2017 Q2 (7/1/17)

2017 Q3 (10/1/17)

1.London Rollergirls882.9
2.Crime City Rollers822.7
3.Rainy City Roller Derby810.0
4.Helsinki Roller Derby803.3
5.Roller Derby Toulouse (Wo...801.2
6.Stockholm Roller Derby781.9
7.Middlesbrough Roller Derb...768.1
8.Paris Rollergirls762.4
9.Kallio Rolling Rainbow757.0
10.Auld Reekie Roller Girls732.2
11.London Brawl Saints729.8
12.Lille Roller Girls720.3
13.Helsinki Roller Derby Que...714.7
14.Bear City Roller Derby712.6
15.Dublin Roller Derby712.6
16.Birmingham Blitz Dames710.9
17.One Love Roller Dolls709.4
18.Tender Hooligans699.4
19.Elitserien (CCR)691.6
20.Dock City Rollers689.7
21.Tiger Bay Brawlers684.0
22.Central City Roller Derby676.4
23.Nantes Derby Girls670.3
24.Newcastle Roller Girls666.7
25.Bristol Roller Derby (Wom...664.8
26.Crime City B Team663.2
27.Tampere Roller Derby660.9
28.Nidaros Roller Derby659.1
29.Roller Derby Caen656.1
30.Bear City Roller Derby (B...653.2
31.Swansea City Roller Derby652.6
32.Nottingham Hellfire Harlo...647.6
33.Gothenburg Roller Derby647.2
34.Namur Roller Girls645.6
35.Kinapori Fistfunkers641.7
36.Les Quedalles640.6
37.Dirty River Roller Derby638.4
38.Roller Derby Madrid637.0
39.Brussels Derby Pixies635.8
40.Royal Windsor Roller Girl...633.5
41.Norrköping Roller Derby633.1
42.SAM Roller Derby (Women's...633.0
43.Vienna Roller Derby625.0
44.SWAT Roller Derby624.7
45.Rebellion Roller Derby623.8
46.Les Quads de Paris Roller...622.8
47.GO-GO Gent Roller Derby619.9
48.Helsinki Roller Derby C-c...617.0
49.St. Pauli Roller Derby615.3
50.Amsterdam Roller Derby612.9
51.Roller Derby Porto609.5
52.Oslo Roller Derby609.3
53.London Batter C Power608.6
54.Roller Derby Dresden608.3
55.Leeds Roller Derby606.5
56.Liverpool Roller Birds606.2
57.Blocka Nostra604.2
58.Roller Derby Lille (Women...603.5
59.Oxford Roller Derby603.4
60.Elitserien (GBGRD)603.0
61.Dundee Roller Derby602.5
62.Zurich City Roller Derby602.1
63.Norfolk Roller Derby601.9
64.Oulu Roller Derby601.7
65.Dublin Roller Derby B601.7
66.Glasgow Roller Derby600.5
67.Tiger Bay B-Bombs597.6
68.The Royal Swedish Roller ...596.4
69.Manchester Roller Derby (...595.2
70.Brighton Rockers Roller D...593.8
71.Croydon Roller Derby593.4
72.Barcelona Roller Derby590.6
73.The Rolling Candies586.9
74.Copenhagen Roller Derby583.8
75.Dom City Roller Derby582.4
76.Munich Rolling Rebels581.8
77.Cambridge Rollerbillies581.7
78.Roller Derby Panthers580.3
79.London Rockin' Rollers580.3
80.Lutece Destroyeuses Rolle...578.6
81.Limerick Roller Derby576.3
82.All Star Reserves575.8
83.Roller Derby Metz Club574.9
84.Kent Roller Girls572.8
85.Big Bucks High Rollers571.8
86.Porto Beasts570.5
87.Rockcity Rollers570.1
88.Roller Derby Pibrac567.5
89.Wirral Roller Derby567.1
90.Hell's Ass Derby Girls567.0
91.North Devon Roller Derby566.0
92.Portsmouth Roller Wenches565.6
93.Bath Roller Derby Girls565.2
94.Tenerife Roller Derby564.8
95.Dolly Rockit Rollers564.7
96.Whippin' Hinnies563.2
97.The Anguanas Roller Derby...562.8
98.Luleå Roller Derby561.4
99.Marseille Roller Derby Cl...561.3
100.Roller Derby Liège (Wome...559.4
101.Glorious Batardes559.0
102.Hertfordshire Roller Derb...557.0
103.Rotterdam Roller Derby556.1
104.Derby Club le Crès Latte...555.8
106.Roller Derby Cáceres553.6
107.Granite City Roller Derby553.1
108.Harpies Roller Derby Mila...549.9
109.Riot Rollers Darmstadt549.8
110.B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls549.4
111.Aarhus Derby Danes547.6
112.Cornwall Roller Derby547.2
113.Kouvola Roller Derby (Wom...547.1
114.Rayo Dockers Roller Derby544.7
115.Stuttgart Valley Rollergi...544.4
116.Orléans Roller Derby542.9
117.Inglorious Bombshells542.3
118.Iron Squids542.0
119.Sheffield Steel Rollergir...541.6
120.Crime City C team541.5
