.1
248.Bilbo Roller Derby476.9
249.Zaragoza Roller Derby476.7
250.Rock 'n' Roller Derby Mur...476.2
251.Les P'tites Frappes476.0
252.Bridgend Roller Derby (Wo...475.8
253.Roller Derby Côte Basque...475.4
254.Mansfield Roller Derby475.3
255.Tenacious Bs474.7
256.The Flaming Noras474.3
257.Rollerderby Hannover474.1
258.Norrköping Roller Derby473.9
259.Yellow Shovemarines473.5
260.York Minxters Roller Derb...473.4
261.Red Grrriottes Girrrls473.1
262.Roller Derby Pibrac473.1
263.Bodø Roller Derby473.1
264.Evolution Roller Derby472.9
265.Les Pisseuses Malefiques472.4
267.Roller Derby Valenciennes471.2
268.Eastbourne Roller Derby (...470.8
269.Criminal Nurses Roller De...470.8
270.Fair City Rollers470.7
271.Neath Port Talbot Roller ...470.3
272.Les Gasconnes469.9
273.The Crown Duels468.4
274.Kotham City Rollers468.1
275.Preston Roller Girls B Te...468.1
276.Helsingborg Roller Derby ...466.9
278.Galway City Roller Derby466.7
279.Vendetta Vixens466.7
280.The Auver'Niaks466.6
281.Udder Team466.6
282.Roller Derby Karlsruhe466.4
283.Glorious Batardes466.2
284.Roll'in Tarn Roller Derby465.5
285.Roller Derby Besançon465.4
286.Devon Clotted Screamers465.4
287.Tours B team465.0
288.Kassel Roller Derby464.9
289.Riverside Rebels Roller D...464.3
290.Hell's Ass Derby Girls464.2
291.Roller Derby Bretenoux Bi...463.7
292.Roller Derby Panthers463.5
293.Uppsala Roller Derby463.2
294.NWRD B462.9
295.Track'Ass (Women's)462.2
296. Easo Avengers Roller Der...460.9
297.Roller Derby Argenteuil460.1
298.Lisbon Grrrls Roller Derb...460.0
299.Norn Iron Maidens460.0
300.North Cheshire Victory Ro...459.7
301.Roma Roller Derby459.7
302.Roller Derby Chalon459.6
303.Crime City C team459.4
304.Taxider'Biches Roller Der...459.0
305.Orléans Roller Derby458.2
306.Warsaw Hellcats Roller Gi...457.5
307.Baronnes Von Schlass457.1
308.Oslo Tiger City Beasts456.8
309.The Night Terrors456.4
310.Hérault Derby Girlz B455.9
311.Arctic Roller Derby455.8
312.Lisboa Roller Derby Troop...455.3
313.Malmö Royal Roller Derby455.3
314.Oulun Rössyt454.6
315.Rotterdam Killer Bees454.4
316.Basingstoke Bullets Rolle...454.0
317.Castres Roller Derby453.7
318.Roller Derby Luzern453.6
319.Ume Radical Rollers453.4
320.Oisans Roller Derby452.9
321.Roller Derby Ísland452.6
322.GVA Roller Derby Girls451.8
323.Badass Beavers451.3
324.La Barbaque451.1
325.Bath Roman Rollers450.1
326.Belfast City Rockets449.9
327.Perpignan Roller Derby449.7
328.Roll-On Derby448.5
329.Roller Derby Genève448.5
330.Anjou Derby Girls448.3
331.Roller Derby Groningen (w...448.0
332.Roller Derby Nîmes447.8
333.Zombie Rollergirlz Münst...447.4
334.Roller Derby Tournai447.2
335.Psyko'Quads SGS Roller De...446.7
336.Wakey Wheeled Cats446.5
337.Atlantic Breakers B446.3
338.Reaper Roller Derby446.1
339.Roller Derby des Nordiks ...445.8
340.Freaky Mons'ter Derby Lad...445.7
341.The Parliament of Pain444.3
342.Derby Roller Provence Mé...444.1
343.Rollerderby Kiel444.1
344.Roller Derby Avignon443.9
345.Roller Skating Montreuil443.8
346.Riot Rollers Darmstadt443.2
347.Roller Derby 72443.1
348.Seinäjoki Roller Derby442.9
349.Namur Roller Girls B442.5
350.Just6 League442.4
351.Alp'n Rockets Roller Derb...440.1
352.Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads440.1
353.Haunted City Rollers440.1
354.Roller Derby Dijon439.4
355.VooDoo Roller Dollies439.2
