Our poor ranking system had become seriously decrepit and neglected over the past couple years. The time I was spending on other aspects of derby data and the building of this site meant I was losing steam on the rankings project, and it was destined to be tossed aside. That is until I met David last year. While I continued building the site you see today, David came in and totally rebuilt the ranking system from the ground up.

I insist that you forget what you know about the prior system. Forget tournament bonuses (we don't do 'em anymore), forget a yearly bout falloff (the concept doesn't really apply to this system where each bout is calculated in sequence), and forget the sense of scale (these ratings are on a totally different scale -- roughly low hundreds to 1000), and forget your expectation about how much a team may move. David has been rigorously tuning the systems's performance for months now, and we really like how it's turned out!

Read about the details in the documentation, then send us any questions or feedback. Enjoy!