Have you ever wanted your FTS Rating auto-magically updated on your website? Well, now you can!

Every team's overview page now features a preview of the new FTS Rating Widget. Simply click on the link, "Want this widget?" and copy and paste the code to your website. That's it!

It’s time for our annual re-tuning of the algorithm(s) and a quick look back at how we’ve done for the past year.  By far, the most feedback we’ve received has been focused on our newly released ranking systems – most specifically Europe.  I take the fact that the rest are uncontroversial as a good thing.

We were contacted by N8 recently concerning a discussion on blowouts that he was having with derbynerd over on DNN. While I’m not sure I exactly answered his question (sorry N8), it started me on an investigation that I found interesting and I thought I’d share some observations.

Guest blog courtesy of N8 from Charm City.

The WFTDA has finally debuted its new Rankings system, complete with the corresponding Ratings to match. A lot has been discussed about the theories and potential consequences behind this new method, but we can give up all of that speculation, because now we have actual data.

Our bout predictor is graduating out of labs with some new features.  It's new home is in the nav bar at the top of the page.

Bout Predictor Tool

New features after the jump.

Big apologies to anyone that had to put up with slow page loads yesterday. We had some spotty service yesterday afternoon keeping up with all the traffic and number crunching (217 bouts this weekend!)

We did some emergency server upgrades last night and we should be in a much better place now. Thanks!

Well, ok, it's been 85 days since we released the North America ranking, but today we're very happy to introduce a complete ranking system for the ... um ... South Pacific? ... um ... Oceania? ... um ... let's just call it the Pacific region and keep it movin'. 

Our most frequently requested feature lands today!  You can now choose any two teams and see the FTS predictions as if they played today.  

Check out the Bout Predictor in our Labs section.

Yes that's right, today we finally release what many have suspected was coming: a complete North America ranking system. With North America itself providing over 1,600 teams, more than 10,000 bouts, and going back as far as 2004, we've been able to create a rating system that includes all traveling teams (both WFTDA and non-WFTDA), b-teams and home teams.

As the 2013 season gets under way, it's a good time to look at how we fared in 2012 and release our latest modifications to the algorithm.  A few things elicited strong comments during the year, but on the whole the feedback has been mostly positive.