2015 Q4 (1/1/16)

2016 Q1 (4/1/16)

1.Gotham Girls Roller Derby987.0
2.Victorian Roller Derby Le...977.2
3.Rose City Rollers969.8
4.London Rollergirls955.6
5.Angel City Derby Girls928.6
6.Bay Area Derby918.2
7.Jacksonville Roller Derby906.7
8.Texas Rollergirls904.4
9.Denver Roller Derby900.8
10.Arch Rival Roller Derby887.7
11.Minnesota RollerGirls874.5
12.Rat City Roller Girls871.6
13.Philly Roller Derby866.9
14.Rocky Mountain Rollergirl...863.1
15.Atlanta Rollergirls846.1
16.Montreal Roller Derby844.3
17.Tampa Roller Derby835.8
18.Dallas Derby Devils830.4
19.Paradise City Roller Derb...826.4
20.Terminal City Rollergirls823.5
21.Stockholm Roller Derby804.8
22.Steel City Roller Derby802.3
23.Boston Roller Derby796.9
24.Sun State Roller Girls796.4
25.Crime City Rollers793.7
26.Oly Rollers793.5
27.Sacred City Derby Girls792.5
28.Team United Roller Derby785.6
29.No Coast Derby Girls784.1
30.Nashville Rollergirls782.5
31.Houston Roller Derby779.1
32.Detroit Roller Derby776.3
33.Helsinki Roller Derby768.6
34.Naptown Roller Derby767.8
35.Ohio Roller Derby764.4
36.Mad Rollin' Dolls Roller ...761.6
37.Santa Cruz Derby Girls761.1
38.Charm City Roller Girls760.7
39.Glasgow Roller Derby757.6
40.Arizona Roller Derby751.8
41.Kansas City Roller Warrio...751.8
42.Wasatch Roller Derby751.1
43.Charlottesville Derby Dam...749.9
44.Demolition City Roller De...749.8
45.Queen City Roller Girls747.6
46.Pikes Peak Derby Dames745.4
47.Sacramento Roller Derby744.3
48.Emerald City Roller Derby742.2
49.The Chicago Outfit Roller...740.3
50.Rideau Valley Roller Derb...737.6
51.Bear City Roller Derby736.7
52.Windy City Rollers735.4
53.Calgary Roller Derby732.6
54.Boulder County Bombers731.5
55.Tucson Roller Derby731.4
56.Brandywine Roller Derby729.0
57.Saint Chux Derby Chix727.6
58.Tri-City Roller Derby726.7
59.Grand Raggidy Roller Derb...725.2
60.Toronto Roller Derby724.2
61.Columbia Roller Derby721.2
62.Ann Arbor Derby Dimes720.1
63.Jet City Roller Derby717.9
64.SoCal Derby717.8
65.Carolina Rollergirls714.4
66.Kallio Rolling Rainbow706.6
67.Fabulous Sin City Rollerg...706.3
68.Brewcity Bruisers703.2
69.Treasure Valley Roller De...702.0
70.Oklahoma Victory Dolls699.6
71.Fort Myers Derby Girls696.3
72.Burning River Roller Derb...696.3
73.Des Moines Derby Dames694.2
74.Ithaca League of Women Ro...691.7
75.Adelaide Roller Derby691.3
76.Green Mountain Roller Der...689.4
77.San Fernando Valley Rolle...687.9
78.Cincinnati Rollergirls683.7
79.Roc City Roller Derby682.6
80.Kalamazoo Derby Darlins682.1
81.Sydney Roller Derby Leagu...680.9
82.Maine Roller Derby680.1
83.Auld Reekie Roller Girls678.5
84.Muddy River Rollers678.5
85.Blue Ridge Rollergirls677.1
86.Junction City Roller Doll...677.1
87.Old Capitol City Roller D...676.9
88.North Star Roller Derby671.3
89.Winnipeg Roller Derby Lea...670.8
90.Fort Wayne Derby Girls668.3
91.Rainy City Roller Derby668.0
92.Rage City Rollergirls666.6
93.DC Rollergirls665.3
94.Royal City Roller Girls663.3
95.Garden State Rollergirls662.1