121.Nottingham Roller Derby (...539.4
122.Wakey Wheeled Cats539.3
123.RuhrPott Roller Derby539.1
124.Roller Derby Rennes538.6
125.Cologne Roller Derby538.6
126.Vienna Beasts538.1
127.Hallam Hellcats Roller De...536.8
128.The B-Headers534.9
129.Tenacious Dolls534.7
131.Neath Port Talbot Roller ...534.5
132.Beastie Derby Girls534.1
133.The Parliament of Pain533.6
134.Dublin Roller Derby C533.0
135.Killa Hurtz Roller Derby532.7
136.Rising Rollers532.7
137.Mansfield Roller Derby531.8
138.Sans Culottes531.4
139.North Wales Roller Derby ...530.5
140.Dorset Roller Girls530.3
141.Wolverhampton Honour Roll...528.7
142.Prague City Roller Derby526.9
143.Roller Derby Nîmes526.8
144.Roller Derby Leicester526.0
145.RuhrPott Roller Girls B526.0
146.Furness Firecrackers (Wom...525.4
147.Halifax Bruising Banditas525.2
148.Roller Girls of the Apoca...524.7
149.Nidaros Killer B's523.3
150.Seaside Siren Roller Girl...523.0
151.Åbo B-ajs522.2
152.Hulls Angels Roller Dames521.2
153.Lisboa Roller Derby Leagu...521.1
154.Roller Derby Dijon520.9
155.Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads520.4
156.Bairn City Rollers (Women...520.4
157.Ingles de Acero B520.0
158.Dirty Vixens518.9
159.All Star Rookies518.8
160.The Damebusters518.8
161.High Voltage518.4
163.Roller Derby La Rochelle518.1
165.Orcet Roller Derby516.5
166.Hereford Roller Girls516.2
167.Les Sales Gosses515.8
168.Nice Roller Derby515.0
169.Maiden Grrders514.6
170.Roller Derby A Coruña514.6
171.Leeds Roller Derby B Team513.8
172.Punt Rockers513.5
173.Zaragoza Roller Derby511.6
174.Freaky Mons'ter Derby Lad...511.3
175.Bristol Bees510.0
176.Lahti Roller Derby509.3
177.Black Thunders Madrid (Wo...508.4
178.Bembel Town Rollergirls508.0
179.Roller Derby Bordeaux508.0
181.Eastbourne Roller Derby (...507.2
182.B Team507.0
183.Grid City Division504.6
184.Roller Derby Lorient504.2
185.The Cannibal Marmots503.4
186.Rainbow Furies503.1
187.Brütales Deluxe - Roller...502.7
188.Rainy City Revolution502.5
189.Fierce Valley Roller Girl...502.4
190.Roller Derby Quimper501.3
191.Yellow Shovemarines501.0
192.Wiltshire Roller Derby (W...500.9
193.Rough Diamonds499.1
194.Roller Derby Creil (Women...499.0
195.Riot City Ravens498.9
196.Aalborg Roller Derby496.4
197.Boomtown Rollers495.9
198.Lyon Roller Derby (Womens...495.1
199.Croydon Vice Squad494.3
200.Hellfire Harlots B Team494.1
201.Plan B493.8
202.Belfast Roller Derby493.5
203.Les Vilaines493.3
204.Imposters Rollerderby493.1
205.Möllans Mördarsniglar 2...492.4
206.Roller Derby Madrid B491.9
207.Gin City Rollers491.7
208.Criminal Nurses Roller De...490.9
209.Les Biches Roller Derby489.7
210.NWRD B489.4
211.Les Parpaings488.2
212.Roller Derby Twente488.1
213.Ingria Rollers488.1
214.Les Divines Machines487.3
215.Spa Town Roller Derby487.0
216.Jyväskylä Roller Derby486.8
217.Kouvola Rock n Rollers B486.6
218.Copenhagen Roller Derby A...486.6
219.Lincolnshire Bombers485.8
220.Raging Ravens485.5
221.Oil City Rollers485.2
222.Roller Derby Alcoy484.8
223.The Cubs484.8
224.Ume Radical Rollers484.2
225.SWAT B Team483.6
226.Bodø Roller Derby483.4
227.Plymouth City Roller Derb...483.2
228.Waterford City Viqueens483.1
229.Portsmouth B Team483.1
230.Roma Roller Derby481.1
231.Blackpool Roller-Coasters480.8
232.Joensuu Roller Derby480.7
233.Bomb Squad480.1
235.DCCLM B - Block Busters479.3
236.Piritorin Ässät479.2
237.Barockcity Rollerderby478.8
238.The Auver'Niaks478.3
239.Preston Roller Girls478.3
240.Harbor Girls B478.1
241.Severn Roller Torrent477.6
242.Les Sabordeuses477.6
243.Compagnie Cruelle477.3
244.Roller Derby Côte Basque...477.1
245.Roller Derby Arras476.9
246.Roller Derby Karlsruhe476.5
247.Riverside Rebels Roller D...476.0
248.Västerås Roller Derby475.9
249.Porvoo Roller Derby474.2
