Several things have happened recently that have encouraged us to bring a new feature into FTS. If you notice at the top menu bar, there’s now a Labs button. This will take you to our sandbox of things that are not yet ready for prime-time, but are interesting enough that we thought you’d like to see.

Most of these were derived by feedback requests (like a question about whether the recent Gotham blowout was indeed the largest... it is). One of particular note, however, was the recent uploading of bout stats from Tallahassee that sets a new record for the highest scoring jam in a WFTDA sanctioned bout. At this point, we’ve uploaded bout stats for over 24% of all WFTDA sanctioned bouts since 2009 -- and almost 30% of 2011 -- so we feel relatively confident that our sample size is pretty robust and that this is, in fact, a new record. However, if you think your team deserves to be on this leaderboard, please send us your statsbook and we’ll upload the bout (usually within 24 hours).

It’s worth mentioning, that all of these are “in progress” ideas. So we apologize that the they are not up to our usual aesthetic standards, but we value your feedback and have included comments sections at the bottom of each page. Please let us know what you think or related concepts that might expand or improve on what you see.


I'd love to see an option to put in 2 teams and see what their matchup predictor would be.