2014 Q4 (1/1/15)

2015 Q1 (4/1/15)

1.Gotham Girls Roller Derby976.6
2.Rose City Rollers965.2
3.Bay Area Derby948.4
4.Texas Rollergirls926.9
5.Denver Roller Derby924.4
6.Philly Roller Derby898.0
7.Angel City Derby Girls896.7
8.Windy City Rollers895.5
9.Minnesota RollerGirls884.0
10.Rocky Mountain Rollergirl...884.0
11.Atlanta Rollergirls864.5
12.Jacksonville Roller Derby864.3
13.Rat City Roller Girls853.7
14.Charm City Roller Girls847.3
15.Tampa Roller Derby844.3
16.Montreal Roller Derby842.1
17.Oly Rollers840.3
18.Terminal City Rollergirls839.0
19.Detroit Roller Derby837.7
20.Arch Rival Roller Derby810.5
21.Team United Roller Derby810.0
22.Pennsylvania All-Stars Ro...806.6
23.Calgary Roller Derby Asso...806.4
24.Ohio Roller Derby805.8
25.Mad Rollin' Dolls Roller ...804.0
26.Nashville Rollergirls795.9
27.Arizona Roller Derby795.4
28.Toronto Roller Derby794.4
29.Manhattan Mayhem793.5
30.Santa Cruz Derby Girls792.6
31.Steel City Roller Derby792.1
32.Boston Roller Derby791.4
33.Bruising Altitude786.1
34.Naptown Roller Derby785.3
35.Saint Chux Derby Chix780.3
36.Hotrod Honeys776.3
37.Wall Street Traitors774.1
38.The Contenders773.3
39.Houston Roller Derby772.1
40.Wasatch Roller Derby771.6
41.Charlottesville Derby Dam...769.4
42.Kansas City Roller Warrio...768.4
43.Rideau Valley Roller Derb...767.9
45.No Coast Derby Girls766.9
46.Axles of Annihilation764.8
47.Columbia Roller Derby764.0
48.Orangeville Roller Girls760.9
49.Detroit Pistoffs760.0
50.Dallas Derby Devils757.8
51.Richmond Wrecking Belles757.6
52.Oklahoma Victory Dolls756.8
53.Queen City Roller Girls756.5
54.Bronx Gridlock754.6
55.Oakland Outlaws754.0
56.Jet City Rollergirls753.3
57.East End Ladies of Lacera...753.0
58.Second Wind752.8
59.Treasure Valley Roller De...751.4
60.Mid-Island Rolling Thunde...751.2
61.Tri-City Roller Derby751.0
62.Fort Wayne Derby Girls750.7
63.Wicked Wheelers of the We...750.6
64.Queens of Pain749.0
65.Toxic Shocks748.3
66.Surly Gurlies746.2
67.SoCal Derby745.3
68.Berkeley Resistance744.9
69.Firing Squad (TX)744.4
70.Junction City Roller Doll...743.5
71.Boulder County Bombers742.6
72.Battalion of Doom742.3
73.Fabulous Sin City Rollerg...740.6
74.The Chicago Outfit Roller...739.9
75.Rain of Terror739.8
76.Demolition City Roller De...737.8
77.Rumble Bs736.6
78.Brooklyn Bombshells736.1
79.Bad News Beaters734.1
80.Grand Prix Madonnas734.0
81.Providence Roller Derby733.6
82.Denim Demons732.1
83.Atomic Bombshells731.1
84.Roc City Roller Derby731.0
85.Ann Arbor Derby Dimes730.9
86.Derby Liberation Front728.8
87.New Hampshire Roller Derb...728.3
88.Blue Ridge Rollergirls727.8
89.Sacred City Derby Girls727.1
90.Block Party726.6
91.DC Rollergirls725.6
92.Sac City Rollers724.2
93.Grand Raggidy Roller Derb...724.0
94.Omaha Rollergirls722.2
95.San Diego Roller Derby722.1
96.Les Sexpos722.0
97.Des Moines Derby Dames721.8
98.Killamazoo Derby Darlins721.2
99.Garda Belts721.1
100.D-Funk Allstars720.9
101.Break Neck Betties719.7
102.Brandywine Roller Derby718.8
103.Ithaca League of Women Ro...716.7
104.Devil's Night Dames716.4
105.Brewcity Bruisers715.7
106.Suburbia Roller Derby715.5
107.Bootleggers (NAZRD)714.9
108.Roller Derby Quebec714.5
109.Hell Marys713.4
110.The Donna Party713.2
111.Riot Squad712.2
113.Emerald City Roller Derby710.5
114.Tucson Roller Derby709.9
115.A-Stars B Team709.7
116.Carolina Rollergirls706.1
117.Prime Sinisters705.9
118.Rage City Rollergirls704.1
119.Sockit Wenches704.1
120.Gold Coast Derby Grrls703.9
121.Lansing Derby Vixens703.7
122.Minnesota Nice703.3
123.Maine Roller Derby703.0
124.Throttle Rockets702.9
125.Grave Danger702.6
127.Mainland Misfits699.9
128.Grand Central Terminators699.4
129.Death Track Dolls699.3
130.Salisbury Roller Girls698.6
131.Muddy River Rollers698.6
132.High Rollers697.6
133.Garden State Rollergirls697.4
134.Boston B Party697.4
135.Sake Tuyas696.0
136.Old Capitol City Roller D...695.7
137.Alamo City Rollergirls694.6
138.Night Terrors694.0
139.San Fernando Valley Rolle...692.5
140.Violent Femmes692.4
141.Bakersfield Diamond Divas692.2
142.Humboldt Roller Derby692.2
143.Green Mountain Roller Der...691.9
144.Crossroads City Derby Gir...690.9
145.Block Party (C-team)690.9
146.Sioux City Roller Dames690.8
147.Northwest Arkansas Roller...688.9
148.Fargo Moorhead Derby Girl...688.8
149.The Roseville Trainwrecke...688.8
150.Charlotte Roller Girls688.2
151.Vette City Roller Derby687.7
152.Connecticut Roller Derby687.6
153.Copper Queens686.8
154.Port Scandalous Roller De...685.1
155.Flat Track Furies684.9
156.Dairyland Doll B-team684.8
157.North Star Roller Derby684.8
158.Pikes Peak Derby Dames684.6
160.Bonneville Bone Crushers684.3
161.Snake Pit Derby Dames683.6
162.Big Easy Rollergirls683.1
163.Lowcountry Highrollers683.0
164.Reservoir Dolls682.3
165.Fernie Roller Derby Leagu...681.7
166.Twin City Derby Girls681.7
167.Orange Crushers681.0
169.Hell's Belles679.3
170.Scare Force One678.7
171.Fort Myers Derby Girls678.6
172.San Francisco ShEvil Dead678.3
173.Blockwork Orange678.1
174.Female Trouble678.0
175.Red Ridin' Hoods677.9
176.Honky Tonk Heartbreakers677.9
177.Midtown Maulies676.9
178.Slaughter Daughters676.9
179.Saint Lunachix676.5
180.Green Barettes676.2
181.Antagonist Roller Derby676.1
182.Switchblade Sisters675.9
183.Mobtown Mods675.8
184.Harbor Hellcats675.5
185.Los Angeles Derby Dolls672.7
186.Rocket Queens671.6
187.Tough Cookies670.8
188.Akron Roller Derby670.8
189.North Texas Roller Derby670.1
190.Heartless Heathers670.0
191.Total Knock-Outs669.7
193.United States Pummeling S...668.7
194.Killer Queens668.7
195.The Fury668.5
196.Manic Attackers668.5
197.Cape Fear Roller Girls668.1
198.Bad Apples668.1
199.Burlesque Brawlers668.0
201.Venus Fly Tramps667.4
202.Cherry Blossom Bombshells667.0
203.Memphis Roller Derby666.6
204.Hard Knox Roller Girls666.5
205.Oklahoma City Roller Derb...665.5
206.Greensboro Roller Derby665.4
207.Paper Valley Roller Girls665.3
208.San Diego Derby Dolls664.9
209.Shasta Roller Derby664.9
210.DC DemonCats664.9
211.Delta Delta Di664.6
212.Pile O' Bones Derby Club664.6
213.Double Crossers664.3
214.Silicon Valley Rollergirl...663.9
215.Junkyard Dolls663.5
216.Winnipeg Roller Derby Lea...663.4
219.Strait Shooters662.8
220.Saskatoon Roller Derby Le...662.3
221.Danger Dolls662.3
222.Cincinnati Rollergirls662.1
223.Mission City Roller Derby661.6
224.Seabright Sirens661.4
225.Dooms Daisies661.2
226.River City Rat Pack660.9
227.E-Ville Roller Derby660.8
228.Warning Belles660.7
229.Quad City Rollers660.7
230.Speed Regime660.4
231.Pink Pistols660.2
232.Undead Bettys Roller Derb...659.8
233.Misdemeanors 659.7
234.Sugar Kill Gang659.5
235.Chinook City Roller Derby...659.0
236.Crazy 8's658.9
237.Rolling Pin-Ups658.5
238.Detroit Roller Derby Alls...657.8
239.Cigar City Mafia657.4
240.Bayou City Bosses656.9
241.Maiden Milwaukee656.9
242.Iron Angels656.9
243.Women of Mass Destruction656.6
244.Mother State Roller Derby656.6
245.Guns N Rollers656.0
246.The Smashinistas655.7
247.Fog City Rollers655.3
248.Bruise Crew655.1
249.Northern Arizona Roller D...655.1
250.Ark Valley High Rollers654.8
251.Bakersfield Rollergirls654.2
253.Unholy Rollers653.3
254.Blues City Bombers652.7
255.La Racaille651.4
258.Death Row Rumblers650.7
259.Shotgun Betties650.2
260.Black Widows650.1
261.Black Rose Rollers649.4
262.Candy Snipers649.2
263.Bleeding Heartland Roller...648.7
264.Stunt Devils648.6
265.West Kootenay Roller Derb...648.2
267.V Town Derby Dames647.1
268.Wrecking Crew646.8
269.12 Gauge Rage646.7
270.Western MA Roller Derby646.7
271.High Altitude Roller Derb...646.6
272.Shore Shots646.3
273.Nickel City Knockouts646.0
274.Quad Squad645.7
275.Oil City Derby Girls645.4
276.Cherry City Roller Derby645.4
277.Durango Roller Girls645.2
278.Bold City Bombshells644.9
279.Rydell Belles644.9
281.Burning River Roller Derb...644.6
282.Red Stick Roller Derby644.0
284.Dolls of Anarchy643.6
285.Suicide Shifters643.3
286.Dark River Derby Coalitio...643.1
287.Psych Ward Sirens642.6
288.Camaro Harem642.6
289.Dagger Dolls642.0
290.Tallahassee Rollergirls641.9
291.Pushy Posse641.4
292.Duval Derby Dames641.4
293.Tri-City Plan B641.1
294.Furious Truckstop Waitres...640.8
295.Assault City Roller Derby640.4
296.Rollergirl Regiment640.2
297.Sioux Falls Roller Dollz640.2
299.Rushin' Rollettes640.1
300.New Jersey Roller Derby640.0
302.Church of Sk8in639.6
303.Project Mayhem639.3
304.MOKAN Roller Girlz638.8
306.Dutchland Derby Rollers638.3
307.Gore Gore Rollergirls637.8
308.Port City Roller Derby636.6
310.Music City Brawl Stars636.1
311.Panty Raiders636.0
312.Black Spade Betties635.7
313.Resurrection Roller Girls635.6
314.Widow Makers635.5
315.Hamilton Area Roller Derb...635.3
316.Cen-Tex Roller Girls634.4
317.Lilac City Roller Girls633.9
318.Flying Aces633.6
319.Majority Whips633.2
320.OC Roller Girls633.2
321.Rocket City Roller Derby ...633.0
322.Lehigh Valley Roller Derb...632.9
323.Banger Sisters632.5