250.Suffolk Roller Derby (Wom...473.8
251.Helgin Roller Derby (Wome...473.8
252.Red Grrriottes Girrrls473.3
253.Roller Derby Mâcon (Wome...473.0
254.Roller Derby Chalon472.7
255.The Flaming Noras472.4
256.Lyon Association Roller D...472.1
257.Roller Derby Belfort472.0
258.Roller Derby Palois471.7
259.Roller Derby Angoulême (...470.9
260.Fair City Rollers470.7
261.Milton Keynes Roller Derb...470.6
262.Les P'tites Frappes470.2
263.Black Shucks470.1
264.Les Gasconnes470.1
265.Apex Predators Roller Der...469.8
266.Narbonne Roller Sports469.2
267.Helsingborg Roller Derby ...469.1
268.Roller Derby Tournai468.4
269.Kotham City Rollers468.3
271.Breaking Bears468.0
272.Oxford Wheels of Gory Rol...467.7
273.East Coast Cyclones467.5
274.Les Petroleuses467.2
275.Roller Derby Torino466.9
276.The Anguan.Ass B-side466.9
277.Crimson Vipers (Roller De...466.8
278.Zurich B466.8
279.Borderland Brawlers Rolle...465.9
280.Sundsvall Demolition Roll...465.7
281.Roller Derby Calaisis (Wo...465.3
282.Suffolk Bees465.2
283.Battle Stars464.7
284.Castres Roller Derby464.5
285.Riverdale Rollers464.5
286.Roller Derby Erfurt463.9
287.Abu Dhabi Roller Derby463.4
288.Roller Derby Valence463.2
289.Roller Derby Chambéry462.8
290.Perpignan Roller Derby462.6
291.Preston Roller Girls B Te...462.1
292.Roller Derby Pays d'Aix (...461.9
293.Norn Iron Maidens461.9
294.Rotterdam Killer Bees461.9
295.Rollerderby Kiel461.4
296.Cannibal Marmots Bééé460.8
297.Surrey Roller Girls460.6
298.Lisbon Grrrls Roller Derb...460.0
299.Arnhem Fallen Angels459.4
300.Blackland Rockin' K-Rolle...459.1
301.Bilbo Roller Derby458.9
302.Les Faon'tastiques458.7
303.Linz Roller Derby457.6
304.Bridgend Roller Derby (Wo...457.5
305.Roller Derby Ísland457.1
306.Les Mans'hell456.9
307.Atomium Kittens456.4
308.Tiger Lilies455.9
309.Baronnes Von Schlass455.8
310.Southampton City Rollers455.6
311.Lisboa Roller Derby Troop...455.3
312.GVA Roller Derby Girls455.2
313.La Barbaque455.2
314.Basingstoke Bullets Rolle...455.1
316.Poitiers Roller Derby455.0
317.Roller Derby Groningen (w...454.8
318.Alp'n Rockets Roller Derb...454.5
319.Cork City Firebirds454.5
320.Tours B team454.1
321.Brighton Rockerbillies453.7
322.Worst Warsaw Derby Team452.9
323.Roller Derby Leipzig452.3
324.Galway City Roller Derby452.0
326.Grim Reavers451.7
327.Cherry Bombs451.5
328.Dust City Rollers450.3
329.The Bad Seeds449.8
330.Suck City Rock 'n Roller ...448.9
331.Les Pirnanas de Châteaur...448.7
332.Roller Derby Epinal448.6
333.Pack of Destruction448.6
334.Bergen Roller Derby447.6
335.Rocket Dolls Roller Derby...447.3
336.Severn Roller Torrent (B)447.3
337.Roller Derby Le Havre446.5
338.The Royal Brigade446.4
339.Roller Derby Luzern446.2
340.Evolution Roller Derby446.0
341.Rebel Uprising446.0
342.Les Faucheuses445.9
343.Howlin' Rolls445.8
344.Les Gueuses de Pigalle B445.2
345.Badass Beavers444.9
346.North Cs444.9
347.Reaper Roller Derby444.5
348.Saint-Petersburg Roller D...444.2
349.Roller Derby Palermo444.1
351.Rockcity Rollers B443.7
352.Udder Team443.5
353.Cheshire Hellcats Roller ...443.5
354.Roll'in Tarn Roller Derby443.2
355.Orcet Roller Derby (Team ...443.1
356.Derby Roller Provence Mé...443.0
357.Just6 League442.8
358.Roller Derby Genève442.7
359.Oxford Roller Derby B Tea...442.5
360.Rhine Rebels Basel442.4
362.Rabbit Skulls Roller Derb...441.8
363.Badass Ladies Roller Derb...441.1
364.Euskal Roller Derby440.9
365.HARD B440.8
367.Atlantic Breakers B440.3
368.Prussian Fat Cats - Rolle...440.1
369.Kassel Roller Derby439.6
370.Kuopio Roller Derby439.1
371.Örebro Roller Derby439.0
372.Roller Derby Salamanca438.6
373.Roller Derby Rouen438.4
375.Tenacious Bs438.3
376.Uppsala Roller Derby438.1
377.La Meute437.9
378.Haunted City Rollers437.6
