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How accurate are the predictions?

N8 Asks:
London's initial ranking of 600 seems a bit low.  I'm curious what your policy on beginning rankings is.  I know that some other leagues (Gotham, Oly, Etc.) have started at 700 or even 800 for their initial bouts.  It seems that it would affect all of the ratings changes in this weekend's UK bouts if London began at 700.  What do you think?

Just put up a very a quick and dirty port of the old Rank Wrench. I know the WFTDA vote is coming up soon, and I want to make your lives easier! It's all there except for loading presets, but let me know if you find something broken.

[What the heck is a Rank Wrench? It's a tool we offered on our old site for putting together your own ranks. Useful to the WFTDA voter and armchair pundit alike.]

With the new FTS comes lots of questions.  In the interest of fostering a better understanding by all and encouraging a lively dialog, from time to time we will select an interesting or representative question from the mailbag and present the discussion here.  

How far back does the algorithm go?  

Flat Track Stats aims to help skaters and fans interpret the most recent WFTDA sanctioned inter-league bout results. In our feature, “Behind the Scenes”, we let you in on what goes on at FTS to bring you these rankings.

Montreal blows-out Tri-City but goes down in rating?

Please tell us what you're missing. We have a lot of new stuff planned but we'd like to know if we're neglecting something that you found useful on the old site.

We also know that specifically the Rank Wrench is a big help to WFTDA voters, so we're going to do our best to have it available in time for the next vote.

Our poor ranking system had become seriously decrepit and neglected over the past couple years. The time I was spending on other aspects of derby data and the building of this site meant I was losing steam on the rankings project, and it was destined to be tossed aside. That is until I met David last year. While I continued building the site you see today, David came in and totally rebuilt the ranking system from the ground up.

Re-built from scratch, this marks a huge upgrade for us. Though we have been diligent in keeping our database up-to-date and accurate, you've probably noticed a distinct lack of progress back at the old site. We wanted to re-design this site, make it more enjoyable to use, and lay a foundation for a lot of new ideas we have. The first of those, launching today is a new ranking system.