324.Long Island Roller Rebels632.3
325.Lone Star Assassins632.0
326.High Seas Hotties631.8
327.South Bend Roller Girls631.1
329.KCRW Plan-B630.8
330.Candy Apple Razorblades630.8
331.10th Mountain Roller Doll...630.3
332.Arkham Horrors630.2
333.The Valkyries629.7
334.Suicidal Saucies629.5
335.Magnolia Roller Vixens629.4
336.Duke City Roller Derby629.3
337.Ventura County Derby Darl...629.0
338.Disco Brawlers629.0
339.Gang Green628.8
340.Killah Beez628.7
341.Capital City Derby Dolls628.1
342.Dirt City Roller Rats628.1
344.National Maulers626.6
345.Hellbound Homewreckers626.6
346.Central California Area D...626.5
347.St. Albert Heavenly Rolle...626.4
348.Hard Knockers625.7
349.Steel Beamers625.6
350.Swamp City Sirens625.2
351.Hellions of Troy Roller D...625.1
352.Chattanooga Roller Girls625.0
353.Forest City Derby Girls625.0
354.Jukes of Hazzard624.9
355.Port City Roller Girls623.9
356.Shevil Knevils623.8
357.Hula Honeys623.6
358.Fox Cities Roller Derby623.5
359.Blast Furnace Betties623.0
360.Little City Rollergirls622.9
362.Classic City Rollergirls622.5
363.Les Filles du Roi622.3
364.Rainier Roller Girls622.3
365.Eves of Destruction622.2
366.Marauding Mollys622.0
367.Wine Town Rollers622.0
368.Sea Vixens621.8
369.Derby Revolution of Baker...621.5
370.Hammer City Roller Derby621.2
371.Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am621.2
373.Vicious Dishes620.3
374.Derby City Roller Girls620.1
375.West Texas Roller Dollz619.9
376.Royal City Roller Girls619.6
377.Paper Dolls619.6
378.Back Alley Skates619.5
379.Worcester Roller Derby619.2
380.B Team619.0
381.Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz618.5
382.Cheyenne Roller Derby618.3
383.West Virginia Roller Derb...618.2
384.Slice Girls618.1
385.Lava City Roller Dolls618.0
386.Dominion Derby Girls617.8
387.Dam City Rollers617.8
388.Alice Capones617.5
389.Cajun Rollergirls617.1
392.Wicked Pissahs616.7
393.Tommy Gun Terrors616.5
394.Vaudeville Vixens616.4
395.Vice Grip Vixens616.2
396.Naughty Pines Derby Dames616.2
397.8 Queen Wheelers616.0
398.Rogue Rollergirls616.0
399.Cal Skate Roller Derby615.8
400.Free State Roller Derby615.5
401.Bellingham Roller Betties615.4
403.Folsom Prison Bruisers615.3
405.Boneyard Brawlers615.3
406.Foothill Foxy Flyers614.9
407.Dooms Dames614.7
408.Dakota City Demolition Cr...614.6
409.High Country Mountain Der...614.4
410.Slaughterhouse Derby Girl...614.4
411.Hoover Damned613.6
412.Dead Ringers613.5
413.Palouse River Rollers613.4
414.ICT Roller Girls613.2
415.High Tide Derby613.2
416.South West Sask Roller De...613.2
417.Arizona Roller Derby B Te...613.0
418.Northwest Derby Company612.9
419.Happy Valley Derby Darlin...612.8
420.Sonoma County Roller Derb...612.5
421.Tournament City Derby Dol...612.2
422.Tornado Alley611.6
423.Pulp Friction611.4
424.Blue Ribbon Bullies611.3
425.Circle City Derby Girls611.2
426.Victory Vixens610.8
427.Flood Water Roller Derby610.7
428.Assassination City Roller...610.6
429.Dub City Roller Derby610.3
430.Central NY Roller Derby610.3
431.Crash Test Dolls610.3
432.Tough Love610.1
434.Audio Assault609.9
436.Metal Vixens609.5
437.B-lo Zero609.3
438.Cat 5’s609.2
440.Northern Lights608.7
441.Durham Region Roller Derb...608.3
442.Mass Attack Roller Derby608.1
443.DuPage Derby Dames608.0
444.Billings Roller Derby Dam...607.5
445.Road Warriors607.5
446.Nightmares on Elm Street607.4
447.Gallatin Roller Girlz607.1
448.VICE Squad607.0
449.Terrorz Roller Derby606.6
450.Jersey City Bridge & Pumm...606.6
451.Rebel Skate Alliance606.3
452.Plattsburgh Roller Derby605.9
453.Palm Coast Roller Derby605.4
454.Nerve Agents605.2
455.Cleveland Steamers605.2
456.Thrashin' Lassies605.2
457.Wheat City Roller Derby604.3
458.Backyard Bullies604.0
459.Western Mass Destruction604.0
460.Gem City Roller Derby603.8
461.B Railers603.7
462.Tragic City Rollers603.0
463.Appalachian Rollergirls602.9
464.Old Port Brigade602.5
465.The Notorious VIP602.4
466.FoCo Roller Derby601.8
467.South Florida Roller Girl...601.8
468.Little Steel Derby Girls601.7
469.Raven Rebels601.7
471.Northern Nightmares601.4
472.Riot Girls601.3
473.Co Conspirators600.6
474.Shade Brigade600.3
475.Cut Throat Car Hops600.3
476.Joon Cleavers600.1
477.Granite State Roller Derb...599.8
478.The Disloyalists599.7
479.Hellgate Roller Derby599.1
480.Soul City Sirens598.8
481.Hudson Valley Horrors598.7
482.East Texas Bombers598.7
484.Paradise Roller Girls598.5
485.Black Eye Susans597.9
486.Mississippi Rollergirls597.7
487.First Coast Fatales597.1
488.Pacific Coast Recycled Ro...597.1
489.Border City Brawlers596.4
490.Mid State Sisters of Skat...596.3
491.NOtown Roller Derby596.0
492.Road Ragers596.0
493.Lava City Roller Dolls B ...595.9
494.Smoke City Bandits595.7
495.Dreadnought Dorothys595.7
496.Underground Derby League595.5
497.Wichita Falls Derby Dames595.5
498.Hell's Belles595.2
499.Central Coast Roller Derb...595.2
500.NWO Roller Girls595.1
501.Bonnie Dooms595.0
502.B-52 Bellas594.5
504.Back Bay Bombshells594.0
505.Second Line593.9
506.NorSask Roller Derby593.8
507.Beach Cities Roller Derby593.7
508.Eerie Roller Girls593.6
509.Westside Wreck Hers Rolle...593.2
510.Cedar Rapids Rollergirls593.0
511.Public Frenemy592.9
513.Red River Roller Derby592.9
514.The Damned592.7
515.Richland County Regulator...592.5
516.Devil Dollies592.4
517.Bellingham FLASH592.3
518.Pretty H8 Machines592.3
520.Traverse City Roller Derb...591.6
521.Brick City Bruisers591.5
522.Las Pistolitas591.4
523.Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens591.2
524.Wellington Roller Derby591.2
525.Viva Roller Derby591.1
526.Atomic City Rollergirls591.1
527.Prisskilla Prezleys590.7
528.Bella Donnas590.4
529.G.I. Janes590.2
530.Margarita Villains590.0
532.Viva La Revolucion589.6
533.Boardwalk Brawlers589.5
536.Cosmic Killas588.8
537.New River Valley Rollergi...588.7
538.Killa Crew588.6
539.Smoky Mountain Roller Gir...588.2
540.Nuclear Free Roller Derby...588.0
541.Team Unicorn588.0
542.French Broads587.6
543.Hidden City Derby Girls587.5
544.New Hampshire Roller Derb...587.3
545.Grunge City Rollers587.1
546.Outlaws Roller Derby587.1
547.Jersey Shore Roller Girls587.0
548.Rubber City Rollergirls586.8
549.Bad News Bs586.7
551.Soda City Jerks586.5
552.Kilmore Girls586.4
553.Pacific Roller Derby586.3
554.Brazos Valley Derby Girls586.0
557.Snake Pit Derby Dames585.9
559.Thunder Bay Roller Derby585.5
561.Babe City Rollers585.3
562.Bradentucky Bombers584.9
563.Yukon Roller Girls584.6
564.Capital City Crushers584.6
566.Capital Corruption583.7
567.Bangor Roller Derby583.3
568.Lockdown Lolitas583.1
569.Nickel City Roller Derby582.5
570.Bad Reputations582.5
571.Enchanted Mountain Roller...582.4
572.West Coast Derby Knockout...582.4
573.Oakland County Roller Der...582.4
574.Bordercity Rollergirls582.4
575.Los Alamos Derby Dames582.0
576.Gulf Coast Rollergirls581.9
577.Rodeo City Rollergirls581.9
578.Iron Range Maidens581.7
579.A-Town Asylum581.7
580.Gainesville Roller Rebels581.7
581.Sis-Q Rollerz581.5
582.Hel'z Belles Roller Derby581.4
583.Orange Crush581.3
584.Juneau Roller Girls581.3
585.Chicks Ahoy!581.0
586.Trouble Makers580.9
587.Rink Minx Rollergirls580.7
588.Harbor City Roller Dames580.6
589.Cedar Valley Roller Derby580.6
590.Inland Empower Derby580.2
591.Midtown Maulers580.1
592.Garden Island Renegade Ro...579.8
593.Psycho Sirens579.6
595.Central Coast C Team579.3
596.Gold City Roller Girls579.3
597.Bone City Beaver Dames579.2
598.Downriver Roller Dolls579.0
599.Molly Roger Rollergirls579.0
600.State College Area Roller...578.9
601.Okanagan Shuswap Roller D...578.9
602.Randall County Roller Dam...578.5
603.Poison IVs578.3
604.Combustin' Betties578.2
605.Violent Lambs578.1
606.Fallout Femmes577.9
607.Daville Roller Derby577.3
608.Motown Wreckers576.9
609.Auburn Gold Diggers Rolle...576.7
610.Wine Country Homewreckers576.7
611.Mojave Rattle Skaters576.6
612.Shore Points Roller Derby576.6
613.Magic City Rollers B Team576.5
614.Doc Rockets576.3
615.Unforgiven Roller Girls575.9
616.Natural Disasters575.8
617.A'Salt Creek Roller Girls575.5
618.Albany All Stars Roller D...575.3
619.New Jersey Hellrazors575.2
620.Hot Wheelers575.1
621.Sintral Florida Derby Dem...575.0
624.Joint Base Lewis-McChord ...574.7
625.Flock Ewes574.6
626.Whidbey Island Roller Gir...574.4
628.River Valley Rollergirls ...573.8
629.BisMan Roller Derby (Wome...573.6
630.Tulsa Derby League573.5
631.Porterhouse Dollz573.5
632.Capitol City Vixens573.4
633.Savannah Derby Devils573.2
634.Diamond State Roller Derb...573.1
636.Cornfed Derby Dames573.0
637.Black-n-Bluegrass RollerG...572.7
638.Greenville Derby Dames572.7
639.Sick Town Derby Dames572.6
640.Glass City B Team572.6
641.The Uppercuts572.3
642.Thrill Kill Kittens572.0
643.Black Harrts571.7
644.Grey Bruce Roller Derby571.7
645.MRD C Team571.6
646.Abilene Roller Derby571.6
647.Prairieland Punishers Rol...571.5
648.Angels of Death571.0
649.Big Trouble571.0
650.Rock Coast Rollers570.9