379.Spring Blocks437.3
380.Rollerderby Hannover437.2
381. Les Marto-Killeuses Roll...436.7
382.Nancy Roller Derby435.7
383.Sucker Punch Roller Derby434.9
384. Easo Avengers Roller Der...434.6
385.Paris Hockey Club434.6
386.Bonnie Colliders434.5
387.Sunderland Roller Derby433.9
388.Roller Derby Tarbes433.9
389.Warsaw Hellcats Roller Gi...433.8
390.Roller Derby Vigo433.8
391.Roller Derby Leicester B433.4
392.Mansfield Roller Derby B ...432.2
393.Roskilde Roller Derby431.9
394.Oslo Tiger City Beasts431.0
395.Durham Roller Derby430.4
396.Roller Derby Bretenoux Bi...430.2
397.Rimini Roller Derby430.2
398.Les Puces'Hell429.8
399.The Night Terrors429.0
400.Panthers Miaou428.5
401.Norrköping Roller Derby ...428.3
402.Bath Roman Rollers427.9
403.Arctic Roller Derby427.4
404.Limoges Roller Derby426.9
405.Roller Derby Lausanne426.9
406.Roller Derby 72426.7
407.Black Rebel Roller Derby ...426.6
408.Vendetta Vixens425.7
409.Odense Roller Girls425.4
410.Las Palmas Roller Derby424.8
411.Nafarriors Roller Derby I...424.2
412.Seinäjoki Roller Derby424.1
413.Roller Derby Vannes423.3
414.Bad Wolves423.2
415.Les Passeuses Dâmes423.2
416.Durham City Rolling Angel...423.1
417.Shitty Village B-Pol422.6
418.Terra Hurtz421.9
419.Mars Invaders421.7
420.Roller Derby Rochefort421.6
421.Surrey Roller Girls B421.6
422.Adriatic Roller Derby Lea...421.5
423.Hard Breaking Dolls420.7
424.Linköping Roller Derby420.4
425.Roller Derby Melun419.4
426.Zombie Rollergirlz Münst...419.2
427.Roller Derby Besançon419.0
428.Les Chattes Sauvages418.5
429.Nottingham Roller Girls B418.4
430.Anjou Derby Girls417.9
431.Fight Hawks417.8
432.Oisans Roller Derby417.8
433.Roller Skating Montreuil417.5
434.Roller Derby Avignon416.4
435.The Jokers413.5
436.Tilburg Valkyrie Warriors412.7
437.The Team B'East412.0
438.Red Valentines B411.8
439.Pack Beaters411.5
440.Alès Roller Derby411.3
441.Roller Derby des Nordiks ...410.9
442.Velvet Must'Hard410.8
443.North Cheshire Victory Ro...410.2
444.Roller Derby Dunkerquois ...407.4
445.Pink Peril Rollerderby407.4
446.Deathrow Hull406.9
447.Meatgrinders Bremen406.0
448.Les Succubes Roller Derby405.4
449.York Minxters Roller Derb...405.2
450.Les Filles de Neptune404.8
451.Molly Hatchets402.7
452.Scarborough Slammers Roll...402.3
453.La Carcasse401.8
454.Les Pisseuses Malefiques401.7
455.Les Taxider'Biches401.7
456.La Bande à ta Mère401.4
457.Gones ’N’ Roses400.9
458.VooDoo Roller Dollies400.8
459.Les Smashing Machettes399.9
460.Arcadia Roller Derby399.1
461.Renegades Roller Derby Ch...398.7
462.Rock 'n' Roller Derby Mur...397.3
463.Coventry Roller Derby395.9
464.Maniac Monsters Mainz394.7
465.Les K.O'n'ASS Roller Derb...394.2
466.Mortal Condate392.7
467.Blockforest Roller Girls390.4
468.Darmstadt B Team390.4
469.Psyko'Quads SGS Roller De...390.2
470.Roller Derby Tourcoing388.8
471.Roller Derby Argenteuil387.0
472.Wasa Roller Derby386.9
473.Bonebreakers Bern385.8
474.Bananas B385.6
475.Roll-On Derby385.4
476.Inverness City Roller Der...385.4
477.Belfast City Rockets383.8
478.Barnsley Black Heart Roll...383.0
480.AMsports Roller Derby DIJ...382.4
481.Regensburg Rollerderby382.3
482.Deadly Darlings Düsseldo...382.0
483.Roller Derby Sarreguemine...379.5
484.Roller Derby Saint-Etienn...375.5
485.Cherboobs - ASH Roller De...373.4
486.Roadkill Rollers371.9
487.New Town Roller Girls366.3
489.Berlin Rollergirls364.5
490.Bedfordshire Rollergirls362.4
491.Roller Derby Luxembourg352.8
492.Namur Roller Girls C350.6
493.Karlstad Roller Derby344.3
494.Pori Rolling Brigade342.6
495.Lothian Derby Dolls341.9
496.Full Metal Roller Derby (...341.3
497.Mean City Roller Derby (W...339.3
498.Ayrshire Roller Derby338.1
499.Crash Candies327.7
500.Växjö Roller Derby307.3
1.London Rollergirls866.9
