2016 Q3 (10/1/16)

2016 Q4 (1/1/17)

1.Victorian Roller Derby Le...1037.8
2.Queen Bees911.5
3.Sun State Roller Derby904.4
4.Perth Roller Derby891.2
5.Sydney Roller Derby Leagu...879.7
6.Canberra Roller Derby Lea...870.1
7.Paradise City Roller Derb...856.4
8.Adelaide Roller Derby847.7
9.Western Australia Roller ...838.3
10.Brisbane City Rollers823.6
11.Dead Ringer Rosies805.2
12.Northern Brisbane Rollers803.1
13.Notorious V.I.Cs799.3
14.Pirate City Rollers792.6
15.Richter City Roller Derby790.3
16.Rumble Bees779.1
17.The Psychotics777.4
19.Auckland Roller Derby Lea...774.5
20.Toxic Avengers (VRDL)770.3
21.Newcastle Roller Derby Le...769.4
22.Dead End Derby769.3
24.Deadly Nightslays756.1
25.Whakatane Roller Derby Le...750.9
26.Melbourne Northside Rolle...750.8
27.Road Train Rollers749.6
28.Varsity Derby League749.4
29.Geelong Roller Derby Leag...747.5
30.Femmes Brutale747.4
31.Dunedin Derby746.3
32.Kingston City Rollers (Wo...746.2
33.Dead Wreckoning745.4
34.Reef City Rollergirls745.2
35.Salty Dolls745.1
36.South Side Derby Dolls744.6
37.Killer Bees740.0
38.Red Bellied Black Hearts737.8
39.Blackheart Bruisers737.1
40.Surly Griffins734.3
41.Team Lumberjack733.5
42.South Sea Roller Derby733.1
43.Ballarat Roller Derby Lea...730.1
44.Black Widows728.2
45.Atom Bombs726.9
46.WestSide Derby Dollz (Wom...726.5
47.Mile Die Club725.9
48.Swamp City Roller Rats725.9
50.Mascara Massacre725.0
51.Northern Rivers Roller De...724.2
52.Diamond Valley Roller Der...722.6
54.Fort Smashleys719.9
55.Roll Asylum713.7
56.The Rolling Dead713.5
57.Coastal Assassins Roller ...709.9
58.Yokosuka Sushi Rollers708.0
59.Convict City Roller Derby707.7
60.Machine Gun Mollies707.6
61.The Banshees706.6
62.The Bloody Sundaes705.2
63.Comic Slams705.0
64.Blackheart Breakers704.9
65.Gladstone Roller Derby704.4
66.Mistresses of Mayhem703.6
67.Harbour Hellcats703.2
68.Towns Villains Roller Der...702.2
69.Bay Rollers Roller Derby701.4
71.Smash Malice697.3
72.Atomic Sirens694.7
73.Range Renegades693.2
74.Black 'n' Blue Belles692.9
75.Living Dead Rollers692.1
76.Wild Hearses690.7
77.Central Coast Roller Derb...688.9
78.Brawling Bar Belles686.8
79.Taranaki Roller Corps685.8
80.Dread Pirate Rollers683.9
81.Rumble Bees683.9
82.Light City Derby (Womens)682.3
84.The Sirens681.9
85.Mackay City Roller Maiden...681.0
86.Gippsland Ranges Roller D...679.7
87.The Slaughterers679.3
88.Bay City Rollers679.2
89.The Dolly Rogers678.9
90.Sugar Skulls676.5
91.Valkyrie Storm675.4
92.Blitzkrieg Betties675.0
93.Black Betties674.5
94.Voodoo Dolls673.0
95.Electric Screams672.9
97.Sonic Doom671.4
98.Gross Valley671.4
99.Blue Mountains Roller Der...671.0
100.The Arafuries670.5
102.Iron Maidens669.6
104.Otautahi Roller Derby Lea...667.9
105.Shrieking Eels667.9
106.Okinawa Roller Derby667.1
107.The Bamshees666.4
108.Inner West Roller Derby L...665.9
109.The Cutthroat Charmers665.7
110.Nasty Nancies664.5
111.Devil Dog Derby Dames663.7
112.The White Walkers663.3
114.Dragon City Roller Derby661.6
115.Tweed Valley Rollers661.3
117.Yokota Scary Blossoms658.3
118.Darwin Rollergirls655.9
119.Capital Brawlers655.4
120.Rum City Derby Dolls655.2
121.Badda Bings654.7
122.Devil State Derby League654.6
124.Crooked Butchers653.4
126.Brawling Banshees652.6
127.Wollongong Illawarra Roll...652.4
128.Moana Roller Derby651.5
129.United Brisbane Roller De...650.9
130.Brutal Pageant650.3
131.Sirens of Smash Roller De...649.6
132.Rogue Scholars648.6
133.Port Macquarie Roller Der...648.4
135.Broadside Brawlers648.1