651.South Central Roller Girl...570.9
652.Hazmat Crew570.9
653.Middle Georgia Derby Demo...570.7
654.Roller Derby Misfits570.7
655.Cape Girardeau Roller Der...570.5
656.Barbed Wire Betties569.8
657.Waimea Wranglers569.6
658.Black River Roller Derby569.6
659.Tulsa Derby League (B)569.5
660.Pearl Jammers569.5
661.Apple City Roller Derby569.5
662.S.S. Rodeo569.4
663.Main Street Mafia568.9
664.Yankee Brutals568.9
665.San Gabriel Valley Roller...568.9
666.Bonesaw Bruisers568.7
667.Central Maine Derby568.7
669.Alamogordo Derbal Remedy567.4
670.Diamondback Dolls567.4
671.Ruby's Revenge567.3
672.Broad Street Brawlers567.0
673.North Coast Roller Derby567.0
674.Black Ice Brawlers566.9
675.Femme Fianna566.4
676.Muscogee Roller Girls565.7
678.Atlantic Coast Roller Gir...565.6
680.High Rollers565.4
681.Southern Illinois Roller ...564.9
683.Hel'z Belles Roller Derby564.6
684.Sierra Regional Roller De...564.5
685.Slaughter County Roller V...564.4
686.Rebel Belles Roller Derby564.2
687.Serial Thrillers563.8
690.Bowling Green Hot Broads563.3
691.SWAT team563.2
692.River City Rollergirls563.2
693.Arbor Bruising Co.563.1
694.Belmont Bruisers562.9
695.Belles of the Brawl562.9
696.The Allegheny Avengers562.8
697.Bruisin' Burgs562.5
698.Pottstown Blockstars562.5
699.Gunnison Valley Roller Gi...562.3
700.Elm Street Nightmares562.3
701.Springfield Rollergirls562.1
702.Faster Pussycats561.8
703.Ladies of the Lake Roller...561.7
704.Battle Creek Cereal Kille...561.7
705.Mississippi Massacre561.6
706.Rated PG Rollergirls561.2
708.Delta Dolls561.1
709.Capital City Rollers560.8
710.Rocky Point Rollers560.8
711.Oneonta Roller Derby560.5
712.Cog Blockers560.3
713.Slam Bam Ma'ams560.1
716.Magic City Rollers559.6
717.Black Diamond Divas559.5
718.Gas City Roller Derby Ass...559.3
719.Hartford Area Roller Derb...559.3
720.Two Rivers Roller Derby558.9
721.Taco Kicker Rollergirls558.9
723.Gapland Rollers558.1
724.Valley Heat Roller Derby558.1
725.South Okanagan Roller Der...558.0
726.Black Diamond Rollers557.9
727.Bay State Brawlers557.8
728.Clarksville Roller Derby557.5
729.Lil Chicago Roller Derby557.5
730.Key City Roller Derby557.5
731.Ames Roller Derby Associa...557.4
732.Central Vermont Roller De...557.3
733.Thames Fatales557.3
734.Deadly Rival Roller Derby557.2
735.Red Bluff Derby Girls557.1
736.Bad Apple Betties557.1
737.Albany B Team557.1
738.Wasteland Derby Dames557.0
740.Greater Toronto Area Roll...557.0
741.Muertas Locas556.9
742.June's Cleavers556.8
743.Girls Rollin in the South556.7
744.Shotgun Shirleys556.7
745.Alley Kats556.6
746.Sitka Sound Slayers556.5
747.Carolina Bootleggers556.4
748.Prison City Derby Dames556.0
749.Dixie Derby Girls555.8
750.Continental Dividers555.8
751.Ohio Valley Roller Girls555.8
753.Chippewa Valley Roller Gi...555.3
754.Topanga Maul Rats555.2
755.MedCity Mafia Roller Derb...555.1
756.Paso Aggressive555.1
757.Third Alarm554.7
758.OKC Outlaws Roller Derby554.6
759.Ocala Cannibals Roller De...554.6
760.Walla Walla Sweets Roller...554.4
761.River Valley Rollergirls ...554.1
762.Metro Misfits554.0
763.Rocket City Rollers553.7
764.Capitol Offenders553.7
765.Brass Knuckle Betties553.4
766.Battleground Betties553.2
767.Rouge et Gore553.2
768.MedCity Mafia553.2
769.Lakeland Derby Dames553.0
770.Wharf City Rollers552.8
771.Doomsday Bunnies552.8
773.Acadiana Roller Girls552.8
775.Black Heart Maidens552.6
776.Reseda Wreckers552.2
777.Micro Bruisers552.2
778.Brick House Betties552.2
779.Ringleader Roller Girls551.8
780.Small Town Outlaws551.2
781.Hickory Street Hooligans551.2
782.Fredericksburg Roller Der...551.1
783.Hellgate B-Team551.0
784.Sugar & Spikes551.0
785.Beloit Bombshells551.0
786.Punchy Brewsters550.9
787.Parole Models550.8
788.Twisted Sisters (BMRDD)550.7
789.MidState Mayhem Roller De...550.5
790.Pensacola Roller Gurlz550.4
791.The Voodoo Dolls550.2
792.Carson Victory Rollers550.2
793.Hot Rod Dollies550.2
794.San Antonio Roller Derby550.1
795.Interskate 928550.0
796.Southern Delaware Rollerg...549.8
797.Maidens of Mayhem549.7
798.Boom Town Derby Dames549.3
799.Jailbreak Betties549.3
800.Hard Cores549.1
801.Dirty Harriets548.7
802.Inland Empire Derby Divas548.7
803.Valley Vixens548.6
804.Gastonia Roller Derby Clu...548.6
805.Destruction Dames548.4
806.BADD Intentions548.3
807.South Simcoe Rebel Roller...548.3
808.Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Rol...548.2
811.Dead River Derby547.5
812.Fort McMurray Roller Derb...547.4
813.Molly's Marauders547.4
814.Portneuf Valley Bruisers547.3
815.Brass Knuckle Derby Dames547.2
816.Dead Ringers547.2
817.North Pole547.2
818.Cenla Derby Dames547.1
819.El Paso Roller Derby547.1
820.Diamond Roughcuts546.8
821.Shoreline Roller Derby546.8
822.Brass Knuckle Betties546.7
823.Sister City Roller Derby546.5
825.Renegade Derby Dames546.4
826.Monterey Bay Derby Dames546.4
827.Battle Born Derby Demons546.3
829.Seaway Roller Derby Girls546.0
830.580 Rollergirls546.0
831.Quad City Derby Bombshell...546.0
832.Spell Razors545.8
833.Echo City Knockouts545.3
834.The Skateful Dead (ON)545.2
836.Code Blue Assassins545.2
837.Black Hills Roller Derby ...545.1
838.Destruction Zone545.1
839.Lakeland Ladykillers Roll...544.8
840.Backwoods Bombshells Roll...544.8
841.Battlefords Roller Derby ...544.6
842.Grande Prairie Roller Der...544.5
843.Our Ladies of Pain544.4
844.Storm City Roller Girls544.3
845.Jerzey Derby Brigade544.1
846.Rockford Rage Roller Derb...543.9
847.Gorge Roller Girls543.7
848.Vice City Rollers543.7
849.4 Corners Rollergirls543.4
850.Hard Drivers543.3
851.Brutal Belles543.3
852.Okanagan Derby Dolls543.3
853.University of Arizona Der...543.2
854.New South Roller Derby543.0
855.Maui Rollergirls543.0
856.Rock n Rolla542.9
857.Aurora 88s Roller Derby542.8
861.Bombshell Brawlers542.6
862.Rock-A-Betty Bruisers542.5
864.Backwoods Rollers542.1
867.575 Roller Derby541.5
868.Gold Diggers541.3
869.Bow Valley Roller Derby541.2
870.Las Pistoleras541.0
871.Killer Queens540.5
872.Nor Cal Roller Girls540.1
873.East Side Wheelers540.0
874.Merced Rollin' Roulettes ...539.9
875.Wrangell Roller Derby539.9
876.Greenbrier River Rollers539.8
877.Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls539.6
878.Les Bûches539.5
879.Panhandle United Roller D...539.4
881.Lightning Broads539.3
883.Our Ladies of SaintAnne539.0
884.The Vixens538.9
885.Wonder Brawlers538.9
886.Tall City Roller Betties538.8
887.South Shore Roller Girls538.8
888.Whidbey Island Black Team538.2
889.Port City Sirens537.9
890.Violet Uprising537.8
891.South Shore Sirens537.7
892.Mt. Nittany Mayhem537.6
893.Motor City Madames537.5
894.The Regulators537.4
895.Floral City Roller Girls537.2
896.Strong Island Derby Revol...537.2
897.Candy Strykers537.1
898.Bath City Roller Girls537.1
899.Veteran City Rollers536.8
900.Valley Brutality536.7
901.Brawlin' Broads536.7
902.Sioux City Roller Dames B...536.6
903.Twin State Derby536.6
904.Hammer City Harlots536.5
906.Rollergirls Of Central Ke...536.1
907.NWO Outsiders536.0
908.Thunder Dames535.9
909.Cannon Dolls535.9
910.Moab Roller Derby535.6
911.Portside Pirates535.5
912.Roughneck Roller Derby535.5
913.Stone Cold Foxes535.5
914.Rez City Rollers535.5
915.Electric City Roller Grrr...535.0
916.Lindsay Roller Derby534.9
917.Far North Derby DollZ534.9
918.Tropic Thunder534.7
919.South Texas Rolleristas534.6
921.Grizzly Belles534.2
922.Pottstown Roller Derby Ro...534.0
923.Cape Breton Roller Derby534.0
924.Heartland Havoc533.9
925.Ashley Riverdolls533.9
926.Pair O' Dice City Rollers533.7
927.Central Alberta Roller De...533.6
928.Brute Squad533.6
929.Cannon Brawlers533.5
930.Thunder City Derby Sirens533.5
931.Swamp Foxes533.4
932.Bourbon Brawlers533.4
933.Rocktown Rollers533.4
934.Gold Pain City Derby Girl...533.3
935.Maui Junior Varsity532.9
936.Rainy City Roller Dolls532.9
937.Ritzy Rollers532.8
938.Squamish Women's Roller D...532.8
939.Damas de los Muertos532.7
940.Pennsyltucky Punishers532.7
941.Dockyard Derby Dames532.6
942.Black Hills Wildfire532.6
943.Glass City Rollers532.4
944.Enid Roller Girls532.4
946.Merced Rollin' Roulettes ...532.3
947.Sunshine Coast Roller Gir...532.1
948.Weyburn Roller Derby Asso...531.9
949.CoMo Derby Dames531.5
950.Central Arkansas Roller D...531.5
951.Mankato Area Derby Girls531.2
953.Fox Force Five530.8
954.Black Eyed Bombshells530.4
955.Durham Derby Devils530.4
956.Lake City Roller Dolls530.2
957.M.I.A. Derby Girls530.2
958.Salt Spring Roller Derby529.8
959.Arkham Assailants529.8
960.Rossland Trail Roller Gir...529.5
961.Peterborough Roller Derby529.1
962.Trauma Queens529.1
963.Eastside Derby Girls529.1
964.Twin City Knockers529.0
965.Energetic City Roller Der...528.6
966.Brawl Stars528.6
967.Seabrook Meltdowns528.5
968.Hit Squad528.5
969.Sarnia Roller Derby Leagu...528.4
970.Willamette Kidney Thieves528.1
971.Whistler Roller Girls528.1
973.Revelstoke Roller Derby527.7
974.Bootleg City Roller Derby527.6
975.Bytown Blackhearts527.5
