What is the opposite of austerity? Flat Track Stats. While the rest of the world appears to be cutting back, we are expanding our scope and providing the stats, rankings and displays that you’ve come to expect from us to more regions and more teams. Today we’d like to welcome Europe into the FTS fold.

About a year ago, we were approached informally about a possible european ranking system. We began gathering as much bout data as we could and started fiddling with the numbers. We’ve had a prototype ranking system running in the background now for a few months and have been pretty happy with how it’s held up. It performed well in the recent Track Queens - Battle Royal tournament and pointed out some teams that are definitely on the move (I’m lookin’ at you Helsinki) so we thought now was a good time to take it live.

There’s now a european specific landing page and you can get to the european rankings from the Rankings page. Of course, this means we now provide all the features you’ve come to expect from us to all the european teams: bouts lists, rankings over time and detailed bout stats. All of these are naturally only as good as the information that we have so please check our list of bouts and teams to see if we’ve got everything correct in our database. Don’t hesitate to let us know if we’re missing a team or a bout and please continue to send in new bout results. And, if you have statsbooks of past bouts, we can upload those as well.


Holy shit!

very cool! It's exciting to see Europe progress :D

(separate but related thought... any interest in junior derby rankings?)

Yeah we've had some discussions about junior derby. I think the main thing we're lacking right now is just a collection of bouts that I could look at and start to analyze.

Wild West Showdown 2013 will be hosting a juniors tournament with 9 teams from around the country. Let me know if you're interested, I could send you the bout info afterwards (at the very least, the scores).

The Opposite of Gratitude

Okay I've thought about it for a while. And this is what I'd like to see with the Europe stuff.

Have an option to view teams by country, doesn't to have a button for each country, a drop down would be good enough.

Also I understand why some leagues home teams are included, but how about an option to see just travel teams?

When you give more, people just expect more.

We do intend on filtering by team type in the rankings. It *is* hard to take in something the size of Europe without that context.

For filtering by country, are we talking about filtering the list of teams: http://flattrackstats.com/teams or filtering the European ranks?

You do understand my desires are just day dream wants?

By my count, I see about 290 leagues in Europe (give or take a handful, it was a careless count). So I expect Europe to continue to grow and organize itself. Europe currently has 12 leagues in WFTDA's East region with another 8 leagues in the apprentice program. I wouldn't be surprised to see WFTDA separate Europe into it's own region/division/affiliate/whatever by the end of 2013.

As for filtering by country, what I'm talking about is ranking. So for example, from the drop down I would pick United Kingdom and see a ranking of leagues from only the United Kingdom.

Grateful for your efforts,