96.Lansing Derby Vixens661.4
97.Port Scandalous Roller De...654.3
98.Big Easy Rollergirls652.7
99.Leeds Roller Derby650.4
100.Suburbia Roller Derby644.8
101.Fargo Moorhead Derby Girl...643.1
102.Nidaros Roller Derby643.0
103.Granite State Roller Derb...642.9
104.Cape Fear Roller Girls642.1
105.Tiger Bay Brawlers639.9
106.Omaha Rollergirls638.4
107.Sioux City Roller Dames638.0
108.Providence Roller Derby637.8
109.Oklahoma City Roller Derb...637.4
110.Twin City Derby Girls637.3
111.Bakersfield Diamond Divas635.5
112.V Town Derby Dames635.3
113.Red Stick Roller Derby635.2
114.DuPage Derby Dames634.4
115.Dub City Roller Derby633.7
116.Northwest Arkansas Roller...632.6
117.Memphis Roller Derby631.9
118.Greensboro Roller Derby627.9
119.Cherry City Roller Derby627.2
120.Shasta Roller Derby625.0
121.Crossroads City Derby Gir...624.3
122.Middlesbrough Roller Derb...624.3
123.Derby City Roller Girls623.7
124.Lava City Roller Dolls623.0
125.Rainier Roller Girls622.9
126.Lowcountry Highrollers621.8
127.Central NY Roller Derby620.8
128.Salisbury Roller Girls618.9
129.North Texas Roller Derby617.5
130.Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz616.8
131.Canberra Roller Derby Lea...616.6
132.Nantes Derby Girls616.4
133.Humboldt Roller Derby616.0
134.Undead Bettys Roller Derb...615.8
135.Hard Knox Roller Girls612.3
136.ICT Roller Girls608.1
137.Paris Rollergirls607.8
138.Tragic City Rollers606.8
139.Lehigh Valley Roller Derb...606.7
140.Perth Roller Derby606.4
141.Durango Roller Girls606.3
142.Stuttgart Valley Rollergi...603.8
143.Happy Valley Derby Darlin...603.5
144.Rock N Roller Queens602.7
145.Dublin Roller Derby602.6
146.Akron Roller Derby601.7
147.GO-GO Gent Roller Derby600.2
148.Duke City Roller Derby599.9
149.Central City Roller Derby599.3
150.Pirate City Rollers597.7
151.Cornfed Derby Dames596.1
152.Gem City Roller Derby595.7
153.Molly Roger Rollergirls594.3
154.Charlotte Roller Girls591.3
155.Bleeding Heartland Roller...591.2
156.Appalachian Rollergirls591.0
157.Assault City Roller Derby589.8
158.Newcastle Roller Girls589.5
159.Cheyenne Roller Derby589.0
160.Mother State Roller Derby588.0
161.Fox Cities Roller Derby587.7
162.Long Island Roller Rebels587.4
163.FoCo Roller Derby586.1
164.Gold Coast Derby Grrls584.3
165.Connecticut Roller Derby584.1
166.Silicon Valley Rollergirl...582.0
167.Amsterdam Roller Derby581.8
168.Hammer City Roller Derby579.5
169.Birmingham Blitz Dames578.9
170.Gothenburg Roller Derby577.6
171.New Jersey Roller Derby577.3
172.Oslo Roller Derby575.1
173.Richter City Roller Derby574.4
174.Bellingham Roller Betties572.4
175.Bay State Brawlers572.3
176.One Love Roller Dolls572.1
177.Ark Valley High Rollers571.7
178.Tallahassee Rollergirls570.8
179.Dutchland Derby Rollers569.6
180.Royal Windsor Roller Girl...569.1
181.Lilac City Roller Derby (...568.3
182.New Hampshire Roller Derb...567.3
183.Rock Coast Rollers566.3
184.Black Rose Rollers566.2
185.Mid State Sisters of Skat...566.1
186.MedCity Mafia Roller Derb...565.1
