Today we're rolling out total integration of MRDA bouts and a special frontpage for weekly MRDA action -- set your bookmarks to

Now when you browse around the site, you can see the same treatment we give WFTDA bouts -- bout predictions, ranking results, and team ranking history. Like this men's bout happening today: 8/11/12: St. Louis GateKeepers @ Shock Exchange. Or detailed ranking history for men's teams: St. Lous GateKeepers.

More frontpage bells and whistles to come shortly.


Upcoming Ranking Systems

Also an update on where we're at with new ranking systems. We've had some large (and small) scale systems in the works since we started collecting any and all bout data last April. The response has been awesome and every week we have teams coming out of the woodwork dumping their historical bout scores and stats on us!

There are still some areas in large scale ranking systems (like a giant unsanctioned North America system) where the web of connections isn't up to par yet, but it's close. As more and more data comes in we're closing the gap on what we feel are statistically sound rankings.

So this is just a note to say

  • thank you for your contributions,
  • we're almost there so keep it coming,
  • and hopefully by the time this season's out we'll have as much attention on the rest of the derby world as we've given WFTDA (and now MRDA).

If you're in a new or unsanctioned league we especially need your help. Search for your team on FTS and see what we're missing.

Send us any bouts we're missing, or data that's incorrect.

Send us Excel statsbooks.

Can't find your team?  Let us know and we'll have you up in no time.