I'm really excited to unveil the next big step for us at Flat Track Stats: we are now tracking detailed bout stats. Don't even bother reading this, just go check out a couple bouts: Duke vs Bay Area and Rocky Mtn vs Denver are some personal favorites. We're launching with the full 2009 Western Regionals to start, with some other tournaments to follow. And here's where we need your help.

In the same way that we rely on you to keep us up to date with bout schedules, scores, and corrections, we are now accepting stats submissions for all historical and future bouts.

You can read more about how this works on the stats submission page, but this is the gist:

  1. You send us stats documents in any format (though WFTDA's Workbook format is what we're currently setup for).
  2. Our stats parser, which can adapt to any past or future version of any stats document, crunches the data.
  3. The parser validates for a bunch of possible errors.
  4. We make corrections to these errors in an effort to get the stats sheets to fully validate. Corrections are non-destructive and travel with the stats as a record of what was needed to achieve validation.
  5. Once imported, the raw stats are transformed into the cleanly presented, carefully deliberated, browsable, searchable, shareable FTS experience you've come to know.

If you've sent us stats workbooks in the past (thank you!), please re-send them now that we have a complete system in place for processing them.

Also, don't miss the detailed jam-by-jam tab with information about scoring, ghost points, jammer events, lineups, and penalties for every jam in a bout.

These stats and visualizations that are currently up are barely scratching the surface as far as I'm concerned. There's a lot of exciting ideas in planning and design phases that I'm moving onto next. We can't do it without data though, so please gather up what's available to you and send it our way!

It's time to take derby stats to the next level.

Bout Stats Preview