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Note that this data is based on statsbooks that have been submitted to us. Help us make this more complete by sending us data so we can crunch the numbers.

Top 20 highest scoring jams.

Top 20 highest scoring jams.

BoutPlayerJam Score
4/27/13: Castle Rock (85) @ FoCo (351)
Slim Skatey (CRG)50
4/27/13: Castle Rock (70) @ Boulder County (474)
Feist E. One45
5/18/13: Capital City (210) @ Lane County (203)
James Brains45
Phantom Power45
6/16/13: Mean Mountain (20) @ Your Mom (560)
Frank Not Sohotra (Dante Muse)45
6/2/13: North Star (141) @ Suburbia (242)
Charlotte Bupowski45
9/7/13: Cincinnati (116) @ Rose (414)
Scald Eagle45
6/19/15: Philly Hooligans (7) @ Shock Exchange (683)
Carnage Asada45
5/13/12: Harm City (50) @ Your Mom (427)
Tony Muse (Peter Pan)45
8/25/12: Little City (11) @ Nashville (451)
Sugar Magmaulya45
6/23/12: Central NY (132) @ River City (328)
Julia Bondage45
9/19/14: Nashville (57) @ London (408)
Stefanie Mainey45
7/19/14: Ohio Valley (248) @ WestCo (116)
Dorian Slay45
6/7/14: Towns Villains (3) @ Victoria (484)
Mad Mel Arena45
6/7/14: Towns Villains (3) @ Victoria (484)
Anna Conned Her45
5/13/17: Brothers Grim (20) @ Oxford Men's (633)
Nuke Jukem45
6/11/16: Reef City (12) @ Victoria (764)
Ballistic Whistle45
3/14/14: Men's Japan (11) @ Team Canada Men's ... (349)
Walker (VM)45
4/23/16: DDD: Wrecking Crew (258) @ DDD: Death Row Rum... (207)
Anita Riot44


Great Lab! Would it be possible to have a highest jam (non-power jam) category?

Mine was a non-power jam 45-0 .
See stats xlxs - row 54 of lineups tab + row 54 of the score tab.
Really wish I didn't call it off and risked it going to 49:4 :( hindsight eh. But at least I didn't get in trouble for disobeying my bench :)

On March 10, 2012 I witnessed OHRG's Kitty Liquorbottom score a 40 point jam against Fort Wayne.

We are currently working with OHRG to get those stats up. Thanks for the heads-up.

I would like to see individual team stats.

Is there stays somewhere for most points in one game by specified jammer? I want to see that...

Stats* stupid auto correct.

I would like it used only for WFTDA sanctiond bouts. I can see this both as archival, historical (All time bests), and seasonal (November through the championships). Or, could it be broken down like most sports leagues do: regular season, then playoffs? Interesting...

E-Leck-tric(Ethan Lay-Team USA East) had 44 points in one jam on 3/15/15. Not sure if this takes into account sanctioned junior bouts or not.

We just need the stats sheets from the bout so that we can import them. Thanks!

9/19/14 Stephanie Mainey scored 35 pts and passed the star to her pivot who scored 10 pts. Sandrine Rangeon scored 44 pts for Denver vs Texas for 3rd Place at 2012 WFTDA Champs