356.Pink Peril Rollerderby438.4
357.Les Passeuses Dâmes437.8
358.Roller Derby Le Havre437.7
359.Nancy Roller Derby437.4
360.Berlin Rollergirls437.3
361.Severn Roller Torrent (B)437.3
362.Arcadia Roller Derby436.3
363.Roller Derby Pays d'Aix (...436.1
364.Roller Derby Mâcon (Wome...435.8
365.Beastie Derby Girls435.7
366.Riverdale Rollers434.8
367.Wiltshire Roller Derby (W...434.0
368.Les Gueuses de Pigalle B432.8
369.HARD B432.0
370.Oxford Wheels of Gory Rol...431.3
371.Les Succubes Roller Derby429.3
372.Rockcity Rollers B428.7
373.Odense Roller Girls426.7
374.Les Puces'Hell426.6
375.Roller Derby Leicester B426.3
376.Bedfordshire Rollergirls423.3
377.Pack Beaters422.8
378.New Town Roller Girls415.9
379.Coventry Roller Derby415.6
380.Wrexham Rejects412.9
381.Tilburg Valkyrie Warriors412.7
382.Kuopio Roller Derby411.5
383.Alès Roller Derby411.3
384.Meatgrinders Bremen409.7
385.Bonebreakers Bern405.2
386.Deadly Darlings Düsseldo...403.8
387.Rabbit Skulls Roller Derb...401.9
388.Barnsley Black Heart Roll...401.8
389.Bairn City Rollers (Women...392.8
390.Suck City Rock 'n Roller ...383.4
391.Roller Derby Saint-Etienn...377.5
392.Arnhem Fallen Angels360.4
393.Full Metal Roller Derby (...357.3
394.Lothian Derby Dolls350.1
1.London Rollergirls936.9
2.Crime City Rollers768.3
3.Glasgow Roller Derby762.2
4.Helsinki Roller Derby747.3
5.Stockholm Roller Derby747.3
6.Roller Derby Toulouse (Wo...745.6
7.Bear City Roller Derby728.8
8.London Brawl Saints725.7
9.Middlesbrough Roller Derb...717.8
10.Newcastle Roller Girls712.2
11.Auld Reekie Roller Girls711.4
12.Rainy City Roller Derby705.2
13.Kallio Rolling Rainbow703.4
14.Birmingham Blitz Dames695.7
15.Dublin Roller Derby690.8
16.Tiger Bay Brawlers688.0
17.Paris Rollergirls684.2
18.Central City Roller Girls683.0
19.Nottingham Hellfire Harlo...677.8
20.Elitserien (CCR)676.8
21.GO-GO Gent Roller Derby674.7
22.Nidaros Roller Derby667.5
23.Tampere Roller Derby662.2
24.Belfast Roller Derby661.6
25.Bear City Roller Derby (B...661.2
26.Dirty River Roller Derby658.1
27.Leeds Roller Derby657.6
28.Royal Windsor Roller Girl...657.4
29.One Love Roller Dolls647.3
30.Bristol Roller Derby (Wom...645.5
31.Stuttgart Valley Rollergi...642.4
32.Croydon Roller Derby636.0
33.London Batter C Power634.1
34.Furness Firecrackers (Wom...633.4
35.Amsterdam Roller Derby633.3
36.Wirral Roller Derby632.8
37.Cambridge Rollerbillies628.9
38.Nantes Derby Girls628.7
39.Portsmouth Roller Wenches627.1
40.Hot Wheel Roller Derby625.8
41.Lille Roller Girls624.4
42.Swansea City Roller Derby621.1
43.Liverpool Roller Birds619.2
44.Helsinki Roller Derby Que...615.4
45.St. Pauli Roller Derby615.4
46.South West Angels of Terr...612.1
47.London Rockin' Rollers612.0
48.Brighton Rockers Roller D...610.4
49.Maiden Grrders610.3
50.Dock City Rollers607.4
51.Roller Derby Metz Club606.5
52.Big Bucks High Rollers604.5
53.The Rolling Candies601.1
54.Oslo Roller Derby599.0
55.Crime City B Team596.7
56.Rockcity Rollers594.2
57.Tiger Bay B-Bombs594.2
58.Roller Derby Leicester592.2
59.Manchester Roller Derby (...590.0
60.Dundee Roller Girls589.6
61.Bad Omens589.4
62.Namur Roller Girls587.2
63.Oxford Roller Derby585.0
64.Milton Keynes Roller Derb...582.4
65.Roller Derby Caen581.3
66.Whippin' Hinnies578.9
67.Tender Hooligans578.6
68.Kent Roller Girls578.3
69.Roller Derby Rennes576.9