976.Mad Hitters527.5
977.Madames of Massacre527.3
979.Anchor City Rollers526.7
980.Salt Flat Fallouts526.7
981.Mo-Kan Blockade526.6
982.Spawn of Skatin526.6
983.Central Michigan Roller D...526.6
984.Killa' Bees526.6
986.Denali Destroyers526.3
987.Battery Brigade526.0
988.Hurricane Alley Roller De...525.9
989.Balsam Mountain Roller Gi...525.7
990.Battalion of Skates525.3
991.Bruisin' Betties525.3
992.Dubuque Bomb Squad525.3
993.Harrisburg Area Roller De...525.2
994.Prince Albert Roller Derb...525.2
995.Slaughters of the Revolut...524.9
996.Petersburg Ragnarök Roll...524.9
997.Central Ohio Roller Derby524.6
998.Fairbanks Rollergirls524.5
999.Northeast Kingdom Roller ...524.5
1000.Pulp Affliction524.2
1001.Rogue Warriors524.0
1002.Lucious Lunch Ladies523.7
1005.Confluence Crush Roller D...523.5
1006.Star City Roller Girls523.4
1010.Ped Maulers522.9
1011.Morgantown Roller Vixens522.9
1012.Escanaba Rollin Hellcats522.9
1013.Rapid Assault522.7
1014.Madhouse Madams522.6
1015.Sweet Dairy Aires522.4
1016.Orlando Roller Derby522.3
1017.Black Rock Bandits522.1
1018.Apple City Plan B521.9
1020.Derby Debutantes521.7
1021.Back Alley Brawlers521.5
1022.Flathead Valley Roller De...521.3
1023.Sarasota Rolling Renegade...521.2
1024.River Demons Roller Girls521.0
1025.Okanagan Roller Derby520.2
1026.Voodoo Vixens520.0
1027.G-Rap Attack!519.4
1028.Wine Country Crushers519.1
1029.Mississippi Valley Mayhem518.8
1030.Coachella Valley Derby Gi...518.7
1031.Mad Dollies518.5
1032.Holy City Heartbreakers518.2
1033.Alter Egos518.1
1034.Sun City Sirens517.9
1035.Casper's Deadly Ghosts517.9
1036.Palmetto State Rollergirl...517.5
1037.Fallen Debutantes517.0
1038.Elm City Derby Damez516.8
1039.Dockyard Brawlers515.7
1040.Crow City Roller Girls515.6
1041.High City Derby Divas515.5
1042.Hardwood Heartbreakers515.5
1043.Flint Roller Derby515.5
1044.Aloha City Rollers515.0
1045.Salina Sirens Roller Derb...514.6
1047.Redcliff Roller Derby Ass...514.5
1048.Balboa Bandits514.4
1049.Granite Skate Troopers514.3
1050.The Uncivil Warriors514.1
1051.Smitten Kittens513.8
1052.Greater Sudbury Roller De...513.8
1053.J-Town Roller Girls513.7
1054.Pow! Town Roller Derby513.6
1055.Emerald Coast Roller Derb...513.1
1056.Kokomo City of Fists Roll...513.1
1057.Shanghaied Roller Dolls513.0
1058.Faultline Derby Devilz512.7
1059.Dickinson Roller Derby512.7
1060.Rolling Hills Derby Dames512.6
1061.Conroe Roller Derby512.5
1062.Sunnyland Slammers512.4
1063.Killer Rollbots512.0
1064.South Side Derby Dames512.0
1065.Kahnawake Roller Derby511.8
1066.Sandusky Rollergirls511.5
1068.The Penn Bruisers511.3
1069.PLAP City Rollers511.3
1070.Whistle Punks511.1
1071.Northwoods Derby Knockout...511.1
1072.Finger Lakes Lunachicks510.8
1073.Spartanburg Deadly Dolls510.7
1074.Seven City Sirens510.5
1075.South Coast Roller Girls510.4
1076.Harbour City Rollers510.3
1077.The Veronicas510.2
1078.Susquehanna Valley Derby ...510.0
1079.NOVA Roller Derby509.3
1080.Lethbridge Roller Derby G...509.2
1081.East Lansing Roller Derby509.1
1082.Kings County Derby Queens509.1
1083.Yellow Rose Derby Girls508.2
1084.Wreckin' Roller Rebels508.1
1085.Northeast Missouri508.1
1086.Capital Defenders508.1
1087.Plan B508.0
1089.Revolution Roller Derby507.4
1090.Boneyard Betties507.4
1091.Keweenaw Roller Girls506.2
1092.Skagit Valley Roller Derb...506.0
1093.Vicious Valkyries505.9
1094.Boise River Rollers505.7
1095.Monadnock Roller Derby505.5
1096.Prairie Fire Roller Girls505.4
1097.Ghoul Guides505.1
1098.Deathrow Derby Dames505.1
1099.Bux-Mont Roller Derby Dol...504.9
1100.San Angelo Roller Girls504.2
1101.Peoria Push Derby Dames504.0
1102.Quabbin Missile Crisis503.6
1103.Chautauqua County Roller ...503.4
1104.BisMan Bombzillaz503.1
1105.Castle Rock 'n' Rollers503.0
1106.Flying Squirrels503.0
1107.Red Rock'n Roller Derby502.7
1108.Rolling Arsenal of Derby502.6
1110.Copper City Queens Roller...502.5
1112.Bombshell Brawlers502.4
1114.Hwy 14 Derby Association502.1
1115.Peninsula Roller Girls502.0
1116.Rolling Blackouts501.9
1117.Jewel City Rollergirls501.7
1119.Moose Lake Mafia501.6
1120.Rough Cuts501.5
1121.Rated PG Rollergirls501.4
1122.Roe City Rollers501.4
1125.Air Raid Roller Girls500.2
1126.Bloody Bordens500.1
1127.Bolt Action Betties499.9
1128.Border City Roller Derby ...499.7
1129.Mid Atlantic Roller Derby499.3
1130.Bazooka Janes499.2
1131.Columbia Basin Roller Der...499.0
1132.Tournament City B Team498.7
1133.Rocky View Roller Derby A...498.7
1134.DaRANGED Rollergirls498.5
1135.Norfolk Bruizin' Bettys498.5
1136.Desert Dolls Roller Derby497.7
1137.Kingsford Krush497.7
1138.Rockin' City Rollergirls497.5
1139.Vermillionvile Sirens497.1
1140.West Kentucky Rockin' Rol...497.1
1142.Athens Ohio Roller Derby496.9
1143.Bavarian Barbarians496.4
1144.Rotten Cherries496.3
1145.Seacoast Roller Derby496.2
1146.Canadian Clubbers496.1
1147.McLean County MissFits496.0
1148.Piedmont Riot Roller Derb...495.6
1149.Bone City Rollers494.9
1150.Mid-Hudson Misfits494.8
1151.Brighton Roller Dollz494.8
1152.Niagara Roller Girls494.0
1153.Beet City Bombers493.4
1154.Beat City Bedrockers493.1
1155.Roller Underground493.0
1156.San Angelo Soul Sisters R...492.9
1157.Rapid City Revolution492.7
1159.Broome County Rollers492.1
1160.Clovis Roller Derby492.1
1161.The Monongahela Monsters491.3
1162.Hostess City Hellions491.3
1163.Violet Femmes490.8
1164.North Coast Nightmares490.6
1165.Breakwater Blackhearts490.2
1166.Jackson Hole Juggernauts489.5
1167.Aroostook Roller Derby489.5
1168.Mobile's Derby Darlings489.0
1169.Kill Devil Derby Brigade488.6
1170.Ypsilanti Vigilantes488.4
1171.Route 66 Roller Derby488.1
1172.Queen Bs487.9
1173.Pensacola Roller Gurlz B ...487.7
1174.Reading Derby Girls487.4
1175.Quad State Derby Dames487.3
1176.Tragic City Plan B487.0
1177.Ring City Rollergirls487.0
1178.St. Cloud Area Roller Dol...487.0
1179.Safford Roller Derby486.1
1181.Hell's Orchard Roller Der...484.5
1182.Northside Fury Roller Der...484.0
1183.Illinois Valley Vixens Ro...483.6
1184.South East Sask Roller De...483.5
1185.Riptide Rollers Associati...483.3
1186.Killer Bees482.7
1187.All City Rollers481.4
1188.Mountain Gateway Roller D...481.0
1189.Foothills Roller Derby As...480.7
1190.Springfield's Queen City ...480.5
1191.Goosetown Roller Girls480.2
1192.Heart of Appalachia Rolle...480.2
1193.West End Wayward Rollersk...480.1
1194.Party Crashers479.9
1195.Mouse River Rollers479.9
1196.Battle Broads479.9
1197.Renfrew County Roller Der...479.6
1198.Upstate Roller Girl Evolu...479.6
1199.Cowboy Capital Rollergirl...478.9
1201.Jefferson State Maidens o...478.2
1202.Hub City Derby Dames477.9
1203.Platte Valley Roller Vixe...477.5
1204.Wrath Pack476.2
1205.Chemical Valley Rollergir...475.5
1206.Southern Maryland Roller ...474.7
1207.Rust Belt Rollers474.1
1208.Macomb Bombshells474.0
1209.Mac-Town Sugar Skulls472.5
1210.Grimshaw Grim Reapers Rol...471.8
1211.Minnesota Southbound Roll...470.9
1213.GrassRoots Rollergirls470.3
1214.Forx Roller Derby469.9
1215.Ridge Meadows Roller Derb...469.9
1216.Benton County Roller Derb...469.6
1217.Old Town Beat Down469.3
1218.Femme Fatale Roller Dolls469.2
1219.Central Kansas Roller Gir...468.9
1220.Northumberland Roller Gir...468.5
1221.Grand Junction Roller Gir...468.3
1222.Belleville Roller Derby468.0
1223.MidAmerica Rebel Rollers468.0
1224.Mississippi Brawl Stars467.6
1225.Nightmares on Main Street467.0
1226.Rawlins Pen-Up Girlz466.5
1227.Festival City Rollergirls465.8
1228.Triple D Roller Derby465.4
1229.Powder River Rousta Bout ...464.8
1230.Repeat Offenders464.1
1231.A-Town Roller Derby463.2
1232.Kenora Roller Derby Leagu...462.8
1233.Gillette Roller Derby462.5
1234.Northern Allegheny Roller...462.0
1235.Camel City Thrashers461.8
1236.Central Jersey Roller Vix...461.5
1237.Mid Michigan Derby Girls461.4
1238.WestCo Derby461.2
1239.SO Derby460.6
1240.Watertown Kampeska Krushe...459.3
1241.Demolitia Derby Queens457.7
1242.Demolition Dolls Roller D...454.5
1243.A-Town Roller Girlz454.2
1244.The Dire Skates454.0
1245.Cherry Bombs453.4
1246.Capital City Roller Girls453.2
1247.Midwest Derby Divas452.9
1248.River City Dames Of Anarc...451.9
1249.War Town Derby Dames450.6
1250.Peterborough Area Roller ...450.3
1251.Sweetwater County Roller ...448.4
1252.Chemical City Derby Girls447.0
1253.Orange Crush446.8
1254.Rink Assassins Roller Der...445.0
1255.Renegade Rollitia Roller ...443.7
1256.Northshore Roller Derby443.5
1257.Animas Roller Girls443.4
1258.Bombshell Battalion442.2
1259.Rushmore Rollerz441.1
1260.Heart Mountain Wreck on W...438.3
1261.Eerie B Team438.2
1262.South Side Roller Derby (...435.6
1263.Enterprise Roller Derby434.4
1264.Midwest Maidens Roller De...433.7
1265.Southland Slashers Roller...431.3
1266.Southern Belles Roller De...431.0
1267.Fort Stewart Rollergirls430.2
1268.ClarksVillain RollerGirls429.5
1269.Spindletop Rollergirls428.3
1270.Derby Darlings401.6
1.Gotham Girls Roller Derby976.6