187.Richland County Regulator...564.6
188.Dominion Derby Girls560.1
189.Shore Points Roller Derby560.0
190.Border City Brawlers560.0
191.Snake Pit Derby Dames559.5
192.Harbor City Roller Dames559.0
193.St. Albert Heavenly Rolle...558.9
194.Ohio Valley Roller Girls558.8
195.Worcester Roller Derby558.6
196.Cen-Tex Roller Girls557.7
197.Nottingham Hellfire Harlo...557.5
198.Classic City Rollergirls557.1
199.Chattanooga Roller Girls556.3
200.Sick Town Derby Dames556.0
201.Mass Attack Roller Derby555.7
202.Ventura County Derby Darl...553.5
203.Lincolnshire Bombers547.9
204.Sioux Falls Roller Dollz546.1
205.MOKAN Roller Girlz545.8
206.Hellions of Troy Roller D...543.8
207.Little City Rollergirls542.7
208.Juneau Roller Girls542.7
209.Pensacola Roller Gurlz542.5
210.Port City Roller Derby541.3
211.Monterey Bay Derby Dames540.2
212.Twin Valleys Roller Derby540.2
213.Forest City Derby Girls538.8
214.Copenhagen Roller Derby538.6
215.Alamo City Rollergirls538.1
216.Cajun Rollergirls537.9
217.Derby Revolution of Baker...537.3
218.Sheffield Steel Rollergir...536.0
219.580 Rollergirls535.1
220.Jersey Shore Roller Girls532.8
221.Dirty River Roller Derby532.6
222.Dark River Derby Coalitio...531.8
223.Hartford Area Roller Derb...528.9
224.Paradise Roller Girls528.9
225.Babe City Rollers528.7
226.Greater Toronto Area Roll...527.7
227.West Texas Roller Dollz527.3
228.Dockyard Derby Dames527.0
229.Magnolia Roller Vixens526.5
230.Sonoma County Roller Derb...526.4
231.River Valley Rollergirls ...526.1
232.Peach State Roller Derby525.5
233.South Bend Roller Girls524.3
234.Fredericksburg Roller Der...523.0
235.Quad City Rollers522.8
236.Muscogee Roller Girls522.0
237.CoMo Derby Dames521.4
238.Roller Derby Metz Club520.7
239.Rodeo City Rollergirls520.0
240.River City Roller Derby519.9
241.Hudson Valley Horrors519.8
242.Prairieland Punishers Rol...519.6
243.Okinawa Roller Derby518.2
244.Southern Illinois Roller ...518.0
245.Rockin' City Rollergirls516.3
246.London Rockin' Rollers514.4
247.Lake City Roller Dolls513.7
248.Assassination City Roller...513.0
249.Battle Creek Cereal Kille...512.2
250.Slaughterhouse Derby Girl...511.8
251.Rockford Rage Roller Derb...511.8
252.Dixie Derby Girls511.3
253.Dock City Rollers511.1
254.Springfield Rollergirls509.9
255.Albany All Stars Roller D...507.7
256.A'Salt Creek Roller Girls507.1
257.Devil Dog Derby Dames506.8
258.Wilkes-Barre Scranton Rol...506.5
259.Melbourne Northside Rolle...506.0
260.Belfast Roller Derby505.4
261.Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens503.4
262.Tokyo Roller Girls503.4
263.Chippewa Valley Roller Gi...501.7
264.Cedar Valley Roller Derby500.0
265.Vienna Roller Derby499.3
266.Mississippi Rollergirls498.9
267.Harrisburg Area Roller De...498.0
268.South Sea Roller Derby497.8
269.Gainesville Roller Rebels496.4
270.Circle City Derby Girls494.9
271.Cedar Rapids Rollergirls494.5
272.Western Australia Roller ...494.4
273.Rock Town Roller Derby494.4
274.Little Steel Derby Girls489.2
275.Jerzey Derby Brigade485.7