136.Northland Nightmares Roll...648.0
138.Rebel Alliance647.1
139.Dames of Hazard646.9
140.Tokyo Roller Girls646.7
141.Scarlet Vendettas646.7
142.Violet Femmes644.9
143.Brute Squad644.5
144.Hellmilton Roller Ghouls641.7
145.Swiss Army Wives641.2
146.Cairns Derby Dolls640.0
147.The Black Heart Brawlers637.2
148.Margaret River Roller Der...636.2
149.Whenua Fatales Roller Der...635.5
150.The Rebels634.1
151.Timaru Roller Derby633.9
152.Toowoomba City Rollers632.6
153.Killa Geishas of Misawa632.0
154.The Psyclones631.7
155.Team Griffin631.6
157.Riot Squad629.3
158.River City Rollers627.2
159.Outcast Derby625.2
160.RCRG: B Team624.8
161.East Vic Roller Derby624.0
162.Tableland Roller Derby622.7
163.Armidale Roller Derby622.5
164.Bunbury Roller Derby621.4
165.Northern Beaches Roller G...621.1
166.The B-52 Bombshells620.8
167.Western Sydney Rollers620.6
168.Devil Dog Derby Dames Hom...619.8
169.Twisted Sisters619.3
170.Van Diemen Rollers618.7
171.Rocky Roller Derby617.5
172.Hawkesbury/Hills Area Rol...614.3
173.North West Roller Derby613.8
174.Sin City Rollers613.0
175.Swan City Derby Dames611.4
176.Sulphur City Steam Roller...609.2
178.Central West Roller Derby607.5
179.Virgin Marys605.2
180.Gold City Rollers603.3
181.Shield Maidens603.0
182.Otway Derby Dolls599.6
183.Wagga Derby Dolls596.9
185.Bonnie Brawlers595.5
186.East Coast Derby Dolls595.4
187.Kapiti Coast Derby Collec...590.5
188.Albany Roller Derby Leagu...590.4
189.Murder City Roller Girls588.4
190.Ace Invaders584.9
191.Airlie Beach Trash Bags574.6
192.Team Regional Victoria570.6
193.South Island Sirens Rolle...567.2
194.Maitland Roller Girls562.7
195.Valley Valkyries560.9
196.The Empire559.6
197.Coffs Coast Derby Dolls551.3
198.Rockabellas Roller Derby ...549.9
199.Hervey Bay Rollerz544.5
1.Victorian Roller Derby Le...1037.8
2.Queen Bees956.2
3.Sun State Roller Derby903.0
4.Sydney Roller Derby Leagu...900.8
5.Perth Roller Derby891.2
6.Paradise City Roller Derb...857.0
7.Western Australia Roller ...838.3
8.Adelaide Roller Derby833.6
9.Canberra Roller Derby Lea...829.0
10.Brisbane City Rollers818.3
11.Northern Brisbane Rollers809.2
12.Dead Ringer Rosies805.2
13.Pirate City Rollers804.9
14.Auckland Roller Derby Lea...799.3
15.Notorious V.I.Cs799.3
16.Richter City Roller Derby780.9
17.Varsity Derby League780.8
18.Rumble Bees779.1
19.Dead End Derby778.8
20.The Psychotics777.4
22.Toxic Avengers (VRDL)770.3
24.Melbourne Northside Rolle...765.1
25.Deadly Nightslays756.1
26.South Sea Roller Derby750.1
27.Road Train Rollers749.6
28.Geelong Roller Derby Leag...747.5
29.Femmes Brutale747.4
30.Dead Wreckoning745.4
31.Salty Dolls745.1
32.Newcastle Roller Derby Le...743.7
33.Swamp City Roller Rats743.5
34.Whakatane Roller Derby Le...741.5
35.Kingston City Rollers (Wo...741.2
36.Killer Bees740.0
37.Red Bellied Black Hearts737.8
39.Blackheart Bruisers737.1
40.Coastal Assassins Roller ...736.1
41.Surly Griffins734.3
42.Dunedin Derby733.9
43.Team Lumberjack733.5
44.Convict City Roller Derby729.2
45.Black Widows728.2
46.Atom Bombs726.9
47.Mile Die Club725.9
48.Mascara Massacre725.0
49.Northern Rivers Roller De...724.2
51.Bay Rollers Roller Derby720.6
52.Fort Smashleys719.9
53.Reef City Rollergirls719.0
54.Ballarat Roller Derby Lea...717.8
55.Roll Asylum713.7
56.The Rolling Dead713.5
58.Diamond Valley Roller Der...712.8
59.Yokosuka Sushi Rollers708.0
60.Machine Gun Mollies707.6
61.The Banshees706.6
62.The Bloody Sundaes705.2
63.Comic Slams705.0
64.Blackheart Breakers704.9
65.Mistresses of Mayhem703.6
67.Harbour Hellcats703.2