2.Rose City Rollers965.2
3.Bay Area Derby948.4
4.Texas Rollergirls926.9
5.Denver Roller Derby924.4
6.Philly Roller Derby898.0
7.Angel City Derby Girls896.7
8.Windy City Rollers895.5
9.Minnesota RollerGirls884.0
10.Rocky Mountain Rollergirl...874.4
11.Jacksonville Roller Derby872.7
12.Atlanta Rollergirls863.2
13.Charm City Roller Girls853.7
14.Rat City Roller Girls853.7
15.Detroit Roller Derby850.8
16.Tampa Roller Derby844.3
17.Montreal Roller Derby842.1
18.Arch Rival Roller Derby840.3
19.Terminal City Rollergirls839.0
20.Oly Rollers834.7
21.Arizona Roller Derby826.6
22.Dallas Derby Devils822.0
23.Ohio Roller Derby812.2
24.Team United Roller Derby808.3
25.Pennsylvania All-Stars Ro...806.6
26.Mad Rollin' Dolls Roller ...804.0
27.Santa Cruz Derby Girls792.6
28.Toronto Roller Derby792.2
29.Sacred City Derby Girls789.9
30.Boston Roller Derby788.6
31.Calgary Roller Derby Asso...788.4
32.Treasure Valley Roller De...787.9
33.Bruising Altitude786.1
34.Rideau Valley Roller Derb...784.7
35.Steel City Roller Derby780.3
36.Naptown Roller Derby778.7
37.Demolition City Roller De...777.9
38.Manhattan Mayhem777.1
39.Charlottesville Derby Dam...776.5
40.Houston Roller Derby775.5
41.Wall Street Traitors774.1
42.Columbia Roller Derby773.7
43.Queen City Roller Girls772.4
44.No Coast Derby Girls770.1
45.Kansas City Roller Warrio...766.8
46.Saint Chux Derby Chix765.3
47.Axles of Annihilation764.8
48.Toxic Shocks762.8
49.Orangeville Roller Girls760.9
50.Richmond Wrecking Belles760.1
51.Detroit Pistoffs760.0
52.Ann Arbor Derby Dimes758.8
53.Oakland Outlaws758.1
54.Berkeley Resistance756.3
56.Bronx Gridlock754.6
57.Jet City Rollergirls753.3
58.East End Ladies of Lacera...753.0
59.Second Wind752.8
60.Brooklyn Bombshells752.5
61.Boulder County Bombers751.3
62.Mid-Island Rolling Thunde...751.2
63.Wicked Wheelers of the We...750.6
64.Pikes Peak Derby Dames750.2
65.Tri-City Roller Derby749.1
66.Queens of Pain749.0
67.Hell Marys747.7
68.The Chicago Outfit Roller...746.9
69.Nashville Rollergirls746.5
70.Surly Gurlies746.2
71.SoCal Derby745.3
72.Sac City Rollers745.3
73.Firing Squad (TX)744.4
74.Devil's Night Dames743.5
75.Rumble Bs741.0
76.DC Rollergirls740.9
77.Fabulous Sin City Rollerg...740.6
78.Rain of Terror739.8
79.Oklahoma Victory Dolls739.2
80.Brandywine Roller Derby736.4
81.The Contenders735.6
82.Killamazoo Derby Darlins735.3
83.Bad News Beaters734.1
84.Emerald City Roller Derby733.4
85.Brewcity Bruisers733.2
86.Blue Ridge Rollergirls732.7
87.Fort Wayne Derby Girls731.1
89.New Hampshire Roller Derb...728.3
90.Tucson Roller Derby728.1
91.Hotrod Honeys726.9
92.Block Party726.6
93.Derby Liberation Front724.3
94.Wasatch Roller Derby723.8
95.Grand Prix Madonnas723.6
96.Roller Derby Quebec723.0
97.High Rollers722.8
98.San Diego Roller Derby722.1
99.Des Moines Derby Dames721.8
100.Grand Raggidy Roller Derb...721.1
101.Garda Belts721.1
102.Carolina Rollergirls717.8
103.Denim Demons717.6
104.Green Mountain Roller Der...717.0
105.Ithaca League of Women Ro...716.7
106.DC DemonCats715.9
107.D-Funk Allstars715.8
108.Bakersfield Diamond Divas715.7
109.Throttle Rockets715.7
110.Bootleggers (NAZRD)714.9
111.The Donna Party713.2
112.Omaha Rollergirls712.6
113.Riot Squad712.2
114.Big Easy Rollergirls710.2
115.North Star Roller Derby709.3
116.Les Sexpos709.0
117.Junkyard Dolls708.9
118.Roc City Roller Derby706.4
119.Battalion of Doom706.3
120.Prime Sinisters705.9
121.Rage City Rollergirls705.9
122.Grand Central Terminators705.8
123.Grave Danger704.5
124.Maine Roller Derby703.7
125.Minnesota Nice703.3
126.Providence Roller Derby702.6
127.Salisbury Roller Girls701.7
128.Sake Tuyas701.6
129.San Fernando Valley Rolle...700.4
130.Muddy River Rollers700.3
131.Old Capitol City Roller D...700.1
132.Mainland Misfits699.9
133.Fargo Moorhead Derby Girl...698.3
134.Suburbia Roller Derby697.8
135.Atomic Bombshells697.0
136.Red Ridin' Hoods696.9
137.Northwest Arkansas Roller...696.2
138.A-Stars B Team695.9
139.Boston B Party695.8
140.Lansing Derby Vixens695.0
142.Sockit Wenches694.0
143.Burning River Roller Derb...691.9
144.Sioux City Roller Dames691.5
145.Charlotte Roller Girls691.0
146.Block Party (C-team)690.9
147.Junction City Roller Doll...690.8
148.Honky Tonk Heartbreakers690.2
149.Reservoir Dolls689.7
150.The Roseville Trainwrecke...688.8
151.Memphis Roller Derby688.3
152.Heartless Heathers688.3
153.Break Neck Betties687.4
154.Copper Queens686.8
155.Cincinnati Rollergirls686.6
156.Shasta Roller Derby685.8
157.Hell's Belles685.6
158.Fort Myers Derby Girls685.3
159.Port Scandalous Roller De...685.1
160.Dairyland Doll B-team684.8
161.Bonneville Bone Crushers684.3
162.Oklahoma City Roller Derb...683.9
163.Fernie Roller Derby Leagu...681.1
164.Violent Femmes681.1
165.Rocket Queens680.6
167.Humboldt Roller Derby679.6
168.Blockwork Orange678.1
169.Detroit Roller Derby Alls...677.7
170.Saint Lunachix677.4
171.Midtown Maulies676.9
172.Slaughter Daughters676.9
173.Female Trouble676.8
175.Antagonist Roller Derby676.1
176.Orange Crushers676.0
177.Switchblade Sisters675.9
178.Mobtown Mods675.8
179.North Texas Roller Derby675.8
180.Cape Fear Roller Girls675.7
181.Harbor Hellcats675.5
182.San Francisco ShEvil Dead675.0
183.Greensboro Roller Derby674.9
184.Shore Shots674.0
185.E-Ville Roller Derby673.7
186.Garden State Rollergirls672.3
187.Dooms Daisies672.3
188.Flat Track Furies671.6
189.Gold Coast Derby Grrls670.7
190.Snake Pit Derby Dames670.5
191.Shotgun Betties669.9
192.Manic Attackers669.8
193.Total Knock-Outs669.7
195.Killer Queens668.7
196.Bad Apples668.3
197.Western MA Roller Derby668.2
199.Twin City Derby Girls667.9
200.Scare Force One667.7
201.Venus Fly Tramps667.4
202.Undead Bettys Roller Derb...666.8
203.Hard Knox Roller Girls666.5
204.Sugar Kill Gang665.2
205.San Diego Derby Dolls664.9
206.Pile O' Bones Derby Club664.6
207.Death Track Dolls664.4
208.Winnipeg Roller Derby Lea...663.4
210.Double Crossers663.0
211.Alamo City Rollergirls663.0
212.Danger Dolls662.3
213.The Fury662.3
214.Eves of Destruction661.9
215.Seabright Sirens661.4
216.Quad City Rollers660.7
218.Misdemeanors 659.7
219.Crossroads City Derby Gir...659.2
220.Burlesque Brawlers659.2
221.Chinook City Roller Derby...659.0
222.Crazy 8's658.9
223.Speed Regime658.6
224.Rolling Pin-Ups658.5
225.Pink Pistols658.4
226.V Town Derby Dames657.1
227.Maiden Milwaukee656.9
228.Iron Angels656.9
229.Rydell Belles656.8
230.Gore Gore Rollergirls656.7
231.Mother State Roller Derby656.6
232.Fog City Rollers655.3
233.Music City Brawl Stars655.1
234.Northern Arizona Roller D...655.1
235.Ark Valley High Rollers654.8
236.Unholy Rollers654.3
237.Bakersfield Rollergirls654.2
238.The Smashinistas653.9
239.Green Barettes653.9
240.Delta Delta Di653.8
241.River City Rat Pack653.3
243.Stunt Devils652.9
244.Tournament City Derby Dol...652.7
245.Connecticut Roller Derby652.6
246.Vette City Roller Derby652.4
247.La Racaille651.4
248.Guns N Rollers651.3
250.Death Row Rumblers650.7
251.Mission City Roller Derby650.6
252.Night Terrors650.4
253.Psych Ward Sirens650.4
254.Black Widows650.1
255.Royal City Roller Girls649.2
256.Candy Snipers649.2
257.The Valkyries648.7
258.Vice Grip Vixens648.2
259.West Kootenay Roller Derb...648.2
261.Bold City Bombshells647.6
262.Church of Sk8in647.5
263.Wrecking Crew646.8
264.High Altitude Roller Derb...646.6
265.Black Rose Rollers646.3
266.Akron Roller Derby646.2
267.Warning Belles646.2
268.Cherry City Roller Derby646.1
269.Panty Raiders645.5
270.Oil City Derby Girls645.4
271.Durango Roller Girls645.2
273.DuPage Derby Dames644.7
274.10th Mountain Roller Doll...644.1
275.Slice Girls643.9
277.Bruise Crew643.8
278.Tri-City Plan B643.4
279.Suicide Shifters643.3
280.Dark River Derby Coalitio...643.1
281.Banger Sisters643.0
282.New Jersey Roller Derby642.6
283.Dagger Dolls642.0
284.Tallahassee Rollergirls641.9
285.Assault City Roller Derby641.8
286.Quad Squad641.7
287.Forest City Derby Girls641.1
288.Lowcountry Highrollers641.0
289.Blue Ribbon Bullies640.9
290.Los Angeles Derby Dolls640.9
291.Furious Truckstop Waitres...640.8
292.United States Pummeling S...640.3
294.Rushin' Rollettes640.1
296.Bleeding Heartland Roller...639.9
297.Bayou City Bosses639.1
298.Duval Derby Dames638.7
300.Back Alley Skates638.7
301.KCRW Plan-B638.5
302.Majority Whips638.4
303.Dolls of Anarchy638.0
304.Killah Beez637.0
305.Nickel City Knockouts636.5
306.Lehigh Valley Roller Derb...636.4
307.Vicious Dishes635.9
308.Black Spade Betties635.7
309.Widow Makers635.5
310.Rainier Roller Girls634.9
311.Capital City Derby Dolls634.9
312.Dub City Roller Derby634.9
313.Dutchland Derby Rollers634.9
314.Lava City Roller Dolls633.8
315.Flying Aces633.6
316.Ventura County Derby Darl...633.5
317.OC Roller Girls633.2
318.Rocket City Roller Derby ...633.0
319.Classic City Rollergirls632.8
320.Long Island Roller Rebels632.3
321.Lone Star Assassins632.0
322.High Seas Hotties631.8
323.Gem City Roller Derby631.8
324.South Bend Roller Girls631.1