276.Mississippi Valley Mayhem484.0
277.Rainy City Roller Dolls483.5
278.West Coast Derby Knockout...479.5
279.Roller Girls of the Apoca...477.8
280.Glass City Rollers477.3
281.Black-n-Bluegrass RollerG...476.0
282.Diamond State Roller Derb...475.8
283.Dolly Rockit Rollers475.7
284.Barcelona Roller Derby475.5
285.Acadiana Roller Derby473.5
286.Soul City Sirens472.5
287.State College Area Roller...472.3
288.Rocktown Rollers471.0
289.Savannah Derby Devils468.4
290.Vette City Roller Derby468.2
291.Pacific Roller Derby466.4
292.Greenville Derby Dames465.5
293.Enid Roller Girls465.5
294.Central Coast Roller Derb...465.2
295.RuhrPott Roller Derby463.3
296.Renegade Derby Dames459.4
297.Fairbanks Rollergirls456.3
298.McLean County MissFits455.8
299.Roughneck Roller Derby454.6
300.Peninsula Roller Girls453.9
301.Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls453.4
302.El Paso Roller Derby451.1
303.Cowboy Capital Rollergirl...448.9
304.Chemical Valley Rollergir...448.2
305.Roller Derby Karlsruhe444.1
306.Hub City Derby Dames444.1
307.Denali Destroyers439.1
308.Castle Rock 'n' Rollers435.0
309.SO Derby426.1
310.Confluence Crush Roller D...425.6
311.Central California Area D...422.9
312.Rollergirls Of Central Ke...420.3
313.Spindletop Rollergirls399.7
314.Grand Junction Roller Gir...386.0
315.Portneuf Valley Bruisers348.8
1.Gotham Girls Roller Derby987.0
2.Victorian Roller Derby Le...977.2
3.Rose City Rollers969.8
4.London Rollergirls948.4
5.Angel City Derby Girls933.2
6.Bay Area Derby918.2
7.Jacksonville Roller Derby918.0
8.Texas Rollergirls904.4
9.Denver Roller Derby900.8
10.Arch Rival Roller Derby887.7
11.Rat City Roller Girls887.5
12.Minnesota RollerGirls874.5
13.Dallas Derby Devils869.4
14.Philly Roller Derby866.9
15.Montreal Roller Derby863.3
16.Crime City Rollers844.5
17.Tampa Roller Derby835.8
18.Atlanta Rollergirls834.8
19.Rocky Mountain Rollergirl...833.4
20.Paradise City Roller Derb...826.4
21.Terminal City Rollergirls823.5
22.Team United Roller Derby820.2
23.Columbia Roller Derby808.0
24.Steel City Roller Derby803.5
25.Queen City Roller Girls801.6
26.Boston Roller Derby796.9
27.Sun State Roller Girls796.4
28.Oly Rollers793.5
29.Naptown Roller Derby791.4
30.Sacred City Derby Girls788.5
31.San Diego Roller Derby786.9
32.No Coast Derby Girls784.1
33.Nashville Rollergirls782.5
34.Helsinki Roller Derby780.2
35.Houston Roller Derby779.1
36.Mad Rollin' Dolls Roller ...773.8
37.Santa Cruz Derby Girls770.6
38.Ohio Roller Derby764.7
39.Boulder County Bombers761.2
40.Stockholm Roller Derby761.0
41.Charm City Roller Girls760.7
42.Detroit Roller Derby751.1
43.Wasatch Roller Derby751.1
44.Charlottesville Derby Dam...749.9
45.Pikes Peak Derby Dames745.4
46.Sacramento Roller Derby744.3
47.Grand Raggidy Roller Derb...743.7
48.Emerald City Roller Derby742.2
49.Arizona Roller Derby742.1
50.Tucson Roller Derby740.8
51.The Chicago Outfit Roller...740.3
52.Jet City Roller Derby737.8
53.Bear City Roller Derby736.7
54.Windy City Rollers735.4
55.Calgary Roller Derby732.6
