We're on a new server this morning, and if you're reading this from your blog reader and still can't get on, please try again later! Looks like most of the world is pointing to the new site, but there might be some smaller ISPs out there that still haven't gotten word of our new location.

This season has brought us a whole lot more traffic, coupled with the requirements for tracking all these new teams and bouts meant that a need for a new server has been growing every week. New ranking systems are coming soon, we just had to take care of these pressing house-keeping issues first.

Also, many of you have experienced some bumpiness the last couple days, esp w/ e-mail (new accounts, password resets, bout submissions, feedback, etc ...) as we work out some transition issues.  Those issues should be fixed now and if we didn't get to you yet, please try us again! Can't say we're totally out of the woods in this transition, so please bear with us.

If you're having issues, please let us know: flattrackstats[at]gmail[dot]com