2.Crime City Rollers833.6
3.Rainy City Roller Derby823.9
4.Helsinki Roller Derby804.5
5.Roller Derby Toulouse (Wo...801.2
6.Stockholm Roller Derby770.9
7.Middlesbrough Roller Derb...769.1
8.Paris Rollergirls761.1
9.Kallio Rolling Rainbow758.0
10.Tender Hooligans729.3
11.London Brawl Saints726.9
12.Auld Reekie Roller Girls724.2
13.Lille Roller Girls720.3
14.Helsinki Roller Derby Que...717.9
15.Bear City Roller Derby716.7
16.Dublin Roller Derby715.9
17.Elitserien (CCR)714.1
18.One Love Roller Dolls709.4
19.Birmingham Blitz Dames701.0
20.Tiger Bay Brawlers684.0
21.Nantes Derby Girls670.3
22.Tampere Roller Derby667.6
23.Dock City Rollers667.3
24.Newcastle Roller Girls666.7
25.Bristol Roller Derby (Wom...663.8
26.Crime City B Team663.2
27.Central City Roller Derby662.5
28.Nottingham Hellfire Harlo...662.3
29.Nidaros Roller Derby659.1
30.Roller Derby Caen658.0
31.Swansea City Roller Derby651.5
32.Rebellion Roller Derby651.3
33.Gothenburg Roller Derby647.2
34.Roller Derby Madrid646.8
35.Namur Roller Girls643.8
36.Norrköping Roller Derby643.0
37.Les Quedalles640.6
38.SAM Roller Derby (Women's...633.0
39.St. Pauli Roller Derby633.0
40.Brussels Derby Pixies631.0
41.Oulu Roller Derby629.6
42.Dirty River Roller Derby628.5
43.Kinapori Fistfunkers627.6
44.London Batter C Power625.1
45.Vienna Roller Derby625.0
46.Les Quads de Paris Roller...622.8
47.Royal Windsor Roller Girl...622.0
48.Glasgow Roller Derby620.3
49.GO-GO Gent Roller Derby619.9
50.London Rockin' Rollers617.8
51.SWAT Roller Derby617.1
52.Helsinki Roller Derby C-c...617.0
53.Dublin Roller Derby B616.5
54.Leeds Roller Derby615.9
55.Bear City Roller Derby (B...614.8
56.Amsterdam Roller Derby612.9
57.Roller Derby Lille (Women...610.3
58.Roller Derby Porto609.5
59.Oslo Roller Derby609.3
60.Roller Derby Dresden608.8
61.Oxford Roller Derby607.2
62.Norfolk Roller Derby606.1
63.Manchester Roller Derby (...606.1
64.Blocka Nostra604.2
65.Elitserien (GBGRD)603.0
66.Croydon Roller Derby599.8
67.Copenhagen Roller Derby599.7
68.The Royal Swedish Roller ...596.4
69.Dundee Roller Derby596.3
70.Liverpool Roller Birds596.2
71.Big Bucks High Rollers595.9
72.Brighton Rockers Roller D...593.8
73.Cambridge Rollerbillies591.3
74.The Rolling Candies586.9
75.All Star Reserves585.4
76.Barcelona Roller Derby584.5
77.Stuttgart Valley Rollergi...582.8
78.Zurich City Roller Derby581.6
79.Lutece Destroyeuses Rolle...580.4
80.Roller Derby Panthers580.3
81.Granite City Roller Derby579.8
82.Tiger Bay B-Bombs577.4
83.Limerick Roller Derby576.3
84.Munich Rolling Rebels575.5
85.Roller Derby Metz Club574.9
86.Porto Beasts570.5
87.Harpies Roller Derby Mila...570.4
88.Portsmouth Roller Wenches570.2
89.Rockcity Rollers570.1
90.Dolly Rockit Rollers567.7
91.Roller Derby Pibrac567.5
92.Wirral Roller Derby567.1
93.Tenerife Roller Derby564.8
94.The Anguanas Roller Derby...562.8
95.Marseille Roller Derby Cl...561.3
96.Hell's Ass Derby Girls560.2
97.Roller Derby Liège (Wome...559.4
98.Glorious Batardes559.0
99.North Devon Roller Derby556.8
100.Rotterdam Roller Derby556.1
101.Derby Club le Crès Latte...555.8
102.RuhrPott Roller Derby555.8
104.Rainy City Revolution554.9
105.Riot Rollers Darmstadt554.8
106.Roller Derby Cáceres553.6
107.Dom City Roller Derby553.0
108.Whippin' Hinnies552.0
109.Luleå Roller Derby551.4
110.Hertfordshire Roller Derb...550.0
111.B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls549.4
112.Kent Roller Girls548.7
113.Mansfield Roller Derby548.0
114.Aarhus Derby Danes547.6
115.Kouvola Roller Derby (Wom...547.1
116.Dublin Roller Derby C546.4
117.Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads546.1
118.Rayo Dockers Roller Derby544.7
119.Dorset Roller Girls543.9
120.Orléans Roller Derby542.9
121.North Wales Roller Derby ...542.7