70.Death Stars576.8
71.Inglorious Bombshells573.9
72.Cornwall Roller Derby570.4
73.Brussels Derby Pixies570.4
74.Hurtta Lottas570.1
75.Oulu Roller Derby569.5
76.Tenerife Roller Derby568.6
77.Copenhagen Roller Derby568.0
78.Hulls Angels Roller Dames562.7
79.Fierce Valley Roller Girl...562.6
80.Seaside Siren Roller Girl...560.1
81.Gothenburg Roller Derby559.1
82.The Royal Swedish Roller ...558.8
83.All Star Reserves556.7
84.Les Quads de Paris Roller...553.1
85.Les Sales Gosses552.0
86.Orcet Roller Derby (Team ...552.0
87.Norfolk Roller Derby549.4
88.Ingles de Acero B548.5
89.Marseille Roller Derby Cl...548.3
90.Plymouth City Roller Derb...547.8
91.Limerick Roller Derby547.6
92.SAM Roller Derby (Women's...546.6
93.Roller Derby Madrid546.3
94.Dublin Roller Derby C545.5
95.Tenerife Roller Derby B545.0
96.Hereford Roller Girls544.7
97.East Coast Cyclones543.8
98.Roller Derby Dresden543.6
99.Killa Hurtz Roller Girls543.2
100.Iron Squids542.0
101.Aarhus Derby Danes541.9
102.Roller Derby Porto541.9
103.Saturday Fight Fever541.8
104.Barockcity Rollerderby540.8
105.The Cannibal Marmots540.3
106.RuhrPott Roller Girls B540.0
107.B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls539.4
108.Cologne Roller Derby539.3
109.Sheffield Steel Rollergir...539.1
110.B Team538.3
111.Dorset Roller Girls538.1
112.Granite City Roller Derby536.2
113.Barcelona Roller Derby535.0
114.Tenacious Dolls534.7
116.Zurich City Rollergirlz534.5
117.Bath Roller Derby Girls533.5
118.Severn Roller Torrent533.2
119.Croydon Vice Squad533.2
120.Portsmouth B Team532.8
122.The B-Headers529.7
123.Orcet Roller Derby529.6
124.Wolverhampton Honour Roll...529.5
125.The Damebusters526.3
126.Surrey Roller Girls525.7
127.Dolly Rockit Rollers525.5
128.Hertfordshire Roller Derb...525.2
129.RuhrPott Roller Derby525.2
130.Lyon Association Roller D...524.7
131.The Bad Seeds524.7
132.Blocka Nostra524.6
133.Leeds Roller Derby B Team524.5
134.Roller Derby Belfort523.3
135.Blackland Rockin' K-Rolle...522.7
136.North Wales Roller Derby ...522.6
137.Rainy City Revolution522.5
138.Vienna Roller Derby521.4
139.Roller Derby Valence520.9
141.Bristol Bees519.4
142.Dirty Vixens518.9
143.Dom City Dolls518.8
144.Rising Rollers518.5
145.Howlin' Rolls517.5
146.Luleå Roller Derby517.0
147.Rotterdam Roller Derby516.8
149.Aalborg Roller Derby514.8
150.Durham City Rolling Angel...514.4
151.Bonnie Colliders514.2
152.Hot Wheel Roller Derby - ...514.2
153.Prague City Roller Derby514.1
154.Preston Roller Girls513.4
155.Lahti Roller Derby512.6
156.Roller Derby Lille (Women...512.2
157.Montpellier Derby Club (W...511.7
158.Kinapori Fistfunkers511.7
159.Roller Girls of the Apoca...511.7
160.SWAT B Team511.6
161.Västerås Roller Derby511.3
162.Roller Derby Twente510.9
163.Lincolnshire Bombers510.9
164.High Voltage510.6
165.Nottingham Roller Derby (...509.3
166.Jyväskylä Roller Derby508.2
167.Les Quedalles507.7
168.Roller Derby Calaisis (Wo...507.1
169.Red, White and Bruise Rol...506.8
171.Åbo B-ajs506.6
172.Lutece Destroyeuses Rolle...506.5
173.Rollerderby Hannover506.3
174.Paris Hockey Club505.5
175.Cannie Gingers504.9
176.Grid City Division504.5
177.Kouvola Roller Derby (Wom...504.2
178.Dublin Roller Derby B503.7
179.Cork City Firebirds503.7
180.Les Divines Machines503.6
181.Compagnie Cruelle502.5
182.Helsinki Roller Derby C-c...502.3