325.Candy Apple Razorblades630.8
326.Arkham Horrors630.2
327.Red Stick Roller Derby630.0
328.Disco Brawlers629.0
329.ICT Roller Girls628.8
330.Saskatoon Roller Derby Le...628.8
331.Suicidal Saucies628.2
333.Dirt City Roller Rats628.1
335.Chattanooga Roller Girls627.5
336.Tragic City Rollers627.3
337.Dominion Derby Girls626.6
338.National Maulers626.6
339.Hellbound Homewreckers626.6
340.Hula Honeys626.5
341.Blues City Bombers626.2
342.FoCo Roller Derby626.2
343.Richland County Regulator...626.0
344.Hard Knockers625.7
345.Gallatin Roller Girlz625.7
346.Cigar City Mafia625.4
347.Fox Cities Roller Derby625.2
348.Swamp City Sirens625.2
349.Jukes of Hazzard624.9
350.Smoke City Bandits624.8
351.Resurrection Roller Girls624.5
352.Port City Roller Girls623.9
353.Shevil Knevils623.8
354.Palouse River Rollers623.8
355.Strait Shooters623.1
356.Blast Furnace Betties623.0
357.Little City Rollergirls622.9
359.Central NY Roller Derby622.6
360.Cen-Tex Roller Girls622.4
361.Les Filles du Roi622.3
362.Marauding Mollys622.0
363.Cherry Blossom Bombshells621.8
364.Hammer City Roller Derby621.8
365.Sea Vixens621.8
366.Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am621.2
367.Mississippi Rollergirls621.0
368.Las Pistolitas620.9
369.Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz620.7
371.C Team620.3
372.Rated PG Rollergirls620.3
373.Derby City Roller Girls620.1
374.B Team619.7
375.Port City Roller Derby619.6
376.Hamilton Area Roller Derb...619.6
377.Harbor City Roller Dames618.7
378.Worcester Roller Derby618.5
379.Folsom Prison Bruisers618.4
380.Central California Area D...618.2
381.West Virginia Roller Derb...618.2
382.Alice Capones617.5
383.Peach State Roller Derby617.3
386.Wicked Pissahs616.7
389.Tommy Gun Terrors616.5
390.High Tide Derby616.4
391.Naughty Pines Derby Dames616.2
392.Cheyenne Roller Derby616.1
393.Wine Town Rollers616.0
394.Killa Crew616.0
395.Cal Skate Roller Derby615.8
396.Free State Roller Derby615.5
399.Boneyard Brawlers615.3
400.Dakota City Demolition Cr...615.0
401.Dooms Dames614.7
402.High Country Mountain Der...614.4
403.Paper Valley Roller Girls613.7
404.Hoover Damned613.6
405.Cornfed Derby Dames613.2
406.Arizona Roller Derby B Te...613.0
407.Happy Valley Derby Darlin...612.8
408.Victory Vixens612.4
409.Wheat City Roller Derby612.0
410.Vaudeville Vixens611.8
411.Silicon Valley Rollergirl...611.8
412.Lilac City Roller Girls611.7
413.Pulp Friction611.4
414.Dam City Rollers611.0
415.Border City Brawlers611.0
416.Steel Beamers610.7
417.Flood Water Roller Derby610.7
418.Project Mayhem610.4
419.Crash Test Dolls610.3
420.Tough Love610.1
421.Billings Roller Derby Dam...610.0
422.Dead Ringers609.8
423.Metal Vixens609.5
424.B-lo Zero609.3
425.Cat 5’s609.2
426.Camaro Harem609.2
428.Durham Region Roller Derb...608.3
429.Hellgate Roller Derby607.9
430.Slaughterhouse Derby Girl...607.9
431.Beach Cities Roller Derby607.8
432.Cajun Rollergirls607.7
433.Road Warriors607.5
434.Nightmares on Elm Street607.4
435.Derby Revolution of Baker...607.1
436.VICE Squad607.0
437.Appalachian Rollergirls606.9
438.Jersey City Bridge & Pumm...606.6
439.Rebel Skate Alliance606.3
440.Plattsburgh Roller Derby606.0
441.Hellions of Troy Roller D...605.8
442.West Coast Derby Knockout...605.6
443.South West Sask Roller De...605.6
445.Cleveland Steamers605.2
446.Palm Coast Roller Derby605.2
447.Thrashin' Lassies605.2
448.Assassination City Roller...605.0
449.Whidbey Island Roller Gir...604.7
450.Devil Dollies604.2
451.Western Mass Destruction604.0
452.Monterey Bay Derby Dames604.0
454.B Railers603.7
455.Northwest Derby Company603.5
456.Misery Loves Company Roll...602.7
457.Northern Lights602.7
458.Old Port Brigade602.5
459.Dreadnought Dorothys602.5
460.The Notorious VIP602.4
461.Babe City Rollers602.1
462.East Texas Bombers601.8
463.Raven Rebels601.7
464.Nuclear Free Roller Derby...601.5
466.Northern Nightmares601.4
467.Duke City Roller Derby601.2
468.Foothill Foxy Flyers600.9
469.Puerto Rico Roller Derby600.6
470.Co Conspirators600.6
471.Cut Throat Car Hops600.3
472.Joon Cleavers600.1
473.MOKAN Roller Girlz600.0
474.Granite State Roller Derb...599.8
475.Apple City Roller Derby599.6
476.Rogue Rollergirls599.5
477.Bellingham Roller Betties598.9
478.Soul City Sirens598.8
479.Hudson Valley Horrors598.7
480.Snake Pit Derby Dames598.6
481.Magnolia Roller Vixens598.3
482.Kilmore Girls598.1
483.Little Steel Derby Girls597.4
484.Nerve Agents597.4
485.First Coast Fatales597.1
486.Pacific Coast Recycled Ro...597.1
487.Rubber City Rollergirls597.1
488.Riot Girls596.9
489.St. Albert Heavenly Rolle...596.7
490.Hell's Belles596.6
491.Mid State Sisters of Skat...596.3
492.Arbor Bruising Co.596.1
493.NOtown Roller Derby596.0
494.Lava City Roller Dolls B ...595.9
495.Downriver Roller Dolls595.9
496.Underground Derby League595.5
497.NWO Roller Girls595.1
498.Thunder Bay Roller Derby595.0
499.Bonnie Dooms595.0
500.South Central Roller Girl...594.9
501.Audio Assault594.8
502.B-52 Bellas594.5
503.Shade Brigade594.1
504.Albany All Stars Roller D...594.1
505.580 Rollergirls594.0
506.Eerie Roller Girls593.6
507.Alamogordo Derbal Remedy593.4
508.Westside Wreck Hers Rolle...593.2
509.Violent Lambs593.2
510.Gang Green592.9
512.Natural Disasters592.8
513.Mass Attack Roller Derby592.3
515.Bellingham FLASH591.9
516.Bangor Roller Derby591.8
517.Hazmat Crew591.6
518.Brick City Bruisers591.5
519.Black Eye Susans591.1
520.Viva Roller Derby591.1
521.Juneau Roller Girls590.1
522.Margarita Villains590.0
523.Viva La Revolucion589.6
524.Backyard Bullies589.6
525.Boardwalk Brawlers589.5
526.Road Ragers589.0
527.Cosmic Killas588.8
528.New River Valley Rollergi...588.7
529.MedCity Mafia Roller Derb...588.6
530.Roller Vortex588.5
531.Wellington Roller Derby588.4
532.Team Unicorn588.0
533.Public Frenemy587.8
534.Savannah Derby Devils587.8
535.Hidden City Derby Girls587.5
536.New Hampshire Roller Derb...587.3
538.Prairieland Punishers Rol...587.0
539.West Texas Roller Dollz586.7
540.Bad News Bs586.7
542.Pacific Roller Derby586.3
543.Brazos Valley Derby Girls586.0
545.Soda City Jerks585.6
547.Sitka Sound Slayers585.2
548.Rock Coast Rollers585.0
549.Bradentucky Bombers584.9
550.Southern Illinois Roller ...584.8
552.Yukon Roller Girls584.6
553.Shore Points Roller Derby584.6
554.Jersey Shore Roller Girls584.5
556.Unforgiven Roller Girls584.2
558.Smoky Mountain Roller Gir...584.1
559.Outlaws Roller Derby584.1
560.Roller Derby Misfits583.8
561.Capital Corruption583.7
562.Joint Base Lewis-McChord ...583.3
563.Lockdown Lolitas583.1
564.Circle City Derby Girls583.1
565.Greater Toronto Area Roll...582.8
566.Femme Fianna582.7
567.Mojave Rattle Skaters582.6
568.Nickel City Roller Derby582.5
569.Bad Reputations582.5
570.Enchanted Mountain Roller...582.4
571.Muscogee Roller Girls582.4
573.Middle Georgia Derby Demo...582.0
574.Los Alamos Derby Dames582.0
575.Iron Range Maidens581.7
576.A-Town Asylum581.7
577.Gainesville Roller Rebels581.7
578.Tornado Alley581.6
579.Sis-Q Rollerz581.5
580.Traverse City Roller Derb...581.5
581.Chippewa Valley Roller Gi...581.0
582.Sioux Falls Roller Dollz580.9
583.Trouble Makers580.9
584.Rink Minx Rollergirls580.7
585.Terrorz Roller Derby580.6
586.Inland Empower Derby580.2
587.Oakland County Roller Der...580.2
590.Garden Island Renegade Ro...579.8
591.Capital City Crushers579.5
593.Central Coast C Team579.3
594.Gold City Roller Girls579.3
595.Bone City Beaver Dames579.2
596.Okanagan Shuswap Roller D...578.9
597.Gulf Coast Rollergirls578.8
598.Red Bluff Derby Girls578.7
599.Randall County Roller Dam...578.5
600.Second Line578.5
601.Sonoma County Roller Derb...578.5
602.Poison IVs578.3
603.Combustin' Betties578.2
604.Grunge City Rollers578.1
605.Molly Roger Rollergirls578.0
606.Fallout Femmes577.9
607.Vice City Rollers577.6
608.Daville Roller Derby577.3
609.Motown Wreckers576.9
610.Carolina Bootleggers576.9
611.Auburn Gold Diggers Rolle...576.7
612.Wine Country Homewreckers576.7
613.Magic City Rollers B Team576.5
614.Wasteland Derby Dames576.4
615.New Jersey Hellrazors575.2
616.Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Rol...575.1
617.Sintral Florida Derby Dem...575.0
619.Flock Ewes574.6
620.Cedar Rapids Rollergirls574.6
623.River Valley Rollergirls ...573.8
624.Black Diamond Divas573.7
625.Capitol City Vixens573.4
626.Diamond State Roller Derb...573.1
628.French Broads573.0
629.Sierra Regional Roller De...572.7
630.Sick Town Derby Dames572.6
631.Glass City B Team572.6
632.Red River Roller Derby572.6
633.The Uppercuts572.3
634.Black Harrts571.7
635.Grey Bruce Roller Derby571.7
636.Abilene Roller Derby571.6
637.State College Area Roller...571.4
638.BisMan Roller Derby (Wome...571.4
639.Ohio Valley Roller Girls571.1
640.Big Trouble571.0
641.The Damned570.9
642.Fox Force Five570.8
643.Black River Roller Derby569.6
644.Tulsa Derby League (B)569.5
645.Pearl Jammers569.5
646.S.S. Rodeo569.4
647.Portneuf Valley Bruisers569.3
649.Main Street Mafia568.9