122.Inglorious Bombshells542.3
123.Iron Squids542.0
124.Crime City C team541.5
125.Roller Girls of the Apoca...540.2
126.Nottingham Roller Derby (...539.4
127.Wolverhampton Honour Roll...539.3
128.Roller Derby Rennes538.6
129.Vienna Beasts538.1
130.The B-Headers534.9
131.Tenacious Dolls534.7
133.Neath Port Talbot Roller ...534.5
134.The Parliament of Pain533.6
135.Hallam Hellcats Roller De...533.4
136.Sheffield Steel Rollergir...533.1
137.Rising Rollers532.7
138.Hereford Roller Girls532.3
139.Killa Hurtz Roller Derby531.6
140.Beastie Derby Girls531.5
141.Sans Culottes531.4
142.Bath Roller Derby Girls529.6
143.Roller Derby Nîmes529.6
144.Prague City Roller Derby526.9
145.Halifax Bruising Banditas525.8
146.Nidaros Killer B's523.3
147.Wakey Wheeled Cats523.1
148.Åbo B-ajs522.2
149.Hulls Angels Roller Dames521.2
150.Lisboa Roller Derby Leagu...521.1
151.Bairn City Rollers (Women...520.4
152.Ingles de Acero B520.0
153.Cologne Roller Derby519.5
154.Dirty Vixens518.9
155.Riot City Ravens518.8
156.The Damebusters518.8
157.High Voltage518.4
159.Roller Derby La Rochelle518.1
161.Orcet Roller Derby516.5
162.Les Sales Gosses515.8
163.Roller Derby Dijon515.0
164.Nice Roller Derby515.0
165.Maiden Grrders514.6
166.Roller Derby A Coruña514.6
167.Black Thunders Madrid (Wo...514.5
168.Punt Rockers513.5
169.Furness Firecrackers (Wom...511.7
170.Zaragoza Roller Derby511.6
171.Freaky Mons'ter Derby Lad...511.3
172.Lahti Roller Derby509.3
173.Leeds Roller Derby B Team509.3
174.Bembel Town Rollergirls508.0
175.Plymouth City Roller Derb...507.9
176.RuhrPott Roller Girls B507.6
178.Eastbourne Roller Derby (...507.2
179.B Team507.0
180.Roller Derby Bordeaux506.3
181.Wiltshire Roller Derby (W...505.8
182.All Star Rookies505.4
183.Grid City Division504.6
184.Roller Derby Lorient504.2
185.The Cannibal Marmots503.4
186.Rainbow Furies503.1
187.Seaside Siren Roller Girl...502.9
188.Brütales Deluxe - Roller...502.7
189.Fierce Valley Roller Girl...502.4
190.Roller Derby Quimper501.3
191.Yellow Shovemarines501.0
192.Bristol Bees500.8
193.Rough Diamonds499.1
194.Roller Derby Creil (Women...499.0
195.Cornwall Roller Derby497.8
196.Roller Derby Leicester497.4
197.Boomtown Rollers495.9
198.Lyon Roller Derby (Womens...495.1
199.Aalborg Roller Derby494.8
200.Lincolnshire Bombers494.6
201.Hellfire Harlots B Team494.1
202.Plan B493.8
203.Belfast Roller Derby493.5
204.Les Vilaines493.3
205.Imposters Rollerderby493.1
206.Bridgend Roller Derby (Wo...493.0
207.Möllans Mördarsniglar 2...492.4
208.Roller Derby Madrid B491.9
209.Gin City Rollers491.7
210.Criminal Nurses Roller De...490.9
211.Les Biches Roller Derby489.7
212.Copenhagen Roller Derby A...489.6
213.Suffolk Roller Derby (Wom...488.8
214.Roller Derby Twente488.1
215.Ingria Rollers488.1
216.Les Divines Machines487.3
217.Jyväskylä Roller Derby486.8
218.Kouvola Rock n Rollers B486.6
219.Narbonne Roller Sports485.5
220.Raging Ravens485.5
221.Oil City Rollers485.2
222.Roller Derby Alcoy484.8
223.The Cubs484.8
224.Ume Radical Rollers484.2
225.SWAT B Team483.6
226.Bodø Roller Derby483.4
227.Waterford City Viqueens483.1
228.Portsmouth B Team483.1
229.Roma Roller Derby481.1
230.Blackpool Roller-Coasters480.7
231.Joensuu Roller Derby480.7
232.Barockcity Rollerderby479.5
234.DCCLM B - Block Busters479.3
235.Piritorin Ässät479.2
236.Preston Roller Girls478.3
237.Harbor Girls B478.1
238.Severn Roller Torrent477.6
239.Les Sabordeuses477.6
240.Compagnie Cruelle477.3
241.Roller Derby Côte Basque...477.1
242.Roller Derby Arras476.9
243.Västerås Roller Derby475.9
244.Roller Derby Karlsruhe475.7
245.Croydon Vice Squad475.7
246.Bilbo Roller Derby474.9
247.Roller Derby Mâcon (Wome...474.2
248.Porvoo Roller Derby474.2
249.Helgin Roller Derby (Wome...473.8