183.Plan B501.9
184.Roller Derby La Rochelle501.8
185.Gin City Rollers501.3
186.Hérault Derby Girlz501.1
187.Blackpool Roller-Coasters501.0
188.Spa Town Roller Derby500.6
189.Las Palmas Roller Derby499.6
190.Roller Derby Angoulême (...498.6
191.Halifax Bruising Banditas498.5
192.Bembel Town Rollergirls498.4
193.Atomium Kittens498.4
194.Munich Rolling Rebels497.7
195.Limerick B team497.6
196.Nidaros Killer B's497.3
197.Roller Derby Liège (Wome...496.9
198.Porvoo Roller Derby496.9
199.North Devon Roller Derby496.6
200.Punt Rockers496.6
201.The Cubs495.9
202.Hellfire Harlots B Team495.9
203.Lyon Roller Derby (Womens...495.4
204.Roller Derby Creil495.1
205.Roller Derby Bordeaux495.0
206.Borderland Brawlers Rolle...494.7
207.Pack of Destruction494.0
208.Riot City Ravens493.4
209.Roller Derby Rouen493.2
211.Imposters Rollerderby493.0
212.La Meute492.9
213.Sans Culottes492.5
214.Rayo Dockers Roller Derby492.5
215.Möllans Mördarsniglar 2...492.4
216.Waterford City Viqueens492.3
217.Les Filles de Neptune491.6
218.Hallam Hellcats Roller De...491.5
219.Yellow Shovemarines491.3
220.Harpies Roller Derby Mila...490.3
221.Harbor Girls B489.0
222.Narbonne Roller Sports488.9
223.Joensuu Roller Derby488.7
224.Roller Derby Palois488.5
225.Spring Blocks488.0
227.Les Vilaines487.5
228.Roller Derby Salamanca487.2
229.Rebellion Roller Derby487.1
230.Copenhagen Roller Derby A...486.7
231.Roller Derby Arras485.9
232.Raging Ravens485.5
233.Kouvola Rock n Rollers B485.0
234.Roller Derby Alcoy485.0
235.Roller Derby Tarbes484.2
236.Black Thunders Madrid (Wo...483.1
237.Boomtown Rollers482.9
238.Rough Diamonds482.5
239.Black Shucks482.2
240.Roller Derby Chambéry481.8
241.Breaking Bears481.6
242.Tiger Lilies480.4
243.Roller Derby Lorient479.3
244.Rainbow Furies479.0
245.Bad Wolves478.8
246.Nice Roller Derby478.8
247.Durham Roller Derby477.8
248.Roller Derby Karlsruhe477.4
249.Oil City Rollers477.1
250.Les P'tites Frappes477.0
251.Bilbo Roller Derby476.9
252.Zaragoza Roller Derby476.7
253.Rock 'n' Roller Derby Mur...476.2
254.Bridgend Roller Derby (Wo...475.8
255.Vendetta Vixens475.7
256.Roller Derby Côte Basque...475.4
257.Norrköping Roller Derby475.0
258.Tenacious Bs474.7
259.The Flaming Noras474.3
260.York Minxters Roller Derb...473.4
261.Red Grrriottes Girrrls473.1
262.Roller Derby Pibrac473.1
263.Bodø Roller Derby473.1
264.Les Pisseuses Malefiques472.4
266.Roller Derby Valenciennes471.2
267.Nottingham Roller Girls B471.1
268.Criminal Nurses Roller De...470.8
269.Fair City Rollers470.7
270.Les Gasconnes469.9
271.Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads468.5
272.The Crown Duels468.4
273.Eastbourne Roller Derby (...468.2
274.Mansfield Roller Derby468.2
275.Kotham City Rollers468.1
276.Preston Roller Girls B Te...468.1
277.Zombie Rollergirlz Münst...467.3
278.Bomb Squad467.0
279.Helsingborg Roller Derby ...466.9
280.Galway City Roller Derby466.7
281.The Auver'Niaks466.6
282.Suffolk Roller Derby (Wom...465.9
283.Norn Iron Maidens465.8
284.Roll'in Tarn Roller Derby465.5
285.Roller Derby Besançon465.4
286.Devon Clotted Screamers465.4
287.Roller Derby Panthers465.1
288.Tours B team465.0
289.Riverside Rebels Roller D...464.3
290.Hell's Ass Derby Girls464.2
292.Roller Derby Bretenoux Bi...463.7
293.Neath Port Talbot Roller ...463.5
294.Uppsala Roller Derby463.2
295.NWRD B462.9