68.WestSide Derby Dollz (Wom...699.2
69.Light City Derby (Womens)699.0
70.Smash Malice697.3
71.Gladstone Roller Derby697.3
72.South Side Derby Dolls696.4
73.Atomic Sirens694.7
74.Range Renegades693.2
75.Black 'n' Blue Belles692.9
76.Taranaki Roller Corps691.4
77.Wild Hearses690.7
78.Rumble Bees689.0
79.Brawling Bar Belles686.8
80.Living Dead Rollers686.5
81.Dread Pirate Rollers683.9
82.Central Coast Roller Derb...683.7
83.Sonic Doom682.9
85.The Sirens681.9
86.Mackay City Roller Maiden...681.0
87.Gippsland Ranges Roller D...679.7
88.The Slaughterers679.3
89.The Dolly Rogers678.9
90.Sugar Skulls676.5
91.Valkyrie Storm675.4
92.Blitzkrieg Betties675.0
93.Black Betties674.5
94.Voodoo Dolls673.0
96.Gross Valley671.4
97.Inner West Roller Derby L...671.1
98.The Arafuries670.5
101.Otautahi Roller Derby Lea...667.9
102.Shrieking Eels667.9
103.Iron Maidens667.1
104.Okinawa Roller Derby667.1
105.The Bamshees666.4
106.Blue Mountains Roller Der...666.0
107.Towns Villains Roller Der...666.0
108.The Cutthroat Charmers665.7
109.Nasty Nancies664.5
110.Devil Dog Derby Dames663.7
111.The White Walkers663.3
113.Electric Screams661.5
114.RCRG: B Team661.0
116.Bay City Rollers659.4
117.Yokota Scary Blossoms658.3
118.Darwin Rollergirls655.9
119.Capital Brawlers655.4
120.Rum City Derby Dolls655.2
121.Badda Bings654.7
122.Rogue Scholars654.6
124.Crooked Butchers653.4
125.Brawling Banshees652.6
126.Sirens of Smash Roller De...652.4
127.Dragon City Roller Derby651.9
128.Top Gun Rollers651.3
129.United Brisbane Roller De...650.9
130.Brutal Pageant650.3
131.Dames of Hazard649.3
132.Devil State Derby League648.9
134.Northland Nightmares Roll...648.0
136.Rebel Alliance647.1
137.Tokyo Roller Girls646.7
138.Scarlet Vendettas646.7
139.Violet Femmes644.9
140.Brute Squad644.5
141.East Vic Roller Derby642.5
142.Tweed Valley Rollers642.1
143.Timaru Roller Derby641.3
144.Swiss Army Wives641.2
145.Whenua Fatales Roller Der...640.5
146.Cairns Derby Dolls640.0
147.Toowoomba City Rollers639.7
148.Port Macquarie Roller Der...639.6
149.Hellmilton Roller Ghouls638.9
150.The Black Heart Brawlers637.2
151.Wollongong Illawarra Roll...636.4
152.Margaret River Roller Der...636.2
153.The Rebels634.1
154.Moana Roller Derby633.2
155.Killa Geishas of Misawa632.0
156.The Psyclones631.7
157.Team Griffin631.6
159.Broadside Brawlers629.7
160.Western Sydney Rollers629.4
161.Sulphur City Steam Roller...627.7
162.Riot Squad626.8
163.Outcast Derby625.2
164.The B-52 Bombshells623.3
165.Tableland Roller Derby622.7
166.Armidale Roller Derby622.5
167.River City Rollers621.7
168.Otway Derby Dolls621.7
169.Bunbury Roller Derby621.4
170.Northern Beaches Roller G...621.1
171.Devil Dog Derby Dames Hom...619.8
172.Twisted Sisters619.3
173.Rocky Roller Derby617.5
174.North West Roller Derby613.8
175.Sin City Rollers613.0
176.Hawkesbury/Hills Area Rol...612.7
177.Swan City Derby Dames611.4
179.Central West Roller Derby607.5
180.Virgin Marys605.2
181.Gold City Rollers603.3
182.Shield Maidens603.0
183.Van Diemen Rollers599.6
185.Bonnie Brawlers595.5
186.East Coast Derby Dolls595.4
187.Albany Roller Derby Leagu...590.4
188.Kapiti Coast Derby Collec...588.6
189.Wagga Derby Dolls588.3
190.Murder City Roller Girls585.5
191.Ace Invaders584.9
192.Airlie Beach Trash Bags574.6
193.Maitland Roller Girls562.7
194.Valley Valkyries560.9
195.The Empire559.6
196.Coffs Coast Derby Dolls551.3
197.Rockabellas Roller Derby ...549.9
198.South Island Sirens Rolle...549.5
199.Team Regional Victoria548.5
200.Hervey Bay Rollerz544.5