56.Saint Chux Derby Chix727.6
57.Ann Arbor Derby Dimes719.8
58.Tri-City Roller Derby719.5
59.Rideau Valley Roller Derb...718.6
60.SoCal Derby717.8
61.Fort Myers Derby Girls714.6
62.Muddy River Rollers709.3
63.Fabulous Sin City Rollerg...706.3
64.Toronto Roller Derby705.3
65.Brandywine Roller Derby704.7
66.Carolina Rollergirls704.7
67.Treasure Valley Roller De...702.0
68.Kansas City Roller Warrio...696.5
69.Ithaca League of Women Ro...692.5
70.Brewcity Bruisers691.0
71.Green Mountain Roller Der...689.4
72.Kallio Rolling Rainbow686.3
73.Roller Derby Quebec685.2
74.Northwest Arkansas Roller...683.1
75.Cincinnati Rollergirls682.8
76.Sydney Roller Derby Leagu...680.9
77.Oklahoma Victory Dolls680.2
78.Maine Roller Derby679.2
79.Blue Ridge Rollergirls677.1
80.Kalamazoo Derby Darlins676.5
81.Undead Bettys Roller Derb...675.5
82.Auld Reekie Roller Girls675.1
83.Adelaide Roller Derby674.4
84.Rage City Rollergirls674.4
85.Omaha Rollergirls674.0
86.Royal City Roller Girls671.7
87.North Star Roller Derby671.3
88.Winnipeg Roller Derby Lea...670.8
89.Ottawa Valley Roller Derb...669.9
90.Burning River Roller Derb...669.3
91.V Town Derby Dames666.1
92.Old Capitol City Roller D...665.9
93.DC Rollergirls665.3
94.Garden State Rollergirls662.1
95.DuPage Derby Dames661.9
96.Rainy City Roller Derby659.1
97.Crossroads City Derby Gir...659.0
98.Paris Rollergirls657.8
99.Newcastle Roller Girls656.4
100.Twin City Derby Girls655.1
101.San Fernando Valley Rolle...654.9
102.Port Scandalous Roller De...654.3
103.Copenhagen Roller Derby653.8
104.Gem City Roller Derby651.8
105.Leeds Roller Derby650.4
106.Dub City Roller Derby650.3
107.Tiger Bay Brawlers648.8
108.Roc City Roller Derby646.6
109.Suburbia Roller Derby644.8
110.Nidaros Roller Derby643.0
111.Granite State Roller Derb...642.9
112.Glasgow Roller Derby639.6
113.Providence Roller Derby638.7
114.Memphis Roller Derby638.7
115.Oklahoma City Roller Derb...637.4
116.Lansing Derby Vixens635.9
117.Cape Fear Roller Girls634.7
118.Big Easy Rollergirls633.1
119.Fort Wayne Derby Girls630.7
120.Dublin Roller Derby629.7
121.ICT Roller Girls629.2
122.Demolition City Roller De...628.0
123.Greensboro Roller Derby627.4
124.Mainland Misfits625.5
125.Cheyenne Roller Derby625.3
126.Middlesbrough Roller Derb...624.3
127.Lowcountry Highrollers621.8
128.Duke City Roller Derby621.5
129.Red Stick Roller Derby621.3
130.Cornfed Derby Dames621.0
131.Junction City Roller Doll...620.8
132.Central NY Roller Derby620.8
133.Lehigh Valley Roller Derb...620.7
134.Salisbury Roller Girls618.9
135.Lava City Roller Dolls618.5
136.Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz616.8
137.Canberra Roller Derby Lea...616.6
138.Unforgiven Roller Girls614.7
139.Cherry City Roller Derby614.0
140.Fargo Moorhead Derby Girl...612.6
141.Hard Knox Roller Girls612.3
142.Shasta Roller Derby611.0
143.Sioux City Roller Dames610.6
144.Tragic City Rollers606.8
145.Perth Roller Derby606.4
146.Durango Roller Girls606.3
147.Hammer City Roller Derby604.6