296.Track'Ass (Women's)462.2
297. Easo Avengers Roller Der...460.9
298.Roller Derby Argenteuil460.1
299.Lisbon Grrrls Roller Derb...460.0
300.Roma Roller Derby459.7
301.Roller Derby Chalon459.6
302.Crime City C team459.4
303.Taxider'Biches Roller Der...459.0
304.Orléans Roller Derby458.2
305.Warsaw Hellcats Roller Gi...457.5
306.Baronnes Von Schlass457.1
307.Oslo Tiger City Beasts456.8
308.Udder Team456.5
309.The Night Terrors456.4
310.Hérault Derby Girlz B455.9
311.Riot Rollers Darmstadt455.9
312.Arctic Roller Derby455.8
313.Bath Roman Rollers455.6
314.Lisboa Roller Derby Troop...455.3
315.Malmö Royal Roller Derby455.3
316.Basingstoke Bullets Rolle...455.1
317.Oulun Rössyt454.6
318.Castres Roller Derby453.7
319.Roller Derby Luzern453.6
320.Ume Radical Rollers453.4
321.Oisans Roller Derby452.9
322.Freaky Mons'ter Derby Lad...452.8
323.Roller Derby Ísland452.6
324.GVA Roller Derby Girls451.8
325.Badass Beavers451.3
326.La Barbaque451.1
327.Perpignan Roller Derby449.7
328.Roll-On Derby448.5
329.Roller Derby Genève448.5
330.Anjou Derby Girls448.3
331.Roller Derby Leipzig448.2
332.Roller Derby Groningen (w...448.0
333.Roller Derby Nîmes447.8
334.Severn Roller Torrent (B)447.3
335.Roller Derby Tournai447.2
336.Psyko'Quads SGS Roller De...446.7
337.Rollerderby Kiel446.5
338.North Cheshire Victory Ro...446.4
339.Atlantic Breakers B446.3
340.Reaper Roller Derby446.1
341.Beastie Derby Girls445.9
342.Roller Derby des Nordiks ...445.8
343.Glorious Batardes444.5
344.Rotterdam Killer Bees444.3
345.Derby Roller Provence Mé...444.1
346.Roller Derby Avignon443.9
347.Evolution Roller Derby443.9
348.Roller Skating Montreuil443.8
349.Roller Derby 72443.1
350.Grim Reavers442.8
351.Namur Roller Girls B442.5
352.Just6 League442.4
353.Belfast City Rockets441.5
354.Oxford Roller Derby B Tea...441.3
355.Alp'n Rockets Roller Derb...440.1
356.Haunted City Rollers440.1
357.Kassel Roller Derby439.9
358.Roller Derby Dijon439.4
359.Pink Peril Rollerderby438.4
360.Les Passeuses Dâmes437.8
361.Roller Derby Le Havre437.7
362.Nancy Roller Derby437.4
363.Arcadia Roller Derby436.3
364.Roller Derby Pays d'Aix (...436.1
365.Roller Derby Mâcon (Wome...435.8
366.Riverdale Rollers434.8
367.Wakey Wheeled Cats434.5
368.Wiltshire Roller Derby (W...433.8
369.Kuopio Roller Derby433.6
370.Roller Derby Leicester B433.3
371.Les Gueuses de Pigalle B432.8
372.Oxford Wheels of Gory Rol...431.3
373.Les Succubes Roller Derby429.3
374.Rockcity Rollers B428.7
375.VooDoo Roller Dollies427.8
376.Odense Roller Girls426.7
377.Les Puces'Hell426.6
378.Pack Beaters425.0
379.HARD B425.0
380.Seinäjoki Roller Derby423.4
381.Killa Hurtz Roller Girls'...421.8
382.The Parliament of Pain421.7
383.Wrexham Rejects412.9
384.Tilburg Valkyrie Warriors412.7
385.Sucker Punch Roller Derby411.9
386.Alès Roller Derby411.3
387.Coventry Roller Derby409.3
388.Meatgrinders Bremen405.3
389.Bonebreakers Bern405.2
390.Deadly Darlings Düsseldo...403.8
391.Rabbit Skulls Roller Derb...401.9
392.Barnsley Black Heart Roll...401.8
393.Bedfordshire Rollergirls401.4
394.Berlin Rollergirls397.5
395.Bairn City Rollers (Women...396.5
396.Suck City Rock 'n Roller ...393.9
397.New Town Roller Girls393.2
398.Roller Derby Saint-Etienn...377.5
399.Arnhem Fallen Angels363.9
400.Fight Hawks354.7
401.Lothian Derby Dolls350.1
402.Full Metal Roller Derby (...341.2