650.Bonesaw Bruisers568.7
651.Porterhouse Dollz568.7
652.Central Maine Derby568.7
653.Gas City Roller Derby Ass...568.5
654.Third Alarm568.1
655.Orange Crush568.0
656.Chicks Ahoy!567.9
658.Diamondback Dolls567.4
659.Ruby's Revenge567.3
660.Broad Street Brawlers567.0
661.Hartford Area Roller Derb...566.8
662.Central Arkansas Roller D...566.4
663.The Hamilton Bombers566.0
664.Atlantic Coast Roller Gir...565.6
665.High Rollers565.4
666.Mississippi Massacre565.1
667.Hel'z Belles Roller Derby564.6
668.Pensacola Roller Gurlz564.5
669.Rebel Belles Roller Derby564.2
670.Gastonia Roller Derby Clu...564.1
672.Serial Thrillers563.8
674.Psycho Sirens563.5
676.Bowling Green Hot Broads563.3
677.MRD C Team563.0
678.Bay State Brawlers563.0
679.Belmont Bruisers562.9
680.Belles of the Brawl562.9
681.LeFlore County Maidens of...562.9
682.Cape Girardeau Roller Der...562.8
683.The Allegheny Avengers562.8
684.South Florida Roller Girl...562.6
685.Bruisin' Burgs562.5
686.Pottstown Blockstars562.5
687.South Okanagan Roller Der...562.4
688.Gunnison Valley Roller Gi...562.3
689.Elm Street Nightmares562.3
690.Acadiana Roller Girls562.2
691.Ladies of the Lake Roller...561.7
692.Bordercity Rollergirls561.6
693.North Coast Roller Derby561.3
695.Delta Dolls561.1
696.Hot Wheelers560.9
697.Capital City Rollers560.8
698.Rocky Point Rollers560.8
699.Cog Blockers560.3
700.Slam Bam Ma'ams560.1
701.Monterey Bay Derby Dames559.9
702.Backwoods Bombshells Roll...559.9
704.Magic City Rollers559.6
705.Two Rivers Roller Derby558.9
707.Taco Kicker Rollergirls558.9
708.Grande Prairie Roller Der...558.7
709.Faster Pussycats558.4
710.Springfield Rollergirls558.2
711.Boom Town Derby Dames558.2
712.Destruction Zone558.1
713.Gapland Rollers558.1
714.Valley Heat Roller Derby558.1
715.Black Diamond Rollers557.9
716.Clarksville Roller Derby557.5
717.Lil Chicago Roller Derby557.5
718.Key City Roller Derby557.5
719.Waimea Wranglers557.5
720.Ames Roller Derby Associa...557.4
721.Central Vermont Roller De...557.3
722.Deadly Rival Roller Derby557.2
723.Muertas Locas556.9
724.Girls Rollin in the South556.7
725.Thrill Kill Kittens556.3
726.Fort McMurray Roller Derb...556.1
727.South Shore Roller Girls556.0
729.Prison City Derby Dames556.0
730.Continental Dividers555.8
731.Dixie Derby Girls555.8
732.Alley Kats555.5
733.Albany B Team555.3
734.Topanga Maul Rats555.2
735.G.I. Janes555.2
736.Paso Aggressive555.1
737.Central Coast Roller Derb...554.9
738.River City Rollergirls554.4
739.Atomic City Rollergirls554.4
740.Battery Brigade554.4
741.Hel'z Belles Roller Derby554.3
742.River Valley Rollergirls ...554.1
743.Metro Misfits554.0
744.A'Salt Creek Roller Girls553.7
745.Rocket City Rollers553.7
746.June's Cleavers553.4
747.Thunder City Derby Sirens553.3
748.Avalanche City Roller Gir...553.2
749.Loco City Derby Girls553.2
750.Rouge et Gore553.2
751.MedCity Mafia553.2
752.Hill City Rollers552.9
753.Wharf City Rollers552.8
754.Doomsday Bunnies552.8
756.Bad Apple Betties552.8
757.Oneonta Roller Derby552.8
758.Dockyard Derby Dames552.7
760.Reseda Wreckers552.2
761.Micro Bruisers552.2
762.Brick House Betties552.2
763.Fairbanks Rollergirls552.1
764.Ringleader Roller Girls551.8
765.Maui Rollergirls551.8
766.Brass Knuckle Betties551.4
767.Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens551.3
768.Small Town Outlaws551.2
769.Hickory Street Hooligans551.2
770.Fredericksburg Roller Der...551.1
771.Hellgate B-Team551.0
772.Sugar & Spikes551.0
773.Beloit Bombshells551.0
774.Punchy Brewsters550.9
775.Parole Models550.8
776.Twisted Sisters (BMRDD)550.7
778.MidState Mayhem Roller De...550.5
779.Carson Victory Rollers550.2
780.Hot Rod Dollies550.2
781.San Antonio Roller Derby550.1
782.Interskate 928550.0
783.Black Ice Brawlers549.9
784.Wrangell Roller Derby549.8
785.Southern Delaware Rollerg...549.8
786.Maidens of Mayhem549.7
787.Tulsa Derby League549.5
788.San Gabriel Valley Roller...549.4
789.Jailbreak Betties549.3
790.Hard Cores549.1
791.Inland Empire Derby Divas548.7
792.Valley Vixens548.6
793.Organic Panic548.6
794.Kodiak Rock Island Roller...548.5
796.BADD Intentions548.3
797.South Simcoe Rebel Roller...548.3
800.OKC Outlaws Roller Derby547.8
801.Dead River Derby547.5
802.Gorge Roller Girls547.4
803.Enid Roller Girls547.4
804.Bourbon Brawlers547.4
805.Brass Knuckle Derby Dames547.2
806.Dead Ringers547.2
807.Black-n-Bluegrass RollerG...547.2
808.North Pole547.2
809.Apple City Plan B547.1
810.El Paso Roller Derby547.1
811.Salt Spring Roller Derby547.0
812.Diamond Roughcuts546.8
813.The Disloyalists546.8
814.Shoreline Roller Derby546.8
815.Nor Cal Roller Girls546.8
816.Brass Knuckle Betties546.7
817.Echo City Knockouts546.6
818.Sister City Roller Derby546.5
819.Battle Born Derby Demons546.3
820.Lakeland Derby Dames546.2
822.Seaway Roller Derby Girls546.0
823.Quad City Derby Bombshell...546.0
824.Redwood Rebels545.9
825.Spell Razors545.8
826.Black Heart Maidens545.6
827.The Skateful Dead (ON)545.2
829.Battle Creek Cereal Kille...545.2
830.Rossland Trail Roller Gir...545.2
831.Black Hills Roller Derby ...545.1
832.Lakeland Ladykillers Roll...544.8
833.Battlefords Roller Derby ...544.6
834.Our Ladies of Pain544.4
836.Panhandle United Roller D...543.9
837.CoMo Derby Dames543.7
838.Floral City Roller Girls543.7
840.4 Corners Rollergirls543.4
841.Hard Drivers543.3
842.Okanagan Derby Dolls543.3
843.Molly's Marauders543.3
844.University of Arizona Der...543.2
845.Central Ohio Roller Derby543.0
846.New South Roller Derby543.0
847.Rock n Rolla542.9
848.Casper's Deadly Ghosts542.8
849.Aurora 88s Roller Derby542.8
850.Damas de los Muertos542.7
854.Bombshell Brawlers542.6
855.Rock-A-Betty Bruisers542.5
856.Code Blue Assassins542.5
857.Dirty Harriets542.2
858.Backwoods Rollers542.1
859.Veteran City Rollers541.9
861.575 Roller Derby541.5
862.Gold Diggers541.3
863.Walla Walla Sweets Roller...541.3
864.Bow Valley Roller Derby541.2
865.Willamette Kidney Thieves541.0
866.Las Pistoleras541.0
867.Renegade Derby Dames540.8
868.Killer Queens540.5
869.Black Hills Wildfire540.1
870.East Side Wheelers540.0
871.South Texas Rolleristas539.9
872.Merced Rollin' Roulettes ...539.9
873.Greenbrier River Rollers539.8
874.Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls539.6
875.Heartland Havoc539.6
876.Battleground Betties539.5
877.Les Bûches539.5
879.Lightning Broads539.3
880.Our Ladies of SaintAnne539.0
881.The Vixens538.9
882.Pulp Affliction538.9
883.River Demons Roller Girls538.3
884.Whidbey Island Black Team538.2
885.Barbed Wire Betties538.1
886.Port City Sirens537.9
887.Cedar Valley Roller Derby537.8
888.Violet Uprising537.8
889.Storm City Roller Girls537.5
890.Motor City Madames537.5
891.The Regulators537.4
892.Capital Defenders536.9
893.Rockford Rage Roller Derb...536.8
894.Brawlin' Broads536.7
895.Sioux City Roller Dames B...536.6
896.Hammer City Harlots536.5
897.Twin State Derby536.5
900.Paradise Roller Girls536.2
901.Jerzey Derby Brigade536.0
902.NWO Outsiders536.0
903.Thunder Dames535.9
904.Cannon Dolls535.9
905.Wonder Brawlers535.9
906.Rollergirls Of Central Ke...535.8
907.Mt. Nittany Mayhem535.7
908.Moab Roller Derby535.6
910.Portside Pirates535.5
911.Rez City Rollers535.5
912.Capitol Offenders535.4
913.Electric City Roller Grrr...535.0
914.Lindsay Roller Derby534.9
915.Greenville Derby Dames534.9
916.Far North Derby DollZ534.9
917.Reading Derby Girls534.5
918.Pennsyltucky Punishers534.5
919.Grizzly Belles534.2
920.Pottstown Roller Derby Ro...534.0
921.Cape Breton Roller Derby534.0
922.Bath City Roller Girls533.9
923.Sarasota Rolling Renegade...533.9
924.Ashley Riverdolls533.9
925.Cenla Derby Dames533.8
926.Pair O' Dice City Rollers533.7
927.Tall City Roller Betties533.7
928.Central Alberta Roller De...533.6
929.Brute Squad533.6
930.Cannon Brawlers533.5
931.Swamp Foxes533.4
932.Rocktown Rollers533.4
933.Glass City Rollers533.3
934.Maui Junior Varsity532.9
935.Ritzy Rollers532.8
936.Squamish Women's Roller D...532.8
937.Bay Area Star Stompers Ro...532.5
938.Sarnia Roller Derby Leagu...532.3
939.Battalion of Skates532.3
940.Merced Rollin' Roulettes ...532.3
941.Mad Dollies532.2
942.Sunshine Coast Roller Gir...532.1
943.Weyburn Roller Derby Asso...531.9
944.SWAT team531.4
946.Black Eyed Bombshells530.4
947.Durham Derby Devils530.4
948.Bozone Brawlers530.2
949.M.I.A. Derby Girls530.2
950.Ocala Cannibals Roller De...530.0
951.Arkham Assailants529.8
952.Strong Island Derby Revol...529.6
953.Peterborough Roller Derby529.1
954.Trauma Queens529.1
955.Eastside Derby Girls529.1
956.Brawl Stars528.6
957.Seabrook Meltdowns528.5
958.Whistler Roller Girls528.1
959.Roe City Rollers527.9
961.Sugar Sands Roller Dolls527.8
962.Revelstoke Roller Derby527.7
963.Bootleg City Roller Derby527.6
964.Bytown Blackhearts527.5
965.Mad Hitters527.5
966.Madames of Massacre527.3
968.Roughneck Roller Derby526.7
969.Anchor City Rollers526.7
970.Twin City Knockers526.7
971.Salt Flat Fallouts526.7
972.Flathead Valley Roller De...526.7