250.Les Parpaings473.4
251.Red Grrriottes Girrrls473.3
252.Roller Derby Chalon472.7
253.The Flaming Noras472.4
254.Lyon Association Roller D...472.1
255.Riverside Rebels Roller D...471.8
256.Roller Derby Palois471.7
257.Fair City Rollers470.7
258.Black Shucks470.1
259.Les Gasconnes470.1
260.Apex Predators Roller Der...469.8
261.Rebel Uprising469.7
262.The Royal Brigade469.5
263.Les P'tites Frappes469.3
264.Helsingborg Roller Derby ...469.1
265.Roller Derby Angoulême (...469.0
266.Saint-Petersburg Roller D...468.5
267.Kotham City Rollers468.3
269.Oxford Wheels of Gory Rol...467.7
270.East Coast Cyclones467.5
271.Les Petroleuses467.2
272.Roller Derby Erfurt467.2
273.Roller Derby Torino466.9
274.The Anguan.Ass B-side466.9
275.Crimson Vipers (Roller De...466.8
276.Borderland Brawlers Rolle...465.9
277.Grim Reavers465.7
278.Sundsvall Demolition Roll...465.7
279.Bomb Squad465.4
280.Roller Derby Calaisis (Wo...465.3
281.Castres Roller Derby464.5
282.Riverdale Rollers464.5
283.The Auver'Niaks464.1
284.Battle Stars463.6
285.Abu Dhabi Roller Derby463.4
286.Roller Derby Valence463.2
287.The Bad Seeds463.1
288.Roller Derby Chambéry462.8
289.Perpignan Roller Derby462.6
290.Preston Roller Girls B Te...462.1
291.Roller Derby Pays d'Aix (...461.9
292.Norn Iron Maidens461.9
293.Rotterdam Killer Bees461.9
294.Rollerderby Kiel461.4
295.Cannibal Marmots Bééé460.8
296.NWRD B460.1
297.Lisbon Grrrls Roller Derb...460.0
298.Arnhem Fallen Angels459.4
299.Blackland Rockin' K-Rolle...459.1
300.Les Faon'tastiques458.7
301.Linz Roller Derby457.6
302.Roller Derby Ísland457.1
303.Les Mans'hell456.9
304.Roller Derby Tournai456.7
305.Roller Derby Belfort456.5
306.Milton Keynes Roller Derb...456.5
307.Atomium Kittens456.4
308.Roller Derby Leipzig456.4
309.Tiger Lilies455.9
310.Baronnes Von Schlass455.8
311.Southampton City Rollers455.6
312.Zurich B455.5
313.Lisboa Roller Derby Troop...455.3
314.La Barbaque455.2
315.Basingstoke Bullets Rolle...455.1
317.Poitiers Roller Derby455.0
318.Roller Derby Groningen (w...454.8
319.Alp'n Rockets Roller Derb...454.5
320.Cork City Firebirds454.5
321.Tours B team454.1
322.Roller Derby Epinal453.7
323.Brighton Rockerbillies453.7
324.Worst Warsaw Derby Team452.9
325.Galway City Roller Derby452.0
326.Cherry Bombs451.5
327.Roller Derby Luzern450.9
328.Dust City Rollers450.3
329.Surrey Roller Girls449.8
330.Suck City Rock 'n Roller ...448.9
331.Les Pirnanas de Châteaur...448.7
332.Pack of Destruction448.6
333.Durham Roller Derby448.5
334.Spa Town Roller Derby448.5
335.Cheshire Hellcats Roller ...447.7
336.Bergen Roller Derby447.6
338.Severn Roller Torrent (B)447.3
339.Hard Breaking Dolls446.9
340.Roller Derby Le Havre446.5
341.Evolution Roller Derby446.0
342.Les Faucheuses445.9
343.Howlin' Rolls445.8
344.Les Gueuses de Pigalle B445.2
346.Badass Beavers444.9
347.Roller Derby Palermo444.1
348.Rockcity Rollers B443.7
349.Udder Team443.5
350.Roll'in Tarn Roller Derby443.2
351.Orcet Roller Derby (Team ...443.1
352.Derby Roller Provence Mé...443.0
353.Bonnie Colliders442.8
354.Just6 League442.8
355.Oxford Roller Derby B Tea...442.5
356.Rhine Rebels Basel442.4
358.Breaking Bears441.9
359.Rollerderby Hannover441.8
360.Rabbit Skulls Roller Derb...441.8
361.Suffolk Bees441.5
362.Rocket Dolls Roller Derby...441.2
363.Badass Ladies Roller Derb...441.1
364.Euskal Roller Derby440.9
365.HARD B440.8
366.Sunderland Roller Derby440.5
368.Atlantic Breakers B440.3
369.Prussian Fat Cats - Rolle...440.1
370.Kuopio Roller Derby439.1
371.Örebro Roller Derby439.0
372.Roller Derby Salamanca438.6
373.Roller Derby Rouen438.4
375.Tenacious Bs438.3
376.North Cs438.2
377.Uppsala Roller Derby438.1
378.La Meute437.9
379.Haunted City Rollers437.6
380.Spring Blocks437.3