148.Monterey Bay Derby Dames604.5
149.Stuttgart Valley Rollergi...603.8
150.Happy Valley Derby Darlin...603.5
151.Bakersfield Diamond Divas602.8
152.Rock N Roller Queens602.7
153.Central City Roller Derby599.3
154.Long Island Roller Rebels597.7
155.Pirate City Rollers593.7
156.Charlotte Roller Girls591.8
157.Sonoma County Roller Derb...591.2
158.Appalachian Rollergirls591.0
159.Assault City Roller Derby589.8
160.Derby City Roller Girls589.2
161.North Texas Roller Derby588.5
162.Mother State Roller Derby588.0
163.Gothenburg Roller Derby587.7
164.Rainier Roller Girls586.5
165.FoCo Roller Derby586.1
166.Nantes Derby Girls583.9
167.Black Rose Rollers583.5
168.GO-GO Gent Roller Derby582.7
169.Connecticut Roller Derby582.2
170.Bleeding Heartland Roller...581.9
171.Amsterdam Roller Derby581.8
172.Harbor City Roller Dames581.1
173.Molly Roger Rollergirls580.0
174.Bellingham Roller Betties579.1
175.Birmingham Blitz Dames578.9
176.Richter City Roller Derby578.4
177.Dominion Derby Girls577.9
178.Akron Roller Derby576.1
179.Oslo Roller Derby575.1
180.Dock City Rollers572.6
181.Bay State Brawlers572.3
182.One Love Roller Dolls572.1
183.Ark Valley High Rollers571.7
184.South Coast Roller Derby570.9
185.Tallahassee Rollergirls570.8
186.Fox Cities Roller Derby569.9
187.Royal Windsor Roller Girl...569.1
188.Lilac City Roller Derby (...568.3
189.Humboldt Roller Derby567.7
190.New Jersey Roller Derby567.5
191.New Hampshire Roller Derb...567.3
192.West Virginia Roller Derb...566.8
193.Mid State Sisters of Skat...566.1
194.Rock Coast Rollers565.1
195.Peach State Roller Derby564.9
196.Classic City Rollergirls564.5
197.Gold Coast Derby Grrls563.7
198.Silicon Valley Rollergirl...562.7
199.Shore Points Roller Derby560.0
200.Border City Brawlers560.0
201.St. Albert Heavenly Rolle...558.9
202.Ohio Valley Roller Girls558.8
203.Worcester Roller Derby558.6
204.Cen-Tex Roller Girls557.7
205.Nottingham Hellfire Harlo...557.5
206.Sick Town Derby Dames556.0
207.Mass Attack Roller Derby555.7
208.Ventura County Derby Darl...553.5
209.Snake Pit Derby Dames552.9
210.Richland County Regulator...549.1
211.Forest City Derby Girls548.1
212.Lincolnshire Bombers547.9
213.Dark River Derby Coalitio...546.4
214.Dutchland Derby Rollers545.9
215.MOKAN Roller Girlz545.1
216.Hellions of Troy Roller D...543.8
217.MedCity Mafia Roller Derb...543.7
218.Little City Rollergirls542.7
219.Pensacola Roller Gurlz542.5
220.Prairieland Punishers Rol...542.5
221.Port City Roller Derby541.3
222.Derby Revolution of Baker...540.2
223.Twin Valleys Roller Derby540.2
224.Alamo City Rollergirls538.1
225.Cajun Rollergirls537.9
226.Sheffield Steel Rollergir...536.0
227.Chattanooga Roller Girls535.3
228.Cedar Valley Roller Derby533.9
229.Jersey Shore Roller Girls532.8
230.Dirty River Roller Derby532.6
231.Babe City Rollers528.7
232.West Texas Roller Dollz527.3
233.Northwest Derby Company527.1
234.Dockyard Derby Dames527.0
235.Magnolia Roller Vixens526.5
236.South Bend Roller Girls524.3
237.580 Rollergirls522.9
238.Quad City Rollers522.8