973.Spawn of Skatin526.6
974.Central Michigan Roller D...526.6
975.Killa' Bees526.6
977.Thames Fatales526.4
979.Brutal Belles526.0
980.Hurricane Alley Roller De...525.9
981.Destruction Dames525.7
982.Balsam Mountain Roller Gi...525.7
983.Skagit Valley Roller Derb...525.4
984.Dubuque Bomb Squad525.3
985.Yankee Brutals525.3
986.Harrisburg Area Roller De...525.2
987.Prince Albert Roller Derb...525.2
988.Mo-Kan Blockade525.2
989.Slaughters of the Revolut...524.9
990.Northeast Kingdom Roller ...524.5
991.Gold Pain City Derby Girl...524.4
992.Stone Cold Foxes524.3
993.Rogue Warriors524.0
994.Peninsula Roller Girls523.8
995.Lucious Lunch Ladies523.7
997.Lake City Roller Dolls523.4
999.Escanaba Rollin Hellcats522.9
1000.Rapid Assault522.7
1001.Madhouse Madams522.6
1002.Sweet Dairy Aires522.4
1003.Orlando Roller Derby522.3
1004.Black Rock Bandits522.1
1005.Spartanburg Deadly Dolls522.0
1006.Rainy City Roller Dolls521.9
1007.Shanghaied Roller Dolls521.9
1008.Derby Debutantes521.7
1009.Back Alley Brawlers521.5
1010.Lethbridge Roller Derby G...521.4
1011.Valley Brutality521.1
1012.Candy Strykers520.9
1013.Okanagan Roller Derby520.2
1014.Salina Sirens Roller Derb...520.2
1015.Voodoo Vixens520.0
1016.Wine Country Crushers519.1
1017.Mississippi Valley Mayhem518.8
1018.Morgantown Roller Vixens518.3
1019.Holy City Heartbreakers518.2
1020.Sun City Sirens517.9
1021.Palmetto State Rollergirl...517.5
1023.Canadian Clubbers517.4
1024.Wheels of Pain517.1
1025.Fallen Debutantes517.0
1026.Elm City Derby Damez516.8
1027.Dockyard Brawlers515.7
1028.Crow City Roller Girls515.6
1029.High City Derby Divas515.5
1030.Hardwood Heartbreakers515.5
1031.Flint Roller Derby515.5
1032.Illinois Valley Vixens Ro...515.3
1034.Aloha City Rollers515.0
1036.Balboa Bandits514.4
1037.301 Derby Dames514.4
1038.Granite Skate Troopers514.3
1039.Greater Sudbury Roller De...513.8
1040.J-Town Roller Girls513.7
1041.Emerald Coast Roller Derb...513.1
1042.Kokomo City of Fists Roll...513.1
1043.Faultline Derby Devilz512.7
1044.Dickinson Roller Derby512.7
1045.Sunnyland Slammers512.4
1046.McLean County MissFits512.3
1047.Denali Destroyers512.1
1048.Killer Rollbots512.0
1049.South Side Derby Dames512.0
1050.Kahnawake Roller Derby511.8
1051.The Penn Bruisers511.3
1052.PLAP City Rollers511.3
1053.Northwoods Derby Knockout...511.1
1054.Northeast Missouri511.0
1057.Finger Lakes Lunachicks510.8
1058.Seven City Sirens510.5
1059.Harbour City Rollers510.3
1060.The Veronicas510.2
1061.Rolling Hills Derby Dames510.2
1062.Rodeo City Rollergirls510.0
1063.Susquehanna Valley Derby ...510.0
1064.Kings County Derby Queens509.1
1065.Columbia Basin Roller Der...509.0
1066.Plan B508.9
1068.Yellow Rose Derby Girls508.2
1070.Wreckin' Roller Rebels508.1
1072.East Lansing Roller Derby507.8
1074.Boneyard Betties507.4
1076.Star City Roller Girls506.2
1077.Keweenaw Roller Girls506.2
1078.Vicious Valkyries505.9
1079.Boise River Rollers505.7
1080.Monadnock Roller Derby505.5
1081.Prairie Fire Roller Girls505.4
1082.Bruisin' Betties505.2
1083.Ghoul Guides505.1
1084.Deathrow Derby Dames505.1
1085.Bux-Mont Roller Derby Dol...504.9
1086.Confluence Crush Roller D...504.7
1087.San Angelo Roller Girls504.2
1088.Coachella Valley Derby Gi...504.1
1089.Piedmont Riot Roller Derb...504.0
1090.Quabbin Missile Crisis503.6
1091.Chautauqua County Roller ...503.4
1093.Flying Squirrels503.0
1094.Red Rock'n Roller Derby502.7
1096.Copper City Queens Roller...502.5
1098.Bombshell Brawlers502.4
1099.Sandusky Rollergirls502.4
1100.Ped Maulers502.2
1101.Hwy 14 Derby Association502.1
1102.Alter Egos502.1
1103.Rolling Blackouts501.9
1105.Moose Lake Mafia501.6
1106.Rough Cuts501.5
1107.Rated PG Rollergirls501.4
1108.Forx Roller Derby501.3
1109.Air Raid Roller Girls500.2
1110.Bloody Bordens500.1
1111.Festival City Rollergirls500.0
1112.Jewel City Rollergirls499.9
1113.Bolt Action Betties499.9
1114.Mankato Area Derby Girls499.8
1115.Border City Roller Derby ...499.7
1116.Mid Atlantic Roller Derby499.3
1117.Violet Femmes499.2
1118.Bazooka Janes499.2
1119.South Coast Roller Girls499.1
1120.Breakwater Blackhearts498.8
1121.Tournament City B Team498.7
1122.Rocky View Roller Derby A...498.7
1123.DaRANGED Rollergirls498.5
1124.Norfolk Bruizin' Bettys498.5
1125.Smitten Kittens498.3
1126.Desert Dolls Roller Derby497.7
1127.Kingsford Krush497.7
1128.Revolution Roller Derby497.5
1129.NOVA Roller Derby497.5
1130.Rockin' City Rollergirls497.5
1131.Conroe Roller Derby497.4
1132.Foothills Roller Derby As...497.4
1133.Athens Ohio Roller Derby497.2
1134.Vermillionvile Sirens497.1
1135.West Kentucky Rockin' Rol...497.1
1136.Ketchikan Rain Forest Rol...496.5
1137.Pow! Town Roller Derby496.5
1138.G-Rap Attack!496.4
1139.Bavarian Barbarians496.4
1140.Castle Rock 'n' Rollers496.4
1141.Rotten Cherries496.3
1142.Seacoast Roller Derby496.2
1143.Petersburg Ragnarök Roll...496.1
1144.Mid-Hudson Misfits494.8
1145.Mobile's Derby Darlings494.8
1146.Niagara Roller Girls494.0
1147.Beet City Bombers493.4
1148.Platte Valley Roller Vixe...493.1
1149.Beat City Bedrockers493.1
1150.Roller Underground493.0
1151.San Angelo Soul Sisters R...492.9
1152.Energetic City Roller Der...492.7
1153.Rapid City Revolution492.7
1155.Broome County Rollers492.1
1156.Clovis Roller Derby492.1
1157.The Monongahela Monsters491.3
1159.Brighton Roller Dollz489.7
1160.Jackson Hole Juggernauts489.5
1161.Aroostook Roller Derby489.5
1162.Redcliff Roller Derby Ass...489.1
1163.Kill Devil Derby Brigade488.6
1164.Route 66 Roller Derby488.1
1165.Pensacola Roller Gurlz B ...487.7
1166.Quad State Derby Dames487.3
1167.Tragic City Plan B487.0
1168.Ring City Rollergirls487.0
1169.St. Cloud Area Roller Dol...487.0
1170.Bangor Roller Derby B-Tea...487.0
1171.Safford Roller Derby486.1
1172.Hell's Orchard Roller Der...486.0
1174.All City Rollers485.1
1175.Queen Bs485.0
1176.Cowboy Capital Rollergirl...484.4
1177.Northside Fury Roller Der...484.0
1178.South East Sask Roller De...483.5
1179.Riptide Rollers Associati...483.3
1180.Killer Bees482.7
1181.Bone City Rollers481.5
1182.Springfield's Queen City ...480.5
1183.Goosetown Roller Girls480.2
1184.Heart of Appalachia Rolle...480.2
1185.West End Wayward Rollersk...480.1
1186.Wild Wood Rollers480.1
1187.Party Crashers479.9
1188.Mouse River Rollers479.9
1189.Battle Broads479.9
1190.Renfrew County Roller Der...479.6
1191.Upstate Roller Girl Evolu...479.6
1192.Midwest Derby Divas478.8
1193.Rust Belt Rollers478.7
1195.Jefferson State Maidens o...478.2
1196.Peoria Push Derby Dames478.1
1197.Hub City Derby Dames477.9
1198.Hostess City Hellions477.5
1199.Rawlins Pen-Up Girlz476.4
1200.Wrath Pack476.2
1202.Mountain Mavens475.4
1203.Heartland Hellcats475.2
1204.Grand Junction Roller Gir...474.7
1205.Southern Maryland Roller ...474.7
1206.Macomb Bombshells474.0
1207.SO Derby473.2
1208.Mac-Town Sugar Skulls472.5
1209.Sheridan Roller Derby472.4
1210.Montgomery Roller Derby472.2
1211.Grimshaw Grim Reapers Rol...471.8
1212.BisMan Bombzillaz471.8
1213.North Coast Nightmares471.4
1214.Minnesota Southbound Roll...470.9
1215.Ridge Meadows Roller Derb...469.9
1216.GrassRoots Rollergirls469.8
1217.Ypsilanti Vigilantes469.8
1218.Benton County Roller Derb...469.6
1219.Femme Fatale Roller Dolls469.2
1220.Central Kansas Roller Gir...468.9
1221.Northumberland Roller Gir...468.5
1222.Mississippi Brawl Stars468.1
1223.Belleville Roller Derby468.0
1224.MidAmerica Rebel Rollers468.0
1225.Nightmares on Main Street467.0
1226.Heart Mountain Wreck on W...465.6
1227.Triple D Roller Derby465.4
1228.Powder River Rousta Bout ...464.8
1229.Repeat Offenders464.1
1230.River City Dames Of Anarc...463.2
1231.A-Town Roller Derby463.2
1232.Kenora Roller Derby Leagu...462.8
1233.Gillette Roller Derby462.5
1234.Central Jersey Roller Vix...461.5
1235.Mid Michigan Derby Girls461.4
1237.WestCo Derby461.2
1238.Northern Allegheny Roller...461.1
1239.Watertown Kampeska Krushe...459.3
1240.Demolitia Derby Queens457.7
1241.The Dire Skates454.7
1242.Demolition Dolls Roller D...454.5
1243.A-Town Roller Girlz454.2
1244.Old Town Beat Down453.7
1245.Cherry Bombs453.4
1246.Capital City Roller Girls453.2
1247.War Town Derby Dames450.6
1248.Peterborough Area Roller ...450.3
1249.ClarksVillain RollerGirls448.8
1250.Orange Crush446.8
1251.Southern Belles Roller De...446.5
1252.Rink Assassins Roller Der...445.0
1253.Chemical Valley Rollergir...445.0
1254.Renegade Rollitia Roller ...443.7
1255.Animas Roller Girls443.4
1256.Bombshell Battalion442.2
1257.Rushmore Rollerz441.1
1258.Eerie B Team438.2
1259.York City Derby Dames437.7
1260.South Side Roller Derby (...435.6
1261.Enterprise Roller Derby434.4
1262.Midwest Maidens Roller De...433.7
1263.Southland Slashers Roller...431.3
1264.Fort Stewart Rollergirls430.2
1265.Spindletop Rollergirls428.3
1266.Northshore Roller Derby425.8
1267.Sweetwater County Roller ...421.1
1268.Bathtub Betties420.2
1269.Derby Darlings401.6
1270.North Georgia Roller Girl...372.1