381.Les Encorneuses Roller De...437.2
382. Les Marto-Killeuses Roll...436.7
383.Warsaw Hellcats Roller Gi...435.7
384. Easo Avengers Roller Der...434.6
385.Paris Hockey Club434.6
386.Roller Derby Leicester B433.4
387.Kassel Roller Derby433.3
388.Mansfield Roller Derby B ...432.2
389.Roskilde Roller Derby431.9
390.Oslo Tiger City Beasts431.0
391.Nancy Roller Derby430.5
392.Roller Derby Bretenoux Bi...430.2
393.Rimini Roller Derby430.2
394.Norrköping Roller Derby ...429.8
395.Les Puces'Hell429.8
396.The Night Terrors429.0
397.Panthers Miaou428.5
398.Reaper Roller Derby428.4
399.Bath Roman Rollers427.9
400.Roller Derby Vigo427.7
401.Arctic Roller Derby427.4
402.Limoges Roller Derby426.9
403.Roller Derby Lausanne426.9
404.Roller Derby 72426.7
405.Black Rebel Roller Derby ...426.6
406.Roller Derby Innsbruck425.4
407.Odense Roller Girls425.4
408.Seinäjoki Roller Derby424.1
409.Roller Derby Vannes423.3
410.Les Passeuses Dâmes423.2
411.Shitty Village B-Pol422.6
412.Terra Hurtz421.9
413.Mars Invaders421.7
414.Roller Derby Rochefort421.6
415.Vendetta Vixens421.6
416.Surrey Roller Girls B421.6
417.Adriatic Roller Derby Lea...421.5
418.Linköping Roller Derby420.4
419.Roller Derby Melun419.4
420.Les Chattes Sauvages418.5
421.Nottingham Roller Girls B418.4
422.Anjou Derby Girls417.9
423.Fight Hawks417.8
424.Oisans Roller Derby417.8
425.Roller Derby Tarbes417.5
426.Roller Skating Montreuil417.5
427.Roller Derby Avignon416.4
428.The Jokers413.5
429.Roller Derby Marburg412.8
430.Tilburg Valkyrie Warriors412.7
431.The Team B'East412.0
432.Red Valentines B411.8
433.Pack Beaters411.5
434.Sucker Punch Roller Derby411.4
435.Alès Roller Derby411.3
436.Roller Derby des Nordiks ...410.9
437.Velvet Must'Hard410.8
438.Roller Derby Besançon410.3
439.North Cheshire Victory Ro...410.2
440.Nafarriors Roller Derby I...408.2
441.Roller Derby Dunkerquois ...407.4
442.Pink Peril Rollerderby407.4
443.Deathrow Hull406.9
444.Les Succubes Roller Derby405.4
445.Durham City Rolling Angel...405.0
446.Les Filles de Neptune404.8
447.Reaper's Rookies403.9
448.Meatgrinders Bremen403.1
449.Molly Hatchets402.7
450.Scarborough Slammers Roll...402.3
451.La Carcasse401.8
452.Les Pisseuses Malefiques401.7
453.Les Taxider'Biches401.7
454.Las Palmas Roller Derby401.7
455.La Bande à ta Mère401.4
456.Gones ’N’ Roses400.9
457.VooDoo Roller Dollies400.8
458.Zombie Rollergirlz Münst...400.0
459.Les Smashing Machettes399.9
460.Arcadia Roller Derby399.1
461.Renegades Roller Derby Ch...398.7
462.Bad Wolves397.1
463.Regensburg Rollerderby396.6
464.Coventry Roller Derby395.9
465.Les K.O'n'ASS Roller Derb...394.2
466.Rock 'n' Roller Derby Mur...393.6
467.Darmstadt B Team392.9
468.Mortal Condate392.7
469.Maniac Monsters Mainz391.4
470.York Minxters Roller Derb...391.3
471.Psyko'Quads SGS Roller De...390.2
472.Roller Derby Tourcoing388.8
473.Roller Derby Sarreguemine...388.2
474.Roller Derby Argenteuil387.0
475.Wasa Roller Derby386.9
476.Blockforest Roller Girls386.4
477.Bonebreakers Bern385.8
478.Bananas B385.6
479.Roll-On Derby385.4
480.Inverness City Roller Der...385.4
481.Belfast City Rockets383.8
482.Barnsley Black Heart Roll...383.0
484.AMsports Roller Derby DIJ...382.4
485.Deadly Darlings Düsseldo...382.0
486.Roller Derby Saint-Etienn...375.5
487.Cherboobs - ASH Roller De...373.4
488.Roadkill Rollers371.9
489.Berlin Rollergirls369.6
490.Namur Roller Girls C366.5
491.New Town Roller Girls366.3
493.Bedfordshire Rollergirls362.4
494.Roller GRRRL Gang358.3
495.Roller Derby Luxembourg352.8
496.Karlstad Roller Derby344.3
497.Pori Rolling Brigade342.6
498.Mean City Roller Derby (W...342.1
499.Lothian Derby Dolls341.6
500.Full Metal Roller Derby (...341.3
501.Ayrshire Roller Derby338.1
502.Crash Candies327.7
503.Växjö Roller Derby307.3