239.Muscogee Roller Girls522.0
240.Hartford Area Roller Derb...520.8
241.Roller Derby Metz Club520.7
242.Rodeo City Rollergirls520.0
243.River City Roller Derby519.9
244.Hudson Valley Horrors519.8
245.Rockin' City Rollergirls518.6
246.Southern Illinois Roller ...518.0
247.Greater Toronto Area Roll...516.4
248.London Rockin' Rollers514.4
249.Lake City Roller Dolls513.7
250.Paradise Roller Girls513.6
251.Assassination City Roller...513.0
252.Sioux Falls Roller Dollz512.3
253.Battle Creek Cereal Kille...512.2
254.Slaughterhouse Derby Girl...511.8
255.Rockford Rage Roller Derb...511.8
256.CoMo Derby Dames511.1
257.Albany All Stars Roller D...510.9
258.Springfield Rollergirls509.9
259.Dixie Derby Girls508.4
260.A'Salt Creek Roller Girls507.1
261.Wilkes-Barre Scranton Rol...506.5
262.Gainesville Roller Rebels506.3
263.Melbourne Northside Rolle...506.0
264.River Valley Rollergirls ...505.7
265.Belfast Roller Derby505.4
266.Greenville Derby Dames505.3
267.Fredericksburg Roller Der...505.2
268.Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens503.4
269.Cedar Rapids Rollergirls502.8
270.Juneau Roller Girls501.7
271.Chippewa Valley Roller Gi...500.2
272.Mississippi Rollergirls498.9
273.South Sea Roller Derby497.8
274.Okinawa Roller Derby497.6
275.Harrisburg Area Roller De...497.3
276.Rock Town Roller Derby496.6
277.Resurrection Roller Girls495.4
278.Circle City Derby Girls494.9
279.Western Australia Roller ...494.4
280.Little Steel Derby Girls489.2
281.Yellow Rose Derby Girls487.7
282.Jerzey Derby Brigade486.4
283.Vienna Roller Derby486.1
284.Tokyo Roller Girls485.7
285.Mississippi Valley Mayhem484.0
286.Rainy City Roller Dolls483.5
287.West Coast Derby Knockout...480.9
288.Devil Dog Derby Dames480.0
289.Barcelona Roller Derby478.6
290.Roller Girls of the Apoca...477.8
291.Glass City Rollers477.3
292.Black-n-Bluegrass RollerG...476.0
293.Diamond State Roller Derb...475.8
294.Dolly Rockit Rollers475.7
295.Acadiana Roller Derby473.5
296.Soul City Sirens472.5
297.State College Area Roller...472.3
298.Rocktown Rollers471.0
299.Renegade Derby Dames468.2
300.Vette City Roller Derby468.2
301.Pacific Roller Derby466.4
302.Heart of Appalachia Rolle...465.5
303.Enid Roller Girls465.5
304.Central Coast Roller Derb...465.2
305.RuhrPott Roller Derby463.3
306.Savannah Derby Devils458.5
307.Fairbanks Rollergirls456.3
308.McLean County MissFits455.8
309.Roughneck Roller Derby454.6
310.Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls453.4
311.Peninsula Roller Girls452.5
312.El Paso Roller Derby451.1
313.Roller Derby Karlsruhe444.1
314.Hub City Derby Dames444.1
315.Waimea Wranglers440.8
316.Denali Destroyers439.1
317.Castle Rock 'n' Rollers435.0
318.SO Derby426.1
319.Confluence Crush Roller D...425.6
320.Whidbey Island Roller Gir...425.1
321.Central California Area D...422.9
322.Rollergirls Of Central Ke...420.3
323.Chemical Valley Rollergir...408.3
324.Spindletop Rollergirls397.4
325.Grand Junction Roller Gir...386.0
326.Portneuf Valley Bruisers348.8